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Wednesday, January 7, 2009
beloi magikero Ü
weee'! i wrote about more than 200 entries yet i never feature my brother here in my blog. uhmm what kind of sister i am? haha'!
i haven't tell anything about him. i never had any entry that merely about him. tsssk!
so now, im embracing the opportunity. let me introduce you my only brother.
he is JAZZVER *jazz, japs, beloi, tuko *whatever you would like to call him. haha*
18 years of age, an HRM student who is now having his OJT at CAYLABNE beach resort *uhm he needs to complete 400 hours as a requirement for his graduation. go brother!*
a very talented guy, he's my definition of CUTE *naman'! ate ako ehh :D*

anyway, we are just 2 in the family. uhmm we're not that close because lots of differences apart us but i must say that i still have a good relationship with my dear brother and of course from unspoken words i love my brother. we are just too opposite, from the food we eat up to the things we love but there are times that we both agree in a particular matter *lalo na pag kalokohan. lol :)*. uhmm just any other siblings we had some fights especially back when we were little kids. awww'! we had our wrestling session -- punch, kick, flying slippers. HAHA Ü but as we grow old all the immaturity and misunderstandings gradually vanish.
we both now have our own lives. i mean, i never get involve in his decision making not even our parents. its like "decide and learn."
im just 10 months old to him so usually he just call me by my name if he calls me "ate" i knew it for sure he needs something from me. HAHA Ü. i never had the chance to take care of him when we were little. our age gap is too close. too bad. * im'ma frustrated baby sitter. haha*

jazz has many talents and im'ma proud sister to him. naman'! he once played as Rizal and recite the "mi ultimo adios" in school. when we were in Pasig he attended an acting lesson before in ABS-CBN and had the chance to be in some ABS-CBN's shows like okidok, flames, okatokat, MTB lenten season etcetera in short, he was a tv extra before uhmm not only him, my family, we. HAHA. Ü *sayang wala pang goin' bulilit nun. LoL. with his looks and talents. pasok si kapatid! hehe*

he knows how to play guitar, piano and drums. *me? ohh i knew nothing! haha. i can't play any instrument.* he is also good in picture editing. he can draw. he has an artistic mind. im so lazy to enumerate everything. just bear in mind he is very TALENTED. i mean it. Ü

and now, my brother is into magic tricks. woot'! yea. and i am very amaze in what he can do. in a short period time, he manage to learn different magic tricks ON HiS OWN -- playing cards to rubber bond . sooo cool isn't it?

geeze' i don't have any idea in whatelse he can do and learn in the future but im wishing the best of luck to him. he is my kiddo, he will always be our baby beloi :D

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