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Wednesday, December 31, 2008
year-end post.

ohh my Gosh'!!! weee' can't believe that im writing my year-end post. hooray'!

'bout, have a FABULOUS 2009 :DD

back to my year-end post.
OMG! there's a lot of things to reminisce before this year ends.
i have to shout out my gratitude for the people around me.
i received lots of blessing this year.
uhmm i graduated midwifery, enrolled to a new course, met new friends, lost fake ones, deepen my relationship with my family, enjoy life (HAHA. really i do.)
and the thing that i really like best this year is I CHANGE A LOT.
HAHA. everything in me has changed.
uhmm i don't know if its for the better but i guess people who REALLY loves me accept me for who really i am. they never question me. they just support me in what i wanted to do. (sweet'!)
gradually im getting out in my comfort zone. whoaa'!
this is me. im no longer the typical one.
i have my horns (LoL.) AM i A BITCH? haha
(i remember my self-definition of BITCH -- BEAUTY In THiS CHiQ HiTS! harhar'!)

thank you to . . . ..

thank you to my FAMiLY -- oh God'! can't explain my life without them. they are the one whom i share my 19 years of living from life's beauty to shitness.

thank you to my RELATiVES -- (in both parties) though we're incomplete still we made this year a wonderful one. cheers for us!

thank you to my FRiENDS -- (old and new ones) friends are heavensent. they are my angels in disguise. i share half of my life with them. they knew me. my real friends see my true emotion in just a glimpse.

and thank you to every BLOGGER -- guys all of you have been my online buddies since i started blogging. im thanking everyone for appreacting my post.
and hell' cheers for us. it isn't easy to manage blog but we still do because we love it.
sharing life may not be easy. some can be harsh to us but we are an open-minded one.
somehow it help me to realize thing or know about something.
reading other's blog is really HELPFUL.
so to all the bloggers around (cheers for us'!!!)


and oops im saying sorry too
for no definite reason im saying SORRY.
so please forgive me, alright?!

I LOVE YOU ALL. i mean it. huggggggsss'!!!

farewell to 2008, welcome 2009!
Posted by kryk