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Welcome to my blog where of all of thoughts are being expressed, where most of my shits and randomness are being shared, where even i talk nonsensically you still spare time and care. Ü

I like blogging because it connects me to YOU and i definitely love YOU because in YOU i found new friend. ^.^

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Saturday, January 31, 2009
tired Ü
just got home from SM. i was with mom and japs, some kinda bonding moments. :D
i just bought a pair of formal attire. weh'!
honestly, i don't find the price worth it. :((
masyadong mahal grrrrr'!
i could almost buy 4 blouses with that money but i have no choice.
i prefer the dress but mom wants the slacks and formal blouse.

we also bought a new blender. HAHA Ü

i told mom to make fruit and vegetable juices in the morning just like what i have in imus. :D

start the healthy living. woot'!

and OHHH. . . ..

i saw CATHY, GLO and JAN around sm.
geeze'! it was freaking nice. haha.

i miss my friends much. :D

anyway, im saying my farewell to all of my st. Joseph's uniform.
haha cathy will pick it up tomorrow. :D

im happy for 2 reasons:

1. glo is happy about what's happening right now.
uhmm though nothing is sure at least somehow she feels something deeper related to L.O.V.E :D
go sister'! im always here for you ;)

2. i got what i want. no clue about this. haha Ü thanks to mom

btw, in my 19 years of existence i never try to imitate anyone.
uhmm i mean, this is me. i love everything in me.
my shitness and goodness.
i don't see any sense of imitating someone. tssk.
that's a balderdash.

its like your a baby trying to mimic every thing what you see.
nothing feels good but being true to yourself.

every individual is uniquely created. ÜÜÜ

be proud because im proud :DD
Posted by kryk
Thursday, January 29, 2009
back home
im back home'! :DD

ayess, uhmm im currently listening to "tonight" haisssst'!
lotsa thing still running in my mind. geeze'!

btw, lots of things happened while im away home.
i can't blog this ahead because as i have told you, i live in imus for the meantime. :D

anyway, unexpectedly i became the new and 6th editor in our ojt. woa'!
i was shocked and quite disappointed too.
you know, i don't have that much trust to myself.
as long as i could i separate myself from others.
im afraid of any rejection. :(

then i realized people around me have more trust than i have for myself.
what kind of attitude i have, right? tssk!
i pull myself down. too bad.

kuya ecco, one of my classmate show this thing to me.
he believe that i can do whatever he can, sort of --- editing. :D
i feel that he's confident in me. awwtss it's a heart-warming thing.
im melting, im melting. LoL Ü

i owe everything to kuya ecco.
somehow, even a little more trust added to myself. Ü

he help me out about everything. i learn from him.
he is so nice.
salute for him. ÜÜÜ
Posted by kryk
Saturday, January 24, 2009
im back :)
im back from outer space. LoL. :D
it has been 2 days ago since the last time i wrote an entry here in my bloggie.
so im grabbing this opportunity now to do another one. yea' yea :D

no comment about the OJT thing.
as usual i am in front of computer listening to the voice files and literally typing what i have heard.

it may sounds easy but i tell you, iT iS FREAKiNG NOT.


common sense and lots of patience requires.
SORRY. i have lesser time going online. whee'!
can't do blog hoppin' as much as i want to.

maybe some other time.
i'll be focusing more to this first.
after this im hoping that everything turns back to normal. HAHA. Ü

Posted by kryk
Saturday, January 17, 2009
joke joke joke :)
i feel like writing that's why im here. hehe. obvious?
uhhh :DD

i woke up around 10am today not that late compared from the previous days. Ü
im having at least a fine sleep now.
im deliriously okay. HAHA Ü

i love my parents. they are showing lots of concern. sweet Ü
i feel happier knowing how willing they are to support me in whatever decision i made.
touchy! :DD
uhmm i have been a failure for some matter but no painful words to hear. rawr'!
parent's loves appreciated! CHECK!! :DD

anyway, im ALONE again. haissst!
nagpunta sila mama and papa sa Manila to buy some candies for the Valentines day.
awwwts! excited? LoL. ;)

before they leave we are having funny moment. Ü

si papa kasi bumanat ng joke hmm it was new to us kaya ayun nabenta. LoL. ;D
ganito sabi niya kasi malapit na daw ang 25th years anniversary nila ni mama hulaan daw ni
mama kung ano yung gagawin niya
si mama nakikinig lang talaga then sabi ni papa "dadalhin kita sa buwan"
tumawa si mama at sinabing "nadala mo na nga ako sa impyerno" *it was a joke of course! :D*
sabi ulit ni papa "hulaan mo naman kung anong gagawin ko sa 50th years anniversary natin?"
sabi ni mama "ano naman?"


wahahaha ÜÜÜ

ayun ang kulit nuh? :DD

bago sila umalis tawanan mode ever muna kaming tatlo. hehe'!
si japs kasi nasa OJT ngayon. :))
Posted by kryk
Monday, January 12, 2009
Live at Croke park
woot'! i just finished watching the "10 years of WESTLiFE live at Croke Park Stadium."
im very overwhelmed. ang saya nung concert!
how i wish i was there also. haisst. :'(
sobrang emotional ng WESTLiFE hihii. Ü
i can't blame them, 10 years of success as a band.
uhmm whatelse can they ask for? Ü
so many blessings for them and for their family. :D
Align Center
nicky have georgina plus the twin jay and rocco.
shane have gillian with baby nicole.
kian have jodi.
mark have kevin. yiii'!! *mas kinikilig ba ako sa kanilang 2. haha. :)

ehem'! natawa pa ako nung habang nanunuod ako biglang bumanat ng "if i let you go" si fudra.
at uhm take note kilala niya si SHANE.

rawr'! i don't know how to react. HAHA. Ü basta sa panahon ngayon sobrang kinikilig ako.

this is how much i love them.
it has been 10 years so meaning nun i was around 9 years old since i started admiring them.
am i too old for this?

WTF. haha. A DECADE. a history!

Posted by kryk
so cold Ü
wah' :DD ang lamig ehe'! ÜÜÜ

im done with my medical but we are still oblige to go back tomorrow in St.Dominic for the x-ray's result and for the clearance too.
few days more and OJT na. waii'! Ü

uhhm i have 4 photos to share with you guys. hekkx'!

this is my antecubital part. i love the med.tech who did this to me.
hindi kasi masakit tulad sa iba. HAHA. Ü

this is what i wore today, so simple.Ü
taken at the H.E building in N.E.S

im a bit upset.
i went to odessy in SM bacoor but they have no Live at croke park DVD.
buti nalang i remember may isa pang record store inside the department store.
my heart is smiling hehe. finally, i have it now. :D
mag-papaka'adiQ na naman ako neto hehe. Ü

and lastly

woot'! i already got my shirt.
naQx so cute. warhol design. haha.

anyway, habang pauwi ako kanina huhuhu natakot ako ng todo weh'!
kasi naman sa bandang may bacao may sumakay na lalaki at tumabi sa akin.
to think na yung katapat na upuan wala namang laman.
maybe he's about early 20's.
then he started talking to me. awww. :'(

sabi niya:

1. bakit ka may ganyan? *referring to my antecubital part*
2. ilan taon ka na?
3. ano course mo?
4. saan ka nakatira?
5. ano dugo mo, O?
6. wala kang balak maga-apply sa Canada?
etc. etc.

sinabi niya pa na may kamag-anak siya na Doctor daw sa St.Dominic at pinsan na nag-aaral sa STI.
he's applying for Canada daw and lastly nung malapit na akong bumaba he said this "swerte naman ng boyfriend mo, may boyfriend ka na ba?"

naman'! gusto 'ko ng tumalon sa bus. :'(

i keep myself busy texting instead of answering him. grrr.
he said anything just to start a conversation.
talking with a stranger is okay but yung itanong ba daw mga personal infos uhmm seems too much.

i DON'T CARE. i don't get impress. he sounds rude. kainis talaga'!

grrr. wag na sana maulit yun. :'(
Posted by kryk
Saturday, January 10, 2009
A to Z tag Ü
today is my mother's birthday. :)


thanks for everything. uhm :D yea. i mean it, everything. sorry if im not a perfect daughter *drama? LoL. Ü* uhmm nah, im just thanking you for everything. more years to come.

just got home from my tita's house. i thought this day is a fine one but suddenly a text almost ruin my night. now, i have this not so good emotion again. haisst. nabaliwala yung self-reflection 'ko sa tabing dagat kanina. i feel a bit relaxed a while ago but now can't help to think about that matter. im getting weaker each day. :'(

anyway, got this tagged from ate dhemz, thanks! ÜÜÜ

A - Attached or Single? - Rocky road HAHA. can't answer this. ='/
B - Best Friend? - I don't consider anyone. uhmm close friends :DD
C - Cake or pie? - Cake Ü
D - Day of choice? - Friday.
E- Essential item? - Cellphone.
F - Favorite Color? - Green.
G - Gummy Bears or Worms? - Gummy Bears.
H - Hometown? - Naic, Cavite.
I - Indulgence? - Family and friends.
J - June or July? - June, the start of school year. haha.
K - Kids ?- None but i love to have in the right time. Ü
L - Life is not complete w/o - My Family.
M - Marriage date? -
N - Number of magazine subscriptions - None. i just buy from the bookstore whenever i want.
O - Orange or apple? - Orange.
P - Phobias? - Death. argh'! and rats too. huhu :'(
Q - Quotes? - "Danger brings fear but fear brings more danger."
R - Reason to smile? - I can't smile with a heavy heart. not at this moment. uhmm kinda upset. :'(
S - Season of choice? - Rainy days.
T - Tag people - rhain, reine, chiui, rob, siella, jean, vhine, popdown13 and everybody :DD
U - Unknown fact about me - I don't comb my hair at home. haha. Ü
V - Vegetable? - Squash and carrots. :D
W - Worst habit? - Being too skeptic. :'(
X - Xray or ultrasound? - Xray.
Y - Your favorite foods? - anything with cream. yummy'! :)
Z - Zodiac sign - LEO Ü rawr'! :DD
Posted by kryk
Friday, January 9, 2009
argh'! we still don't have any classes this week that's why i really don't know how to spend my days. huhu. im trying to minimize my computer hours, i think i already have carpal tunnel syndrome. my right hand gets numb easily :'( im quite afraid with this thing. i better rest my right hand -- no more texting, no more browsing. hmpf'! *discipline kryk, discipline!*

whenever im in front of computer can't help but to use it. :(
whenever i hear my phone beep can't help but to start texting. :'(

anyway, as i have said i really don't know how to spend my time in this bonus vacation so i keep myself busy editing some pictures.

here are some of my edited photos :

Posted by kryk
Wednesday, January 7, 2009
beloi magikero Ü
weee'! i wrote about more than 200 entries yet i never feature my brother here in my blog. uhmm what kind of sister i am? haha'!
i haven't tell anything about him. i never had any entry that merely about him. tsssk!
so now, im embracing the opportunity. let me introduce you my only brother.
he is JAZZVER *jazz, japs, beloi, tuko *whatever you would like to call him. haha*
18 years of age, an HRM student who is now having his OJT at CAYLABNE beach resort *uhm he needs to complete 400 hours as a requirement for his graduation. go brother!*
a very talented guy, he's my definition of CUTE *naman'! ate ako ehh :D*

anyway, we are just 2 in the family. uhmm we're not that close because lots of differences apart us but i must say that i still have a good relationship with my dear brother and of course from unspoken words i love my brother. we are just too opposite, from the food we eat up to the things we love but there are times that we both agree in a particular matter *lalo na pag kalokohan. lol :)*. uhmm just any other siblings we had some fights especially back when we were little kids. awww'! we had our wrestling session -- punch, kick, flying slippers. HAHA Ü but as we grow old all the immaturity and misunderstandings gradually vanish.
we both now have our own lives. i mean, i never get involve in his decision making not even our parents. its like "decide and learn."
im just 10 months old to him so usually he just call me by my name if he calls me "ate" i knew it for sure he needs something from me. HAHA Ü. i never had the chance to take care of him when we were little. our age gap is too close. too bad. * im'ma frustrated baby sitter. haha*

jazz has many talents and im'ma proud sister to him. naman'! he once played as Rizal and recite the "mi ultimo adios" in school. when we were in Pasig he attended an acting lesson before in ABS-CBN and had the chance to be in some ABS-CBN's shows like okidok, flames, okatokat, MTB lenten season etcetera in short, he was a tv extra before uhmm not only him, my family, we. HAHA. Ü *sayang wala pang goin' bulilit nun. LoL. with his looks and talents. pasok si kapatid! hehe*

he knows how to play guitar, piano and drums. *me? ohh i knew nothing! haha. i can't play any instrument.* he is also good in picture editing. he can draw. he has an artistic mind. im so lazy to enumerate everything. just bear in mind he is very TALENTED. i mean it. Ü

and now, my brother is into magic tricks. woot'! yea. and i am very amaze in what he can do. in a short period time, he manage to learn different magic tricks ON HiS OWN -- playing cards to rubber bond . sooo cool isn't it?

geeze' i don't have any idea in whatelse he can do and learn in the future but im wishing the best of luck to him. he is my kiddo, he will always be our baby beloi :D

snap shots

Posted by kryk