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Saturday, October 24, 2009
i can't sleep :(
brrr. i ain't feel sleepy but it's already 1:28 in the morning.
my sleeping pattern sucks a lot. T_T

and there are three reasons why im still awake at this time.

first: i took a nap at 5pm and it was already 8 pm when i woke up. tsskk.. i also consumed a lot of sugars tonight. nakita ko kasi yung kisses ni kapatid sa fridge (he uses it for his magic tricks) i almost ate half amount of that pack. i should lessen eating sweets i might become diabetic in the near future and i know it's not good. :'(

second: (this bothers me a lot) i can't decide if im going to tell him what i have discovered. i don't know if he cares to know either but there's a side of me that keep insisting i should tell him about it. im going crazy. :'( if im on his position this thing really matters but what about him? knowing him and his great pride. errrk.
this is quite confusing plus the fact that we never talk for such a long time. i do not even know how to approach him. damn'! ang arte kasi.
im trying to figure out what will happen if i have already told him.
i keep guessing his reaction. haha xD nag-kaproblema pa tuloy ako ngayon. pfft.
i don't even care if im the one who'll make the first move to get in touch but im asking myself if this thing worth for doing such action? kasi kung wala lang i won't take the initiative to do so. haha. ang hirap nuh? geeze'!

third: my aunt who is living in Seattle will be arriving before this month ends. the weird part is she never allow us to know to exact date of her arrival. gusto niya ata suprise. LoL. Ü (baka siya masurprise, ang gulo kaya ng bahay namin. hehe) so, we'll be having a general cleaning by tomorrow.

sad part is i can't wear my witch hat on November first. hiya ako weh! haha xD
i can't take pictures too. mas nakakahiya haha. :D
but one thing for sure if i have the chance i'll do so.
kaya nga excited ako for Halloween kasi trip 'ko maging witch.
sayang naman yung witch hat and broomstick ko if i won't be able to use them, right? :D

i just need an opportunity hehe! Ü
Posted by kryk