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Hello People Of The Blog World! ^^.
Welcome to my blog where of all of thoughts are being expressed, where most of my shits and randomness are being shared, where even i talk nonsensically you still spare time and care. Ü

I like blogging because it connects me to YOU and i definitely love YOU because in YOU i found new friend. ^.^

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009
hey there!
hey, im back blogging :D

i have time now to make a new post and return the comments and tags. Ü

btw, bugle and i watched the "NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM 2" last Monday.
it was really a nice movie. i love it three times! haha :D
the cupids singing more than a woman were really cute (wish to have one, harrr'!)
and the little Einsteins too. :DD love it, love it. winnkk! Ü

anyway, my mom's away she is in subic for some "lakbay aral" blahh blahhh.
so i have to stay at home until she arrive (pretending to be a good girl. haha!Ü)

i have nothing to say so i will be leaving you again with some quotes. :D

"i might be weak and easy to be with,
but once i got hurt and grew tired,
believe me..
it will never be easy to win me back"

"a man
no matter how loyal, kind, patient, understanding,
sweet, honest, thoughtful, and close to perfect as he appears to be..
will still hurt a girl in the most painful way he could"

"there are some i have been dreaming of.
there is only one i am praying for." ;)
Posted by kryk
Sunday, May 24, 2009
moment with josh :)
woisssst :DD

Joshua isn't around anymore he is already in pasig.
his vacation already ended.Ü


missin' my boy! Ü


thanks to JOEBS for this friendship award.Ü

ang cheesy kasi lol Ü
thanks to you.
Posted by kryk
Saturday, May 23, 2009
i love you

a warning.
an apology.
an interruption.
a plea for attention.
an objection.
a justification.
a reminder.
a trap.
a blessing.
a disguise.
a vacuum.
a revelation.
a way of saying nothing.
a way of summarizing everything.
a surrender.
an opening.
an end.

three simple words with complicated meaning. ;D

i love you.. . ;)

Posted by kryk
Friday, May 22, 2009
bullshit. Ü
welcome bullshits once in a while

relax kukay, relax :DD

ehe'! sa totoo lang nang-gigigil ako sa inis ngayon.
grrr. yung tipong "bruxism" kahit hindi naman tulog. HAHA.

badtripppp talaga weh'!

bakit ba may mga taong story maker?

sige lang, gawa lang. may oras ka rin.

okay, here's the story.

kasi, kasi may isang tao na sobra ang inggit sa katawan.
hindi rin marunong makuntento. harr'!
WTH, bakit sinilang ka pa? haha.

as in sobrang ASAR ako ngayon.

ang laki ng naitulong na pamilya ko sa pamilya niya
hindi ako nanunumbat pero grabe kasi gawan pa daw ba kami ng istorya.
nakakapikon haa!
kapag wala nakakaawa, kapag meron high na high sa yabang. grrr.

ito kasi "monthly we received $200" from my uncle abroad DAW.

abaa ano yun, pensionado kami? ang sarap naman pala ng buhay namin.
may almost 10k kami monthly. haha. sana nga totoo di ba?
pakshett ehh!

parang alam 'ko isang beses lang yun dahil graduation gift kaso ang issue monthly daw.
busheeet weh'!


inggit, inggit, inggit.

Posted by kryk
Thursday, May 21, 2009
ohh my gawd'! finally i find time to blog.
sorry for the late update, im busy baby sitting. :D

btw, im sharing this song.
errr'! i don't know why but this makes my heart melts. Ü
i go crazy in love with this song.


i can't get over to this song. i keep playing it for the whole day. Ü
Posted by kryk
Monday, May 18, 2009
momii'kryk Ü
waaaa'! finally, i find time to blog. winnkkk ^.^
i have been very busy today. haha.

instant momii na ako weh'! lol Ü
joshua, my nephew is here in our place for a vacation.

we live in the same place but different roof in Pasig before
so i have seen his growing up days from infant hood to his toddler stage. Ü

and now he's already 9 years old.
see, how time flies really fast :DD

ate na ate na ako. HAHA Ü

halos wala akong nagawa ngayon araw kung hindi magbantay ng bata.
i bathe him, spend quality time, kulitan ever, kilitian mode, etc. :DD

no more cellphone. :D haha. halos hindi ko napansin lahat ng nag-text. SORRY. Ü

this day twice kami nagpunta sa jollibee haha.
i just realized how jollibee affects Filipino's culture.
wala yatang bata na tatanggi kay jollibee ;))

bwt, im gong to post some of the photos taken yesterday.
there's a mini salo-salo in our house.
it was a death anniversary but it turned out like there's a birthday party.
harr' Ü
masaya kasi. haha. i think it was the 48th years? something like that.
ang tagal na nuh? pero asahan mo every year basta MAY 17 madaming tao palagi. Ü

Posted by kryk
Sunday, May 17, 2009
bulilit :D
this have me laughing!
cuteeee :D

bulilit bulilit
sanay sa masikip
kung kumilos kumilos
ang liit liit


great day ahead to everyone! Ü
Posted by kryk
Friday, May 15, 2009
super long post. Ü
bear with me.. . ahe'! Ü
this will be a long post ahaha :D

i miss blogging. really. uhmm.

topic 1 - JUST RESiGNED.

yea. you read it right. i just have resigned from my work.
i feel so sad. i never expect to come up with this decision very soon.
i know to myself i will miss my office mates. i have a good relationship with them.
and it was my first job ever.

ang lungkot talaga T_T
im in despair. harr'! ;(

with this job i met new set of beautiful people and gained another fun experiences. Ü

for sure i will miss ate shy, ate april, dokis, ate lou, ate malou, ate gleng, kuya ehd, kuya mike, jp, and segs.

bwt, as a sign of my appreciation i gave segs a gift last wednesday. Ü
i get this kilig factor when i saw him using it. HAHA. damn.
gonna miss this guy. really. and all those chitchat sessions.

let me tell you how stupid i am -- wala man akong souvenir shot with my office mates.
i get gaga over photos but this time hindi ko man lang naisip yun. huhuhu. T_T

hindi ako maka move on sa mga messages nila. im reading it over and over again.
seriously, i feel the pain of missing them.

my boss hates me for what i have did.
resign nalang ayaw niya pang-pumayag. harr'!

topic 2 - L.O.V.E

haist. how to define love? tokk!
love is blind? love is sacrifice? love like a rosary blah blah... love is what?
natatawa ako everytime i hear people defining love like what i have said above para naman kasing hindi angkop. haha. tipong panglagay sa slumnote? hekkx'! Ü
christian asked me the same question before and i guess i have answered him they way how i really define such word.

i have this friend and he told me that his gf have another bf while they still have relationship with each other. uhmm so ang drama, nag-two time si girl.
pareho niya kasing mahal. 'naman ! HAHAHAHA.
uhmm is this love? sabi nung iba LOVE iS UNFAiR but i guess love isn't unfair yung taong mahal mo lang ang gumagawa nun. damn those kind of people. ;)
i am not in any position to judge anyone im just saying merely my opinion. Ü
nakakainis kasi uhmm ilang beses na akong nakakita ng ganitong pangyayari since high school.
it was really unfair when someone is giving everything while the other is just only receiving.
parang wala pang sakto na love. hehe. yung tipong "us against the world" ang drama.

to my dearest friend, wake up honey. she don't deserves YOU. you just too precious to be wasted. Ü kapeeeeet. :)

topic 3 - MASTERJAMES. ;D

i was quite shocked when i saw masterjames message in my chatbox.
he just made my night last saturday. Ü
it was like " oh my gawd, oh my gawd' it's masterjames!!!!"
HAHAHA. laki ng tuwa 'ko sa kanya. :D

okay, for those who does not know who is masterjames here's a brief recap lol

masterjames is a radio annoucer from dzbb Ü

ewan ko ba ang laki talaga ng tuwa ko sa BAK team.
thanks to masterjames! Ü

topic 4 - LOLAAAAA.

i forgot to blog the first day of my lola's arrival.
yes, she is living with us now.
the first time i saw her in the airport arghhh kabado talaga ako.
hindi ako takot pero yung pakiramdam na mabigat sa loob.
errk. ganun talaga ang nararamdaman ko.
how to define my lola? only one word fits - MALDiTA. seryoso.
wala siyang ginawa dati kung hindi pagalitan ako at punahin.
oo na, tamad ako pero hindi naman palagi nuh. ;)
and i ain't that type na masyadong pa-girly so palagi niyang sinasabi
"wag kang magaslaw" HAHA. :D
i was thinking before there will be a big trouble when she arrive
but i guess i am wrong.. very wrong.
hindi ko alam kung anong california food ang nakain niya.
ang bait-bait na niya ngayon. hahaha :D
kung ano siya dati sobrang kabaliktaran ngayon.
from worst to best? uhmm hindi naman let me say BETTER. Ü
so, we our a happy family now. harr'! Ü

topic 5 - FUNNY DREAM.

i was quite amazed with my dream. hehe.
cute. :D
it was wedding scene. the bride was riding on a black kalesa and the bride mates was wearing their orange dress with rollerblades. :D
ang cool talaga. Ü
now i have this idea of doing such thing. haha. :D

not a solemn wedding but a fast and furious one. haha.


i told you before i miss the bunny chocolates during easter sunday.
so my aunt abroad send me bunny chocolates. haha.
sweet. Ü

i didn't expect to have bunny chocolates. yum'!

Posted by kryk
Thursday, May 7, 2009
absent ako :D
rawrr' absent again blame it to the weather! weee'!

but ohhh i got the chance to rest again that's the best thing ever. Ü

winnnk! ^.^

so as i have said im going to post some of my lola's birthday photo.
mm better late than never, right? :D

she just celebrated her 80th birthday last Tuesday (may 5)
after work though it was quite late i really try my best to see my lola that day.
so i went to my tita's house.
although the celebration has already ended and i was the last to come it doesn't matter at least i was there.

i so love my dear lola.
we just love her the way she love us. Ü
no doubt. Ü
she's a loving wife, responsible mother, and caring grandmother.

yes, i already have another eyeglasses. Ü winkk.

Posted by kryk