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Sunday, November 29, 2009
love this day! Ü
i loveeeee this day! haha :D

there are two good things happened today.

first, we have a new family member and she's a dalmatian! *don't ask what breed i am! LOL!*
yes, yes! my father's friend gave me a dalmatian puppy early this morning.
i wanted to call her chiQie. Ü 'coz im a chiQie girl now. LOOOOL! ;)
but mama suggested that i should have named her Bella. haha. i think, she's right! LOL. Ü

here's my little Bella.
she's just two-week old puppy. i feed her using a tuberline syringe without the needle of course!
i bought feeding bottle but she can't suck the nipple that's why i use the syringe.
good thing i still have some at home. Ü

the second one was glo and i went to SM ROSARIO. :D
yay'! yes, there is now SM ROSARIO here in Cavite. it's nearer in my place than SM Bacoor.
SM NAIC nalang ang kulang. haha ! Ü *asa pa. haha :D*

we watched NEW MOON. my gawdddd. .. i love Twilight more. T_T
mas kinilig kasi ako sa Twilight though there are some moments na kinilig rin ako sa New Moon especially at the last part. haha :D errrr. Ü

"i love you
don't make me choose.
it always been him."

isn't that sweet? haha :D kahit nakipag-flirt ng mabuti si Bella kay Jacob.
she knows where her heart really belongs to. yayyyyyyyy! *blushing!*

sorry for the Jacob fans. haha but i don't like him.
okay, his body is hot but Edward is still hotter. LOL. Ü

peace tayo. ;p

anyway, new moon reminds me of someone. haha :D
'coz their story is quite similar. uhmm i know i guy who's in love with a committed girl.
the girl loves her boyfriend but i know she can't deny the fact that she likes, REALLY LiKES the other guy.

harrr! :D

here's my favorite photo with glo

Posted by kryk