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Welcome to my blog where of all of thoughts are being expressed, where most of my shits and randomness are being shared, where even i talk nonsensically you still spare time and care. Ü

I like blogging because it connects me to YOU and i definitely love YOU because in YOU i found new friend. ^.^

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Saturday, August 29, 2009
plain and simple
hello. winnk! Ü
im making another post. na-miss ko 'to :D

mag-blog, mag-blog at mag-blog. lol Ü

BABAE AKO hindi lang masyado. hehe. i used to say these words for some few days. HAHA. :) because i have a friend and he is teasing me so bad 'cause im not used to wear most of pa-girl clothes and stuff like. i do not even wear high-heels shoes or sandals. i have tried it for some time but im never been comfortable with it. i still go for the flat ones. haha. Ü

i only wear clothes where i am comfortable with.
simple clothes. the usual ones. :D

pero para tumigil na yung pang-aasar (we'll see) eto na po. haha.
should i be embarrass with this? hehe! xP

winnkkk. sharing some photos (evidence. LoL! Ü)

plain and simple, maybe that is one of the best description for me. i never wear anything to get someone attention. i never do shit to get someone chase after me. yea. i am simple as i can be.

BUT... .

maybe that is one of the disadvantage of being a home buddy because by being simple i got lesser confidence.
masyado akong nakuntento na nasa loob lang ako ng bahay at yung pamilya ko lang ang kasama ko. nakalimutan ko na kailangan ko rin ng ibang tao. T_T
i won't grow up without others help.

and what i hate most about myself is my pessimistic attitude. it sucks a lot! its hard for me to try some new thing i always have this negative thought of "what if it won't work the way i wanted?"
I HATE FRUSTRATIONS. i get so depress whenever frustration strikes. kaya takot ako. ;(

PLAYiNG SAFE -- i do not get happiness nor frustrations.

it takes me too long to get out of my comfort zone. great deal of adjustment was needed indeed.
as of now, siguro nga i grow up a bit. xD experiences taught me.
somehow now, i am more brave to try new things and explore the beauty of life.
you see, i even try to look kawaii in the photos. LoL.Ü
in short, LUMALANDi NA AKO. hahaha :P

i gain confidence but not a lot. im still the old kryk -- simple and weak yet loves to live.

P.S. EJ, ahaha. eto na evidence ko.. moment?! LoL. Ü tataob siya dito. haha.
Posted by kryk
Sunday, August 23, 2009
hello! :D

im sorry for not updating for quite some time. i have been very busy and i cannot find any topic to blog about. my fault and i am really sorry. i have not done my blog rounds also (i promise to do it now)Ü

everyone is LOVE! :)

anyway, this is just a quick post just to update my blog.


it's when you both know you are in love
with each other yet you stay.. . .

Posted by kryk
Friday, August 14, 2009
i am so NOSTALGiC. uhhh ohh myyy.
i feel like a bomb and with no warning im ready to explode.

sa totoo lang, ahaha. naiiyak na ako. winnk! Ü
i keep playing honey world oops its "a whole new world" (it seems i miss my childhood days.)

it has been 20 years since then.
i was just a piece of crap before and after nine months of living in my mama's womb here i come baby. i was BORN.
yes, i know my parents are too glad for having such a daughter like me. :P (kidding aside!)
but errr im having this mixed emotions.
i feel happy and a bit sad. i feel contented yet empty.
i feel loved. i feel okay. i feel overwhelmed.
to sum it up it is indescribable. :D

when i was months old i used to wear this clothes pero ngayon kahit anong pilit syempre hindi na pwede. haha. it wont fit anymore not even in my arms. uhh. :p big girl na ako weh'!

hows my birthday? it just went well. nothing special but im glad to have my family around me.
i will just share some photos instead of telling what had happened. errr!
masyadong bitin. uhhh T_T

anyway, here is a video of my brother. may sariling moment kasi siya ngayon. i admire him for having such skill! halimaw. LoL. Ü

thanks to all. Ü loveshue a lot. muahugs.

Posted by kryk
Monday, August 10, 2009
what will you do when someone offers you love?

would you grab it or refuse it?

uhhhh.. Ü

tough question, isn't it? the answer may also depend on your feelings toward that certain person.

if you love that person, have the guts to admit it too. Ü maybe a happy ending is waiting for both of you. there is a BiG difference between trying something and doing nothing. :)

if you do not love that person, be thankful but never take for granted. love does not demand to be loved back, right? if you really don't love that person with the same degree as he has for you... refuse kindly. Ü

errrr :D i was texting with a friend last night and i was totally shocked about his confession. LoL Ü (anyway, i have nothing to mean with this. he is a friend and he will remain that way.)

"mahal na ata kita noon e.
muntik na kitang ligawan"

good thing that he never admit it during St. Joseph's days.
because my answer will be "muntik na rin kitang i-basted" :p ahaha.

i feel so mean Ü

i don't intend to make fun of this but uhhh this thing made me laugh last night. Ü as in HAHA.
sorry, sorry! :D 'coz i never expect he can say that directly to me. walang hiya-hiya :D

brave enough! *applause*

but now, i find it awkward to talk to him especially he and his gf have some misunderstandings.
ayoko ng eksena. :D plus the fact that i really admire his gf. maybe she is one of the sweetest person i have ever met. she is a kind of girl would everything because her bf loves it.

anyway, i love this video i found in YT.
uhh Nichkhun is so hoooot.

Posted by kryk
Saturday, August 8, 2009
random :)
uhhh :D

30 minutes ago i have 36 messages on my cellphone and now its already 42 messages.
haa'! i just keep on counting. im too lazy to ready it. pffttt. T_T

anyway, a week from now will be my birthday. yippeee! i'll be turning 20. :D
teen no more. harr'! pwera nalang kung ipilit ko talaga -- TWENTEEN. lol!
Ü mom asked me a while ago if what im going to do on my birthday. she asked me kung magluluto pa daw ba kami and i said no kasi alam ko may pasok pa siya that time and to think na wala naman mga pinsan ko. sabi ko, gusto 'kong gayahin yung christmas party na nangyari last year but it seems impossible now. so, what for? i have nothing to celebrate. lol. :P
i feel like this is the most quiet birthday i will ever have.

i cannot remember what had happened to my 1st first uhhh. T_T

when i was in kinder i used to celebrate my birthday in school.
i remember john paul (my kinder classmate) sabi ng papa ko crush ko daw yun. i don't know!!! haha Ü i cannot remember.
and there was mac-mac of course my kinder buddy ever. we live in the same compound and have the same school bus at that time. we live in de castro that time.

when i was in grade school its either we go to megamall or invite my friends to come over. we were in pasig during those days.

i had my 7th birthday here in cavite. naalala ko naka-dress pa ako nun. wuahaha Ü
wala akong malay. uhh :P kung may utak na ako nun. i wont wear any dress awts'!

when i was in high school, its just the same, my friends used to come in our house to celebrate with me. Ü we were already in cavite by that time.

i also spend my 18th birthday here. it was a simple yet memorable one. Ü
i have my friends and my family with me.

yes, i was pregnant when i turned 18. uhmmmm. echos! haha :D
kidding aside. Ü what's inside my tummy was only just a pillow Ü
i cannot remember why i did this crazy thing. ;D

Mmm i still don't know what will happen on my birthday this coming saturday.
gusto ko talaga kumpleto yung mga pinsan ko at yung mga maliit na bata gusto 'kong gayahin nila yung 2NE1 ahaha. im serious! Ü
sorry but i love K-POP now. also, im getting more addicted to STAR KiNG.
i love Nichkhun super big time! ahaha :)

one thing for sure --- i will have my cake. hehe! im going to blow candles :P

btw, tomorrow will be my day off. uhh. im going to galleria with mama. Ü
finally, maarawan na ako. lol! ilang linggo na akong isolated sa tao :P
makakalanghap na ulit ako ng usok at alikabok galing sa ibang lugar. ahaha Ü

so, im done sharing. Ü
i better get some sleep now. zzzZZZZ
its already past 12 midnight.

i will be having my rounds tomorrow. PROMiSE. everyone is loved. Ü
Posted by kryk
Wednesday, August 5, 2009
my goodbye
errr i feel little bit sad tonight. :( sighhhh.

only two persons know my reason it was EJ and KANG.
haissst... i was asking for some help because i cannot take this thing anymore. really.


i was taken for granted once again. ang sakit sakit na.
EJ said let it go and i did. T_T

i did not want to let go but there is nothing i can hold on. wala na. wala.
i ain't brave, im pretending to be okay because i want to be okay.

i never expect love but it came too soon
we were strangers then and don't care for each other
then you begun showing me affection
affection i thought was not true
as the day passes i prove myself wrong
you offered me a love that was pure
we begun making memories together
promising each other that we will stay together

a glance from you put a smile on my face
sweet words uttered by your lips makes my heart beat fast
simple gestures that makes me feel like home
being naughty at times and together we laugh
quarrels over the phone from unknown reasons

we almost share everything

but our world turns upside down
our everything drastically changed

this is the good bye i never wanted
this is the end i never expected
sad but real our farewell is near
a word or two to sum up this closure



Posted by kryk
Saturday, August 1, 2009

"im pregnant!"

"i get someone pregnant!"

what will be your reaction if your 18-year-old son or daughter said this thing to you?

sa totoo lang, sa panahon ngayon being pregnant at early age is a big deal no more. :D
ehh pakiramdam ko nga kapag dumating ka ng 20 years old at wala ka pang baby hindi ka na tao. lol Ü (im turning 20 this month it only means hindi na tao lol! i still don't have any baby.)

seriously, in this time more people are being too liberated.
im not agaist anything, i am not in any position to judge anyone.
yes im still pure but i do not want to pretend like a very holy person. i do some shits too. Ü

what about SEX?

sex is a gift from God.

two people committed sex because they love each other.

sex is a form of showing love.

blahh blahhhh.

i do not know how to define it the best way all i know is sex is a part of life. it should be done on the right moment of life. winnkk!

when i was in St. Joseph feeling ko hindi ako tao. seryoso. Ü
no one dares to crack green jokes. sabi nga wala kaming sungay ng mga panahong yun.
no one dare to explore the dirty side of world. ahaha

when i entered St. Dominic, dito kahit papano namulat ako sa mga bagay na pang-tao. lol Ü
pakiramdam ko tao na nga ako. haha. :D pakiramdam ko nakatapak na ako sa totoong mundo.Ü green jokes is okay. i don't feel offended. as long as i do not feel anything malicious everything is okay. Ü

and now,

im having this conversation with EJ.
EJ is a friend.Ü
at pakiramdam ko lalo akong nagiging tao. :P

everything is a part of growing up.
you just have to open not just your eyes but also your mind. Ü

we just do not need to rush thing kasi kahit anong mangyari darating at darating ka sa point na yun. hehe Ü matututunan mo lahat ng bagay na kailangan mo sa buhay.Ü

chill! <3
Posted by kryk