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Friday, July 24, 2009
Sick Pictures, Images and Photos

oh my gawd'! sorry i cannot do my blog round T_T
im having this fever for three days pff :(
fever with severe headache and cough and colds. :'((

Posted by kryk
Tuesday, July 21, 2009
another random post winkk! ^^,)

i was with kuya ecco yesterday and together we watched Harry Potter.
at sa wakas natuloy na rin yung walang katapusang McFlurry lol. Ü
kuya ecco possess his humor everywhere! haha :)
para kaming tanga (oops, ako lang pala. baka kasi mag-react yun!)
tawa kami ng tawa habang nag-lalakad kung anu-ano kasing kalokohan pinagsasabi nun.
ang adiQ talaga haha :))


i've been addicted to 2ne1. oh myy' can't even think how it started. harr'!
its just i really love their songs i was able to understand the lyrics because of the subs.
i keep playing LOLLiPOP, i DON'T CARE, and FiRE.
crazy... yes i am! Ü


btw, my mom is sick. :(( pfftttt. gotta blame it to the weather brrr.
i just hope she'll get better soon.

i feel like being sick too.
may sipon at ubo na ako. :'(
konti nalang, konti nalang talaga nararadaman ko na ang lagnat.

DOS: 07/21/2009

The patient comes in today complaining of headache, teary eyes, and body malaise. The patient indicates loss of appetite and mood swings. She takes no medication. NKDA. blaah blaahhh.

(ayan, mag-react ang naka-relate!!! haha Ü)

dear God, no more rain please? :D not at this moment. Ü
let us enjoy the rays of your sunlight.
let us feel your blessing without the rain. Ü

anddddd ohhhh Ü

i was very please last night.
i just met a new friend and had some chitchat with him last night.
cool haha <3
sabi 'ko magpa-EB siya ehh.

seriously, im eager to meet bloggers.
kailan kaya mangyayari yun'? Ü

meme na na akoooo. lagnat na ata 'to. tokkk!
Posted by kryk
Monday, July 20, 2009
dont say you love me
i am suppose to make an entry regarding phobias and a story about "cut and paste" pero nagtatalo yung left and right hemisphere ng utak ko. :D wahaha Ü
hindi ko mapili kung ano ang uunahin so kesa mag-katampuhan sila (left and right hemisphere) i decided na iba nalang haha Ü

wala, wala akong magawa.
i just spend my time chatting and youtubing haha :D
i found this video.

i am not a huge fan of M2M but i must admit i like their songs.
i also like the graphics used in this video.
they are like so kawaiiii.. wahaha :D (sige landiiii lang)
feeling ko kasi yung "kawai" only fits for those super girly hehe.
i admit i do not belong to that group kaya pakiramdam ko ang arte ko na kaya sinasabi ko yun. haha. :D i do not mean anything ahh. Ü so here's the video. Ü


Posted by kryk
Sunday, July 19, 2009
randomness! Ü
its already 01:31 am in my computer's clock. Ü
aww gawd' i should be having my rest but i cannot sleep. :'(
soooooo im here doing a random post! harrr :D

topic one :
im wondering bakit hindi "nakipag-agawan" yung kapatid ko sa akin this time sa computer.
mostly kasi we had some immature fights every night.
but tonight it seems something went wrong.
i asked him if he's going to use this but he said "HiNDi."
baka depresss? winkkk! Ü
this was the first time he refuse kasi ang eksena palagi niya pa ako pinapalayas sa harap neto while saying "tumatanda ka ng paurong" 'cause i used to play some online games and he hate it much. i consume my 80% time working and maybe 20% for gaming. :D

topic two :
i cannot wait for August!
my birthday is coming... yey'! Ü
i know it is too early to plan things up but i have told to my mom and to my cousins that im planning to have a mini party in our house.
i can have a live band. yung tropa ng kapatid ko. wuahaha.
ohh di ba astig? :D free na yun. winkk!
tapos some cake, bbQs, pot roast, spaghetti, chicken blah blah.
na'excite tuloy ako. wuahaha! Ü
i want a simple party pero masaya just like the Christmas party we organized last year.

i'll be soon turning 20. good bye to the teenage life. hell'yea.
im entering iNTiMACY vs. iSOLATiON STAGE in Erik Erickson's theory.
haha!! Ü gonna get someone to marry me soon. :P
who wants to be isolated anyway. LoL Ü

if ever hindi matuloy yung balak ko one thing for sure i'll be spending this day with the people i love at mag-sosolo nalang kami ng party. haha Ü

i cannot say what will happen paano pala kung may topak yung mabait 'kong lola sa mismong araw ng birthday ko? syempre hassle.. for sure mag-fly away ako nun harrharr'! Ü

topic three :
i do not have any files tomorrow because it was saturday in the U.S.
plus the fact that conway is away and having his vacation. iniwan ako. ampfff.
im missing conway! haha! Ü swear. i get to used with his voice.
i haven't seen him but i feel like there's a connection between us :D winkkk!

HAHA Ü don't take everything seriously. Ü
inaaliw ko lang yung sarili 'ko. :D

topic four:
while doing this entry i am listening to LOLLiPOP BY 2NE1.
i keep playing this song for more than one hour! haha :D
i cannot understand its lyrics. anong alam ko sa korean language? haha :D
sarangheyo? wink!!! but that was too common. Ü
yea. i cannot understand it but i like the music. winkk. winkk! ♫

basta ang cute weh'! ASiANs will always be loved. Ü

topic five:
im hating myself. really. duhh!
this time myself sucks.
i do not know why but i cannot make any good post since then.
ayoko naman mag-lagay ng entry just for the sake of updating.
so im really asking for some understanding.

i have new header and background but my post cannot make any sense. :'(

i promise to do my round visit tomorrow. Ü
keep blogging! \m/
Posted by kryk
Tuesday, July 14, 2009
i am not suppose to make any entry tonight because nothing occupies my mind but then while i was chatting with kuya ecco something cross my mind.

finally, i have topic to share. Ü

im just sharing this video.
well, its a parody about BSB.
i don't intend to be mean to anyone especially to the BSB fans.
Mark of Westlife is a self-confessed gay so nothing really matters.

i don't care if anyone is gay, straight, or bitchy.
gender cannot be the basis.
important thing is you know yourself more than anyone.
you know the things that makes you happy, you just need to stick with it and stand for it.

and besides in anyone's life there a point that we really get confuse.
role confusion is included in Erik Erickson's theory remember?
we get confuse about our identity and roles we just need to overcome it.

the video is not making fun about gay people.
i respect them for what they are.

tutal kabaklaan na naman ang entry na 'to ituloy-tuloy na natin. Ü
kahapon, may isang 12-year-old boy GAY contestant sa wowowee.
he was just 12 years old pero aminado siya sa sarili niya kung anong kasarian meron siya.
isn't that admirable? he was so true. he even admitted as young as 2 years old instead of playing toy car he used to play barbie doll. haha. funny thing! Ü
takot yung bata kahit papano kasi yung tatay niya hindi pa siguro buong natatanggap yung kasarian ng anak niya pero if you really love your child you have just have to accept it and be happy for it.
very good yung bata kasi he get good grades.

at least hindi adiQ yung anak mo sa kanto, hindi snatcher sa Quiapo, at lalong hindi tambay sa bahay. Ü


so here's the video. Ü listen to the lyrics very well. LMAO! Ü
i added another video kasi makulit rin :D

Posted by kryk
Monday, July 13, 2009
new header
just to kill the boredom i made another header for my bloggie.
i also decided to change its background.

i know it's simple.
but for now, that's the best thing i can do.


wala ata ako sa tamang huwisyo? LoL :D

btw, sabi nila mahirap daw magpalaki ng anak ngayon
kasi with this generation "lapastangan" daw ang mga bata.
mahilig sumagot at maraming katwiran

oh well, sabi namin :))


its just some sort of asaran. :D
nagkampi-kampihan kasi kami. haha Ü
kulet. hehe. <3
Posted by kryk
Saturday, July 11, 2009
happy tears
whew' i have been busy, so busy this day.
anyway, i just wanted to share some of our photos.
harr' :D

obvious namang super close kami ng mga pinsan ko di ba? Ü
whenever we have the opportunity to take picture we grab it without second thought! lol.Ü
camera freak. winnkkk :DD

photos were taken during & after the necrological service. T_T

we all feel bad. sad. longing. lost. mixed emotions.
sino ba naman yung tao na gugustuhin mawalan ng ama sa maagang panahon di ba?
but then, i admired lemuel for being too strong. Ü
this time i get closer to him.
from those gestures i know i comfort him in some ways.
siguro nga kapag hindi alam na mag-pinsan kami we were more likely na mapagkalamang may intimate relation. LoL. Ü
close nga wehh :DD

im just hoping he'll be okay soon.
another loss but we trust God's plan.
everything is back to normal.

Posted by kryk
Thursday, July 9, 2009
got these three pictures from kuya ecco. :D
i find them all cute. Ü
i don't know how to do such stuff that's why i appreciate kuya ecco's effort.

Posted by kryk
Tuesday, July 7, 2009
good bye.
i was supposed to make an entry regarding JACKO and how Westlife adores him.
Westlife performed some of Jacko's hits in their concert, they also have it revived.


my mom woke up me up early this morning telling that my uncle wasn't in a good condition anymore. so after fixing myself i went to my lola's house to see him.
sa totoo lang bumabaha na yung emosyon sa apat na sulok ng bahay.
everyone's crying and felt bad to what was happening.

my uncle who has renal failure died.
another loss to my family. ;'(

what could be more painful than losing someone you love?

while im making this entry heaven is also crying, heavy rains pouring.

God has HiS own purpose and we trust HiM.
we lost tatay before and now it was our uncle.
we know it was better than to see him suffering.

baby jhunboy, tatay tas, and tito manding, all of you are together now in a place of where there is no pain and suffering. you are in the kingdom of God where there is only infinite happiness. we miss you. we always do. i wont ask the three of you to guide us because without a doubt you will surely do. we will treasure every moments we have here and forever be remembered. good bye for now in a right time we will see each other again... .
we love you with all our hearts.

tatay, thank you for always making us feel loved. we miss you. T_T
Posted by kryk