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I like blogging because it connects me to YOU and i definitely love YOU because in YOU i found new friend. ^.^

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Saturday, February 7, 2009
rants Ü
im back home, back home!!! :DD

ohh well, lots of stories to share. i don't know where to start. hihiii Ü

i feel like my old dilemma returned --- SLUMBER iS SOMETiMES iLLUSiVE ;'(
i have NEED to free my mind from uncertainties yet no to avail. *poor krykie*

anyway, i think i have a crush on him. HAHA. Ü
quite strange why i never realized this before when he was _____. ÜÜÜ


for the first time, i wore formal attire at school last wednesday. HAHA. Ü
feel like my classmates were too shocked. they are not fond seeing me that way.
i received reaction like ---
"bakit naka kimona ka?" "bagay sayo" "madam" some called me "ma'am emerie" *ewwww*
i feel loved by my classmates. wehee'!
throwing jokes is definitely FiNE. Ü
at least they are wasting time just to give me some attention.
corporate attire, freaking nice!

somehow im regaining my self-confidence again though not that much.
i know im still weak inside.

bwt, momii'rex, ate rain and i went to tagaytay last thursday.
some sort of bonding moments.
i also bought my tumbler from starbucks.
i can now drink swissmiss while editing. LoL. Ü


somethings bothering me this past few days.
im wishing to be a boy.
i want to do many things yet my gender stops me even from trying.
huhu T_T
i hate it. HATE iT SO.

snap shots :D *sorry no picture wearing formal attire. nahihiya ako'!*


momii'rex and ate rain

kryk * rain * rexciel

haha i laugh with this. sabi ko KRYK hindi TRYK!
who is TRYK anyway ? :DD

end of dictation'! LOL Ü
Posted by kryk