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Saturday, June 27, 2009
please don't hate me.
i am apologizing for not updating this blog for quite some time and also for not doing the blog hopp thing. SORRY (on bended knees)
don't cha worry im free tonight and after this i will visit your bloggie baby... :DD

actually, i have a lot of stories to share but i do not know where to begin. lotsa things happened and some things are too private to discuss it here. that's why im just keeping my fingers away from the keyborad. lol! Ü

anyway, i was with kuya ecco and kang in sm today.
we watched the transformers and had a little chitchats.

kuya ecco was very observative, he even noticed my way of saying "tara na" and he was like "ano? ulitin mo nga. isa pa." sabay tawa. adiQ talaga. hekk' Ü
errrk. he said he finds me weird. haha :D
i get used to it. this was not the first time.

on our way home, kang and i also went to mcdo tanza and bought some mcflurry. winnkk! :))
who can resists from mcflurry, mcfloat, and sundae? NO ONE.
especially a sweet tooth person like me.. Ü

i had a blast!!!! :)

btw, i just become busy since i have my part-time job.
i have to finish my files before anything else.
that is why sometimes i can't even visit my own blog too.
but whenever i find time surely i'll do update and visit others blog, alright? :D

one thing for sure : i miss reading your blog'! Ü
hugs hugss hugsss....<3

P.S. i miss my baby shantoyz. :(
whenever i say "kiss ko" he will surely give me a quick kiss..
and whenever i say "love" he will automatically give me a hug.. .

shantoyz, come back!!! i won't get tired taking care of you. Ü
im looking forward for the Christmas vacation. hugsss!
Posted by kryk