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Saturday, January 31, 2009
tired Ü
just got home from SM. i was with mom and japs, some kinda bonding moments. :D
i just bought a pair of formal attire. weh'!
honestly, i don't find the price worth it. :((
masyadong mahal grrrrr'!
i could almost buy 4 blouses with that money but i have no choice.
i prefer the dress but mom wants the slacks and formal blouse.

we also bought a new blender. HAHA Ü

i told mom to make fruit and vegetable juices in the morning just like what i have in imus. :D

start the healthy living. woot'!

and OHHH. . . ..

i saw CATHY, GLO and JAN around sm.
geeze'! it was freaking nice. haha.

i miss my friends much. :D

anyway, im saying my farewell to all of my st. Joseph's uniform.
haha cathy will pick it up tomorrow. :D

im happy for 2 reasons:

1. glo is happy about what's happening right now.
uhmm though nothing is sure at least somehow she feels something deeper related to L.O.V.E :D
go sister'! im always here for you ;)

2. i got what i want. no clue about this. haha Ü thanks to mom

btw, in my 19 years of existence i never try to imitate anyone.
uhmm i mean, this is me. i love everything in me.
my shitness and goodness.
i don't see any sense of imitating someone. tssk.
that's a balderdash.

its like your a baby trying to mimic every thing what you see.
nothing feels good but being true to yourself.

every individual is uniquely created. ÜÜÜ

be proud because im proud :DD
Posted by kryk