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Welcome to my blog where of all of thoughts are being expressed, where most of my shits and randomness are being shared, where even i talk nonsensically you still spare time and care. Ü

I like blogging because it connects me to YOU and i definitely love YOU because in YOU i found new friend. ^.^

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Sunday, July 13, 2014
I moved out Ü

I made a new blog. Sorry. But I hope to see you there! Ü

Posted by kryk
Tuesday, March 18, 2014
Move Out
Helloooooooooooooooooooo~ :)

You know I'm always the timid shy-type of a person. I missed many opportunities because of my shyness and it really sucks though I can't blame no one but myself.
But I think something change. As I have told you before, my work helped me to develop my self-esteem and boost my confidence as well as the people surrounding me.

Tracy has been my officemate since December last year. Actually, mas nauna pa siya sa office na yun bilang isang OJT. We are both assigned as our boss' secretaries so most of the time we are together.
Ewan ko ba being with her kung anu-anong kalokohan ang natututunan ko. :)
Isa rin siya sa mga taong nakilala ko na napaka-selfless at bait. Sa totoo lang ang dali niya ngang mauto ehh at napaka-iyakin rin but you know what I like most about her?
She helped me to move out from my comfort zone. ^___^
Tinuruan niya ako kung paano maging makapal ang mukha. Haha.

She taught me not to be shy and timid at all time.
She taught me to realize how beautiful I am with or without pimples.
She taught me to loosen up.
She taught me to be happier.
I'm happy with my life but happier now with the friends I have.

Just last March 8, Audrey, my inaanak turned one and it was celebrated at Mcdo-Palapala.
Call me crazy but I enjoyed the party more than those kids. HAHAHA.
I swear! It was the very first kiddie party I have ever enjoy!
I did have fun because of one thing, I stop being shy and did participate with the games.
From then on, I decided to feel more comfortable about myself at iwasang mahiya. :)

Okay lang mag-mukang tanga, masaya naman! ^_________^

Posted by kryk
Sunday, March 2, 2014
Hello March!
First of all, I wanna say sorry for not greeting you for Christmas and New Year. :(
March na and my last post was back in November pa. T_T
It has been what? Hmmm about almost four months of not blogging.
Sorrrrrrrrrry~ Ü But you know I love you, right? HAHAHA Nambola pa ehh nuh?

Anyway, I'm really here! I'm back to blogging. Lol Ü I'm trying, okay? :P
Namimiss ko rin kayang mag-blog! I have always been random about blogging and to tell you honestly I have no idea where this post would go pero push pa rin!

Should I start confessing about the guy I like? Or start with my fangirling thing? Or tell you something about my work and officemates? HAHAHA~ Oh di ba super random talaga.

YEEEEEES! You read it right. I kinda like someone right now. Ayieeeeee! ^_^
You know what's the best thing? He's a pinoy! HAHAHAHA not a random korean idol na kinababaliwan ko! But you know what's the worst thing? I don't think he likes me too. :) Srsly, ever since nag-kpop ako I always end up liking a guy na malalaman kong gay or bi naman or someone who don't like me back. I think this one is straight but still.. . paano ko nasabing he don't like me? Well, I just concluded. Ayokong humopia ehh. HAHA. Ü
I'm okay being the girl friend material kind. Kaibigan forever. ^_~

I can't share too much with my fangirling life. After SS5 kasi tahimik na ulit ang mundo ko pero syempre I still get crazy over them it's just I"m not updated as I am before. Whether it is a good or bad thing, idk. All I know is everything is well. I'm an ELF and I will be forever in love with the 15 dorks.

And about work, can't find words to describe my feels. ^___^ I'm really happy being in this office. Alam mo yung tipong pwedeng magbaliw-baliwan sa office kasi ang kukulit namin kapag nagsama-sama. :)
From the boss to the utility personnel, everyone is so awesome. We may have different personalities but we click together lalo na kami sa Special Project Department. :) Sama-sama sa rampahan. Hihi. Feeling ko lalo akong nagiging tao dahil sa kanila ehh. HAHAHA. I developed my self-esteem here and discovered few things about myself too, and gained weight! hahaha :P

I'm in love with my officemate's granddaughter, Yassie! Laking office na nga yung batang yun ehh. Hihi. Dahil wala siyang yaya sa office muna siya naka-tambay. This kid is really a bright one. ^_^ In her early age, napakagaling mangatwiran haha. Lagi pang nasusunod ang gusto. And whenever na alam niyang may kasalanan siya todo mang-lambing naman! haha :)
Minsan napapaisip ako ehh. I want a kid of my own but I'm not ready yet. Gusto ko lang ehh yung alagaan at lambing moments kahit yung iyakan moments rin hihi~ basta ang sarap sa feeling kasi. Tapos di ba nga bata palang ako dream job ko talaga ang maging babysitter. ^_^ Through Yassie baby natutupad yun ehh. :)

Kung pwede lang magka-baby ng hindi kailangang gumawa at manganak Ay nakooooooooo~ Ü

I will end my post here.
I hope I gave you an update of what's my whereabouts kk~ Ü
Posted by kryk
Sunday, November 24, 2013
Adventure With A Mission
Adventure with a mission, that’s how I described my trip to Guiuan, Samar and Tacloban, Leyte. I can still remember how our boss broke the news that he needed volunteers to be sent in Tacloban to turnover the donations from our province and without a second thought I did volunteer myself.

It was November 15, 2013, Friday at exactly 7pm when we left Cavite and it was almost 10pm when we arrived at Batangas port. We had dinner and waited for hours. As far as I knew, the ship was rented by Mr. Cayetano and our provincial governor made the arrangement that’s why we’re able to join that journey. I was so surprised the moment we were allowed to enter the ship I saw many volunteers around. I never expect it since we’re sailing through a cargo ship. Good thing was lahat ng laman ng barko were all relief goods and volunteers. I don’t know all of them but knowing everyone aim for one thing and that’s the help our countrymen in need, isn’t that amazing? :)

Saturday morning when were able to cruise. Imagine how many hours we waited but that’s okay at least we’re able to familiarize with the ship and people. Our boss was with us. We’re only anticipating 12 hours of sailing going to Tacloban but that 12 hours turned into 32 hours into 50 hours at naging 3 days! Lol. :) There were times we can’t see anything but endless water. Ang lungkot pala sa pakiramdam nun. No islands just pure water, water, water! We either talk or sleep or eat.

Along our way there were times we saw beautiful islands with white sands, we even saw dolphins and flying fish in the wild. :) But as we get closer to our destination which was Guiuan, Samar we started seeing partially wrecked islands from afar. :( Grabe. Feel like something was pricking my heart.

Monday morning about 8:40 am when we reached Guiuan, Samar yet dahil low tide we we’re not able to dock right away. We waited for the high tide and that took us another 6 hours just floating around.

When they signaled that we were about to dock and that was around 4 in the afternoon. I ready all the things I needed. Actually, the first thing we wish to do was makahanap ng makakainan.
Sorry. But since the time na naglayag kami the only food we were eating was all canned foods and instant foods. Ang sama sa pakiramdam. I refused to eat. I’m only eating biscuit na dala namin but still we were thankful dahil without those foods baka hindi na kami nakasurvive.
We thought it will just take 3 to 4 days for everything. We never thought that yung 3 days ehh papunta palang pala and to be honest nag-ulit ako ng damit. Dugyot level 10,000 nga. T___T There were times na hindi rin kami nakaligo, kung makaligo man sobrang limited ng supply ng tubig.

I personally saw the massive destruction made by the typhoon Yolanda. Seeing it with my naked eyes can’t even explain what I felt. Masakit na nakakakilabot na ewan. It was indeed a heartbreaking scene. There was a lot of debris in the streets around. It was totally like the ghost town we see in a horror film. The feeling of sadness took over me. For a moment I was just staring and observing the place. Naisip ko tuloy na kung sa Cavite nangyari ‘to, I don’t know. Hindi man kami, but I have relatives who live near the shoreline kaya ang swerte pa rin ng Cavite and helping in any ways we can I think that’s the best thing we can offer.

I uttered a prayer. I pray for the place, for the people, for everything. I never been to Visayas and it’s just too sad I saw beautiful places in such condition, TOO DEVASTATED.

When the volunteers started unloading the relief goods we grabbed the opportunity to talk with natives of Guiuan, Samar. We heard their stories before, during and after the wrath of the typhoon. What broke my heart was nung mga bata na ang nagkwento. These innocent kids’ ages from 8 to 13 experienced such a ruthless occurrence. I admire that despite what had happened they are still jolly though I know deep inside the fear, sadness and trauma still linger.

What amazes me most was when I heard one of the kids saying, “okay lang mawala lahat wag lang pamilya.” For countless times I kept holding back my tears. Ayokong makaramdam sila ng kinakaawaan. There’s nothing to be pity about. It’s just I was really moved with his words kaya gustong gusto ko ng umiyak.

We stayed in Guiuan, Samar for a day-and-a-half though sa barko pa rin kami natulog but even for such a short span we’re able to live with them. Sabi pa noong isang bata, “Alam mo ate ang ganda ganda dito. Magiging city na nga po dapat ito kaso binagyo.” I can feel the sadness in his voice. Nakakalungkot talagang narating ko ang lugar na ito sa ganitong kalagayan. Y_Y

The most heartbreaking part for me was when we left Guiuan. I was in tears. Hindi ko na mapigilan. :( Ang sakit isiping iiwanan namin sila sa ganoong kalagayan. Yes, we brought relief goods but those were not enough. T____T
At hindi lang naman relief goods ang kailangan nila, more than anything they need people who will listen to them, who will listen to what they went through. I can still vividly remember those kids who kept on running and waving on us. Shit. :/ I wanna break down. T_T Alam mo yung pakiramdam na hindi pa kami nakakalayo pero gustong gusto ko ng bumaba ulit. These kids broke my heart. If only I can volunteer myself living there kahit six months lang. I wanna see this place to rise and shine again. #BangonGuiuan!

After Guiuan we headed straight to Tacloban. We had the usual dilemma kaya hindi ulit kami nakapag-dock agad. We spent the night floating again. The next day, finally ng pinayagan na kaming mag-dock. They gave us an hour to do our task and that’s to turnover all the goods we had sa DSWD warehouse. With police escorts, we went straight to the warehouse.  Along the way, it’s the same scenes just like in Guiuan, there were scattered debris all over. Sadly, but we’re able to see dead people along the street though nasa loob na ng cadaver bag. Even after a week they keep on recovering dead bodies. T____T What gave me goosebumps was nung napadaan kami sa isang dump truck. It was a sad scene, saw layers of dead people in a cadaver bag. Y_Y

Since we’re in a hurry we were not able to mingle with people from Tacloban and that’s the bad thing. I did not feel the solemnity I felt back in Guiuan. T_T mas nangibabaw ang kilabot ko sa Tacloban. :/ Like any time pwedeng may sumugod sa amin knowing we have relief goods. Iba pa rin kasi yung ambiance, felt it was still in an aggressive state though nothing bad happened. Kulang lang siguro talaga kami sa oras.
Felt like crying when we’re about to get back to the port, I read hopeful messages in the streets, “TINDOG TACLOBAN” “WE WILL WIN THIS FIGHT. LABAN TACLOBAN!” Ewan ko pero pakiramdam ko talaga sobrang nahaplos yung puso ko. T_T
Honestly, mas na-attached ako sa Guiuan. Siguro dahil we’re able to mingle with people. Nakita at nakasalamuha namin sila kahit sa maikling panahon lalo na yung mga bata na nakausap namin. I have their photos and videos. T_T I can still feel they are in pain but despite of it I see them as strong and happy kids. I admire them a lot. For me, they are the perfect example of a true Filipino, nakangiti sa kahit ano mang pag-subok.

I have heart for kids kaya masakit sa aking makita sila sa ganoong kalagayan. If only I can do more for them. T____T

Kudos to all the volunteers. I saw all their hard work and eagerness to help people. They kept unloading all the relief goods kahit gabi na. They worked as a team. Those people have their own life too pero inisantabi nila muna to help our fellowmen.

Walang mayaman, walang mahirap
Walang lalaki, walang babae
Walang bata, walang matanda

Sa iisang mithiing makatulong.

Posted by kryk