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Monday, August 10, 2009
what will you do when someone offers you love?

would you grab it or refuse it?

uhhhh.. Ü

tough question, isn't it? the answer may also depend on your feelings toward that certain person.

if you love that person, have the guts to admit it too. Ü maybe a happy ending is waiting for both of you. there is a BiG difference between trying something and doing nothing. :)

if you do not love that person, be thankful but never take for granted. love does not demand to be loved back, right? if you really don't love that person with the same degree as he has for you... refuse kindly. Ü

errrr :D i was texting with a friend last night and i was totally shocked about his confession. LoL Ü (anyway, i have nothing to mean with this. he is a friend and he will remain that way.)

"mahal na ata kita noon e.
muntik na kitang ligawan"

good thing that he never admit it during St. Joseph's days.
because my answer will be "muntik na rin kitang i-basted" :p ahaha.

i feel so mean Ü

i don't intend to make fun of this but uhhh this thing made me laugh last night. Ü as in HAHA.
sorry, sorry! :D 'coz i never expect he can say that directly to me. walang hiya-hiya :D

brave enough! *applause*

but now, i find it awkward to talk to him especially he and his gf have some misunderstandings.
ayoko ng eksena. :D plus the fact that i really admire his gf. maybe she is one of the sweetest person i have ever met. she is a kind of girl would everything because her bf loves it.

anyway, i love this video i found in YT.
uhh Nichkhun is so hoooot.

Posted by kryk