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Hello People Of The Blog World! ^^.
Welcome to my blog where of all of thoughts are being expressed, where most of my shits and randomness are being shared, where even i talk nonsensically you still spare time and care. Ü

I like blogging because it connects me to YOU and i definitely love YOU because in YOU i found new friend. ^.^

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Thursday, September 24, 2009
new layout xD
as you can see i have already changed my layout. Ü
thanks to my boredom. winkkk. ^-^
im freaking out T_T doing the same old routine sucks somehow.

i feel like a living zombie. LoL. Ü
i wake up just to eat and surf. .. and ohh i have this dilemma, im gaining weight! amfufu.
arghhh! some of my clothes do not fit well anymore. shocksss! T_T
is this the sign to avoid eating much? harr'!
but i do not think eating is the reason why im gaining weight im pointing out to my laziness.
i do nothing. no exercise at all though i have plenty time.
ang hirap maging tamad. LoL. Ü
even the simplest thing seems too hard to do. T_T

im hating myself!

mama also told me to avoid eating sweets and salty foods.
but she was a bit late. i bought another set of junks early this afternoon.
i have these three packs of strawberry creme oreo, stick-O, and few piattos plus two nagaraya.
(don't punish me my dear. T_T)

i have to act now. i have NEED to do some exercise!
i do not want to be called "balyena" by my friends. errrk! never T_T

exercise.. exercise.. i need to do it. yea. before its too late!
im forcing motivating myself! haha Ü

anyway, it's already my brother's birthday ! yey' XD
he is officially nineteen years old. Ü


yes, he call cards as his LiFE. Ü

Posted by kryk
Tuesday, September 22, 2009
my priority
errrk! i have been busy for the past few days
almost a week na ata akong pakalat kalat kung saan saan. Ü

the only thing im quite confuse is i do not know what to prioritize. T_T
parang lahat ng bagay gusto 'kong gawin ng sabay sabay which is wrong kasi lalo lang akong walang matapos. parang isang estudyante na hindi nakikinig sa pagtuturo ng guro at sa oras ng exam cramming! haha xD

anyway, i was scanning some photos few nights ago and i have seen these pictures.
i can't do anything but to laugh! haha xD as in LOL!

sa panahong ito 'ko lang yata naramdaman ang pagiging matangkad xD haha Ü
okay, im not short, i mean not that short.. . totoo, maniwala ka! haha
(hindi talaga, hindi ako papayag! weh' haha xD)

im not short.. im just petite. FUN-SiZED. BiTE-SiZED. haha Ü

she is my cousin. :) im just a month older but see...
ang tangkad ko nuh? uso kaya jumper noon.
ahaha xD **ROFL!

gumamit pa siya ng bangko para matangkad sa picture haha xD

wala na ngayon. :) kase ang matangkad si jeil lang. huuhuu T_T
she is my cousin and god daughter too. Ü
matangkad pa inaanak sa ninang xD haha
Posted by kryk
Saturday, September 19, 2009
sammy baby
sammy turned three! Ü hooray! :P he is my cousin's son.
dati parang butiki lang siya hehe. now, he is already a big boy! Ü
i heard his very first cry ever. ^_^


and here is his video saying "waban kowi, waban!" haha ROFL'! Ü

Posted by kryk
Thursday, September 17, 2009
hi there .. Ü

my internet connection sucks for almost a week. T_T
i have connection then after a while it will get lost. i can't even play myro that much. :'( kasi over LAG. damn'!
even just by surfing the net huuu pahirapan ;'(

anyway, someone who is dear to me will be having his birthday few days from now.
i can't decide what present should i give him. would you mind giving me suggestions?
i will appreciate it big time! Ü

hindi kasi ako marunong magbigay ng regalo sa lalaki. T_T
yea. puro stuffed toys and girly stuffs ang nasa utak ko and i know for sure he will never like it. harr'!

so guys i really need some help Ü thankshueee! Ü

i know this is quite off topic but im in the mood to share this. :D
i just found out that my cousin lemuel already has a girlfriend. ROFL!Ü
he is a third year high school student and his so called girlfriend is a frosh student.

nakoooo, nakooo. haha Ü the moment i found this out gusto 'kong gumulong sa kakatawa :P
okay, im not against him getting into relationship kasi in this time naman mas maraming bata pa talaga ang may love life, the only reason kaya naging ganoon ang reaction 'ko kasi when i used to have bf before sobrang pang-aasar natanggap 'ko sa bata na yun. xD

anytime and anywhere wala siyang sawa sa pag banggit ng pangalan tapos when i am talking over the phone or chatting with someone ang hinala niya palagi bf yun. haha Ü

and yes, he was also laughing when i said
"nakoo, humanda ka na gaganti ako'!"

today is his birthday at oo ngayon naging sila. haha. isn't that sweet? *blush*
something sweet happened today. /heh. baby lovers. LoL. Ü
(ikaw jeilpot kailan? kailan mo liligawan si *tooot* haha xD)

i haven't met the girl but since she is mama's student anytime soon i'll be meeting her.
terror pa naman ako na pinsan. LoL. Ü

BUGLE, nakooooo, good luck sa love life. ahaha Ü *ROFL'!* *gulong.. gulong.. gulong'!* Ü tandaan mo sinabi 'ko wag kang makikinig kay jazz palpak yun :P ahaha. chill! be inspired. xD
Posted by kryk
Tuesday, September 15, 2009
winkness XD
wink wink and another winkkk! Ü

as usual wala na naman akong magawa. ahaha x'D
panahon na naman upang mag blog. wakoko! ^^,)

anyway, na share ko ba sa inyo na aside from stuffed toys and Westlife items i also collect messages. oo, mensahe. to be more specific i am talking about "text messages".

i am keeping these 411 personal messages in my phone aside from that 256 quotes in my inbox.

when i keep someone's text it either mean the message is something really worth keeping or it made me feel special in a way. Ü

just to show some here ohh : *super smile* Ü

"msaya nga aq at nktext kta tpos inacknowledge mu pa aq. happy pa lalo me, thank you, luv you...^^," --- from xtian

"ow you have palong! still you are in the denial stage. haha" from the piggy man. oinkk oinnk!

"thanks dn kryk, keep in touch Ü" --- from MASTER JAMES. winkkk!

"angel wag ka na umiyak ang panget mo!" --- from elli the call boy *call center agent boy*

at maraming marami pa. Ü

i am blessed having such sweet friends like 'em. :DD
one thing for sure i will still keep collecting messages. its a great way of reminiscing.

anyway, here's a video from my brother. sana gawin nya lahat ng hundreds ko na thousands naman. haha xD illusion!

Posted by kryk
Friday, September 11, 2009
moody krykie
i just notice for the past few days my moods are like uhmm like a roller coaster. at one moment i feel a bit sad then after a while i can be the most jolly person inside our house.
duuh. can you call mental hospital for me ? :) i think myself needs a check up. c(:

just like yesterday, i felt a bit sad. i am alone at home (mama was in school, papa was in sm, and my dear brother was in mmm never mind i do not where he was too) and got nothing to do. i stayed online just to have something to do. i watched star king and made another character to entertain myself.

if boredom kills, i am almost dead! :D

i was online for almost the whole day but i never dare to chat with anyone.
my reason was its either mapasaya nila ako O sila ang mahawa sa mood ko. :P so just to play safe, i keep it to myself. Ü

it was around eight in the evening when i felt a bit okay. i asked kuya to help me out with my new character and he lent me his hands. ^-^ i reached level 99 and job level 70 through him. *thankshueeee* he was very nice to me since ojt days.
he was to be blamed why i have this little knowledge with myro.
i owe him a lot.. . a lot of zenny. haha ;D i do not know how to repay him. pffft! T_T

after our dinner i had this talking session with my parents. one thing common about me and papa is we both love reminiscing things. we talked different topics like what had happened on that day, love life, plans, etc. one reason why i love my parents is they know how to listen. :D hindi porke't sila yung matanda sila lang yung may boses. to tell you frankly, i am more bossy than my parents maybe because im the eldest (but hey i only got one sibling! haha) or maybe because i was born in august and i am under the zodiac sign of LEO which represents Lion, king of the jungle. as for me, i am the princess of our jungle, our home. LoL Ü
i was like "mama, hindi ito dapat ang gawin mo" "papa, magluto ka na" "jazz saan ka na naman pupunta?" " mama, punta tayo mall" "papa, wag kang makulit matulog ka na" "jazz, gumising ka na o gusto mo paluin pa kita ng hanger?" grabe nuh? ahaha :D boss na boss. :P but i know they understand and love me. being bossy is my nature but i know where my limitations are. i respect them and i know where to place myself. anak pa rin ako at kahit anong mangyari sila pa rin ang boss ko. :D

afther that talking session my brother and i watched our grandparent's anniversary video. as usual bonggang laitan ang nangyari "ate, ang taba taba mo talaga dyan. tingnan mo" with matching HAHAHAHAHA syempre hindi ako nagpatalo "mahalaga pumayat ako ngayon eh ikaw tingnan mo nga para kang paslit na sasali ng mr. pogi. duh! ang hilig sa exposure!" and yes, natapos ang gabi sa walang katapusang asaran. xD
another thing na pang asar ko sa kanya kagabi ay yung bagong bili niya na jacket ginawang comforter ng aso namin with matching ngatngat sa zipper ahaha Ü badtrip tuloy siya at ako, sympre masaya na. ^-^

i also had this one on one conversation with mama. we are arguing about something but its not a serious matter. tumatawa pa kami habang nagtatalo. :P

see, i started yesterday with a not so fine one but i ended it up with a happy heart. Ü
Posted by kryk
Sunday, September 6, 2009
star king
wuahaha Ü my gawd'! cant imagine myself laughing and crying alone.
duh. side effects ba to? hehe! Ü

promiseee ahh ashhh..Ü
from the first video of star king i have ever watched it never fails to make me laugh. the only problem is some videos do not have any subs. sighh! ;'( but i still love it anyway. :)

i wanna be a star princess. *asa haha.*

star king is one of the best tv shows for me EVER. :)

imagine this :
saying SHOCKSSS, ASHHH, OPPA, KAWAII, OMONA, CUTE with high tone voice.

at some point feeling ko baliw na ako. harr'! :)

one thing more na maganda sa star king andun yung interactions with the participants and KPOP stars. geezeness. how about that? astig kaya! Ü

korean kids are so cute and talented T_T sana ganun baby ko :P
their expressions are so pretty. kagigil weh'! Ü

kapag bata ang may crush di ba ang cute nilang tingnan? ^.^
awts. Ü crushing.. crushing xD


here are some of my fave videos Ü

Posted by kryk
Friday, September 4, 2009
im quite hesitant about making an entry today i feel like im not in the mood of doing anything. ;'(
good thing i do not have any files today at least i can make some reflection. ;)

i was texting last night with piglet (oinnk'! oinkk'!)
yea. kagabi lang ata ulit namin nagawa yung magtext ng seryoso kahit papaano.
most of the time nauubos ang oras namin sa asaran. walang katapusang asaran.
he called that session "EMONOK" damn.
emo+manok = emonok. WAREVER'! Ü

ang lungkot kasiiiii. T_T

nagrereklamo ako ng kalungkutan sa dahilang hindi ko alam. WEiRD. Ü

when a person get used to with something.. .
a matter of obsession? uhh ashh ashhhh..
di ba mahirap pag nawala?
there will always be a missing part..
something that makes a person so incomplete...

and at some point of anyone's life you feel isolated from the others.
its either you feel that you yourself do not belong to them or they are the one that aren't belong to you.

basta malungkot T_T

good thing i have superfriends.
one thing for sure.. if im bound to fall they are the one who wont let me reach the ground just like when im sad they wont make me feel that inner ache alone. :D
friends who don't tired listening to me when my emotions breakdown :P

Posted by kryk