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Hello People Of The Blog World! ^^.
Welcome to my blog where of all of thoughts are being expressed, where most of my shits and randomness are being shared, where even i talk nonsensically you still spare time and care. Ü

I like blogging because it connects me to YOU and i definitely love YOU because in YOU i found new friend. ^.^

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Monday, April 20, 2009
im making this entry before i leave going to LP.
yay' :D bloddik. Ü
up to the last minute im thinking what to blog about haha.

just had my breakfast. Ü

anyway, i just met my two dear friends last night.
it was PEARL and CRISTY. they are my high school buddies. Ü
we just had our dinner then talk, talk, talk.
then billy also came. just a little chit chats. Ü

okay, PEARL has this problem with his boyfriend or i must say ex-boyfriend.
geeze' can't even imagine that they will split up.
i have seen how their love story started and its not nice how they ended it.
a third-party was involved.
boys will always be boys. T_T oucchh.

if there was any shortcomings instead of looking for another they better patch things up.
hirap kasi neto naghanap agad siya then he was saying he still love my friend. damn.
may love bang ganun? hmm. KALOKOHAN.

if its real love, you have to be contented with your partner no matter what as long as you focus on those fuckinshit shortcomings you'll just end up screwing the relationship.

staying together is a CHOiCE.

everyday we meet different people and there is always a tendency that we get attracted to another it isn't wrong as long a we don't nurse the feeling.
being committed means to discipline yourself.
the borderline between cheating and faithfulness.
that is it.

hmm im not good in advising i'd rather just listen.
but hindi 'ko talaga mapigilang hindi mag-react harr.

i hate what had happened.
they are both my friends but i will be at pearl's side no matter what.

dear, just be strong. its okay to be bitter.
mawawala rin yan and one thing for sure KAWALAN KA NiYA. ;D
Posted by kryk
Tuesday, April 14, 2009
good luck!
im tired. too tired. rawr'!!!

just had my interview this afternoon in las pinas. luckily, i passed both interview and hands on exam. my work as an MT will officially start on Thursday. geeze'! gonna miss my brother's graduation. T_T

i don't know what to expect, people there seem nice. i just hope they really are. HAHA. Ü
i just met mike and segs. im going to have another set of friends *that's the exciting part*
chance to meet new people and experience new stuff.

big good luck for me. :DD

i guess i have lesser time going online. haissst. this is the saddest part. harr'!
less chatting, less friendster, less blogging. less everything.

working is not a joke. T_T i better be serious.

asarrr naman kase. hmppff kung hindi lang dadating ang mabait 'kong lola ayaw 'ko pa sana talaga mag-trabaho. huuu. T_T

balak 'ko pa naman magpakadalubhasa sa jam legend. LoL.
oops, i find this game really cool. the songs and the game itself. LOVED. <3.

another episode of camera whoring. LoL. :D

its the GEEK iN PiNK, you know. ^-^ haha.

btw, i would like to shout my greetings to the two person who will celebrating their birthday tomorrow.

Posted by kryk
Friday, April 10, 2009
its holy friday. :)

instead of doing nothing, we had our laundry and cleaning day today.

linis, linis, linis. wheee'!
sa isang cabinet nakita 'to ni mudra :

as far as i can remember, this letter was given by daniel :DD
he was one of the many who calls me "balyena" during our high school days.
abaa. tinatawag ako balyena tapos type naman pala ako. LoL. Ü

he was my first bf or i'd rather call it "fling". i don't know. haha :D
there was no courtship happened. yes, he asked if he can court me but i never give any answer.
then there was pearl *my dear friend* who talked to me like this, "kryk, sige na mabait si daniel at saka walang mawawala kung i-try mo" and i was like "uhmm. mm. mmm.. okay."

presto, there was an instant US. haha :DD

but we only lasted for a week. he was really nice, matalino, and everything.
but i don't have any deeper feelings towards him and he definitely knew it.
we just give a try if things will work for us but i guess it didn't.
wala talaga akong maramdam kasi. manhid, manhid, manhid. T_T
he was really just a friend.

actually, after that nauso na sa klase yung isang linggong pag-ibig.
haha. hell' :D
yung ang number 1 na pang-asar nila but it was all fine. Ü

i enjoyed my high school life as much as i did with my college.
makulet na masaya. Ü

people surround me added more spice to my life. yea. \m/

i love to live.. :D
and i live to love. Ü
Posted by kryk
Thursday, April 9, 2009
currently listening : MAD by neyo. Ü

ohh weee'! for few days i don't feel like writing anything.
brrr. T_T

anyway, mama and i went to divine grace hospital. she had her blood chem as a school requirement. while we are in the hospital mama asked me what OPD means i just said "OLD PATiENT DEPARTMENT" haha. Ü nang-aasar lang ako. :D
OPD means out-patient department.

after that we went to Baclaran church and offered our personal prayers.

daming tao. :DD

this day is a tiring one. nothing is special. haisst.


the last time i went to sm, i bought a new stuffie. pampalubag loob sa sarili. :DD

meet him. my daffy. Ü

bwt, im sharing some of our photos taken last wednesday.

im craving for mcfloat, jolly hotdog, sundae, pizza, ice cream, stik-o, chocolates. T_T
i want something sweeeeeets. *depress? ahaha. :D*
Posted by kryk
Friday, April 3, 2009
hey, hey!
so finally, i graduated once again! :D
yipeee' :D

last na siguro 'to hehe! kasi medyo nakakapagod na rin mag-aral nuh.

bwt, CONGRATS TO MT BACTH 8 Ü rawrrr'!
thank you guys.

i was with my parents and brother.
you see, all out support ang drama! hekkx!
were just 11. half of my classmates did not attend our graduation.
it was really sad yet there was nothing we can do about it.
it was their choice so no one's to blame.
but i know, it would be happier if we are complete.

haissst. T_T

hmm graduation's over maybe after the holy week
i will push myself to look for job. rawrrr'!
im quite afraid. T_T
another chapter of my life to begin hihii. Ü

after the graduation my family just went to MOA to have dinner
and decided to go home.

uhmm ang daming cute sa MOA. wuahaha. nakakabusog ng mata LoL o_O
kaso i feel uneasy.
i rather choose sm baccor or megamall or trinoma than MOA.
nasakit lang ulo 'ko sa dami kasi ng tao. Ü

mm i received greetings from my friends, relatives,
even my uncle abroad texted me just to greet me.
how sweet of them right?! :D

but this is sweeter.. .
while we were going home someone texted me.
haha asking if i had my dinner.
too sweet, he's showing me lots of concern. thanks to you. Ü

my family Ü

MT's Ü


friends ;DD

this is my fave photo.
sobrang emote? LoL.
i love being in RED. <3.

haha. Ü

Posted by kryk