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Tuesday, July 7, 2009
good bye.
i was supposed to make an entry regarding JACKO and how Westlife adores him.
Westlife performed some of Jacko's hits in their concert, they also have it revived.


my mom woke up me up early this morning telling that my uncle wasn't in a good condition anymore. so after fixing myself i went to my lola's house to see him.
sa totoo lang bumabaha na yung emosyon sa apat na sulok ng bahay.
everyone's crying and felt bad to what was happening.

my uncle who has renal failure died.
another loss to my family. ;'(

what could be more painful than losing someone you love?

while im making this entry heaven is also crying, heavy rains pouring.

God has HiS own purpose and we trust HiM.
we lost tatay before and now it was our uncle.
we know it was better than to see him suffering.

baby jhunboy, tatay tas, and tito manding, all of you are together now in a place of where there is no pain and suffering. you are in the kingdom of God where there is only infinite happiness. we miss you. we always do. i wont ask the three of you to guide us because without a doubt you will surely do. we will treasure every moments we have here and forever be remembered. good bye for now in a right time we will see each other again... .
we love you with all our hearts.

tatay, thank you for always making us feel loved. we miss you. T_T
Posted by kryk