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Hello People Of The Blog World! ^^.
Welcome to my blog where of all of thoughts are being expressed, where most of my shits and randomness are being shared, where even i talk nonsensically you still spare time and care. Ü

I like blogging because it connects me to YOU and i definitely love YOU because in YOU i found new friend. ^.^

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Saturday, October 31, 2009
photo mania Ü
yay'! i really feel the spirit of Halloween. awooooooo! haha Ü

i did cam whoring early this afternoon. :DD
kasi.. kasi... walang kuryente kanina so just to entertain myself nag-picture nalang ako. hehe.

this is how obsess i am with camera. yikeees! xD
(sorry for the low quality of these images. i only used the secondary cam.)

i use the eyeliner again and applied some brown eyeshadow :)
i love simple make up now. Ü

haha xD sawa ka na ba sa pictures ko? hehe. sorry! Ü i just feel like sharing.
my mother said my eyes look like a button. haha.

anyway, my cousins from Pasig came here for a visit. as usual we grab that chance to take some photos together. this only means that im not the only one who's a camera freak in my clan, right? Ü

i really love this photo. haha xD super cute kaya. Ü find your height ang drama. haha! Ü

and HEYYYY, the reason why i really feel the Halloween spirit is because some kids did trick or treat with their costumes on. haha. Ü katuwa kayaaaa! they look like real moomoo. haha xD
we gave them some candies we have at home.

i envy the black lady, i always wanted to be like that. yayy'!
the guy in this photo is my cousin jxbnep, the psycho teacher. :D

i super enjoy this day haha xD title really fits to this post. haha *sorry. Ü losta photos!! Ü
Posted by kryk
Friday, October 30, 2009
yey'! Ü
after a month long of having no cellphone i finally got new one yesterday. :D
isang kapritso 'ko na naman ang natupad.
actually, i was suppose to buy new phone only when my mama receive her NSTP salary kaso grabe it has been a month pero wala pa so i keep bugging her about it. harr'!
im showing my selfishness this time. T_T

here's my phone

i bought N78 instead of E63. it was a friend's suggestion. i love E63 for its qwerty keypad but i must say i love more this N78 'coz of its breathing effect and yea the camera pixel of course!
i can do cam whoring again! Ü

my brother took this photo last night. he's just checking the camera and forgot to erase this.
well, yea. this is the usual night of my every day life. ;)
quite boring? YEA.! too boring it almost kills me. haha. Ü

Posted by kryk
Tuesday, October 27, 2009
finally xD
finally, after watching some video tutorials in youtube i now knew how to put liquid eyeliner. haha xD im quite proud (though i know it's not an achievement at all!) LoL Ü
pero hindi kasi talaga ako marunong mag-lagay neto dati. haha :)

also, im showing these two edited photos

the red bear

and yes, haha xD before, i have one character in myro with the same hair style.
wala lang.. trip ko lang gayahin :D

i love my assassin even more. Ü
Posted by kryk
Monday, October 26, 2009
im wondering when will i stop complaining being bored. LoL. Ü
i woke up soooooo early today at around eight in the morning and now i feel sleepy. really sleepy. but i decided not to sleep this might be a chance to correct my sleeping pattern.

anyway, im looking for a black dress to use for Halloween. haha. :D
i won't use it the day itself. (OMG!! baka mag freak out naman yung mga tao. haha xD baka sabihing baliw pa akooooo!.)

i will use the black dress just to take pictures. Ü ang arte nuh? haha! :)

iniisip 'ko nga kung babalikan ko yung dress na nakita ko sa sm before or bibili na lang ako ng tela at ipapatahi ko nalang. hehe xD
another option is bibili ako ng skirts and halter top and put them together para mukang dress na rin. haha xD

shocks im being so excited kaya dapat magawa 'ko 'to. nakooo. nakooo.
kasi pag hindi, i will feel frustrated and you know i hate it. T_T

i have my witch hat, broomstick, voodoo dolls, i also bought liquid eyeliner and red lipstick.
dress nalang hihii. :D

before November ends, i'll do anything to make this thing possible.

P.S. when i already have the photos, bawal tawanan. :D ang tumawa kukulamin koooo! haha xD
Posted by kryk
Saturday, October 24, 2009
i can't sleep :(
brrr. i ain't feel sleepy but it's already 1:28 in the morning.
my sleeping pattern sucks a lot. T_T

and there are three reasons why im still awake at this time.

first: i took a nap at 5pm and it was already 8 pm when i woke up. tsskk.. i also consumed a lot of sugars tonight. nakita ko kasi yung kisses ni kapatid sa fridge (he uses it for his magic tricks) i almost ate half amount of that pack. i should lessen eating sweets i might become diabetic in the near future and i know it's not good. :'(

second: (this bothers me a lot) i can't decide if im going to tell him what i have discovered. i don't know if he cares to know either but there's a side of me that keep insisting i should tell him about it. im going crazy. :'( if im on his position this thing really matters but what about him? knowing him and his great pride. errrk.
this is quite confusing plus the fact that we never talk for such a long time. i do not even know how to approach him. damn'! ang arte kasi.
im trying to figure out what will happen if i have already told him.
i keep guessing his reaction. haha xD nag-kaproblema pa tuloy ako ngayon. pfft.
i don't even care if im the one who'll make the first move to get in touch but im asking myself if this thing worth for doing such action? kasi kung wala lang i won't take the initiative to do so. haha. ang hirap nuh? geeze'!

third: my aunt who is living in Seattle will be arriving before this month ends. the weird part is she never allow us to know to exact date of her arrival. gusto niya ata suprise. LoL. Ü (baka siya masurprise, ang gulo kaya ng bahay namin. hehe) so, we'll be having a general cleaning by tomorrow.

sad part is i can't wear my witch hat on November first. hiya ako weh! haha xD
i can't take pictures too. mas nakakahiya haha. :D
but one thing for sure if i have the chance i'll do so.
kaya nga excited ako for Halloween kasi trip 'ko maging witch.
sayang naman yung witch hat and broomstick ko if i won't be able to use them, right? :D

i just need an opportunity hehe! Ü
Posted by kryk
Thursday, October 22, 2009
winkk ^-^
hello xD

how's every blogger? Ü i really enjoyed my rounds last night. :DD
natuwa ako sa mga blogs na nabasa ko. hehe. Ü
kalokohan pero cute. ^-^
and i hope to enjoy again my blog hoppin' tonight. :))

uhmm im dreaming about meeting all my blogger friends.
waa. ang saya siguro nun. hihii. im wondering when it will happen? yay'!
sana malapit na. *crossed fingers!*

anyway, i feel so full. we had carbonara for dinner. kesa ulam ang lutuin my mother decided to have carbonara since we have all the ingredients at home.

i feel closer to my family today. haha x'D
sabay sabay ulit kaming kumain. it's like a certified bonding moments. :D
madam was also with us. so, everything here is really okay.

at isa pa, ang bait-bait talaga ng kapatid ko ngayon haha :D
hindi ko alam kung bakit pero xemfre i wont complain. i like it kaya. Ü

btw, i really got hooked to that book.
hindi ko alam kung in love ako or in the process of being in love. haha Ü
it such a cute feeling. :D
in love with myself not with anyone else, sounds weird? but real! Ü
ang cuteeeee. i really admire the brain behind that book. she's a genius. haha!

uhmm i'll do blog hoppin' now. xD
till next entry.

i so love you all. Ü
Posted by kryk
Wednesday, October 21, 2009
Love is .... what?
it's 12:23 in the morning. happy Wednesday! Ü

hellowiii :)
so, since i have been really bored for the past few days i try hard to find something to do and it was a success. im into reading books again. :)

i have already finished brother bo's two books.
and i just started reading a new one. :DD
this book isn't mine, this is HiS book that i just borrowed.

the moment i finished the first five pages i excitedly get the phone called him and asked what was his reactions while reading this book and he answered "ano pa nga ba, super relate!" and he asked me the same question and yea i STRONGLY AGREE to his answer. haha xD

word. phrase. sentence.

anything as long as nakaka-relate ako, i cannot keep myself from laughing.
i keep saying "syett. tama. tama." haha. crazy it may sounds but i really admit. Ü

LOVE is not just a word.
LOVE is not just a feeling.
LOVE is not just an emotion.
LOVE is not just happiness.
LOVE is not just lonesomeness.
LOVE is not just a topic that you can discuss for an hour.
LOVE is not just LOVE.
there is more to it that i can imagine, that you can imagine, that we can imagine.

im not talking here like an expert about love. shame on me! haha xD
compare to others my experience is just nut.. nuthing. LOL. :D

i personally admit that im one of those girls who still believe in a fairytale-like love story which i knew wrong and it's very unhealthy to keep that perception.
i also have faith in destiny, i believe in soulmate, dreaming about the right person,
wanting perfect relationship and that's a big shit in my part.
there is no destiny, no soulmate, or right person and even that perfect relationship.

we live so much with our fantasies, with our expectations, in our own beliefs at kapag oras na para bamalik sa realidad wala na tayong magawa. we end up having failed relationship, frustrations in ourselves, or blaming someone.
shockssss. :D
i haven't finish the whole book but i realized many things from it. :D
ang cuteeeee. Ü

well, sorry super daldal na naman ako at this moment. :P
masyado lang akong natuwa. everything here is just my POV. :)
people have different beliefs and i really respect it. Ü

i'll better continue reading now. ^-^
hindi ko lang talaga mapigilang hindi mag-lagay agad ng entry. haha xDLo
Posted by kryk
Tuesday, October 6, 2009
heyyaa xD
weee' weee' weee'! :D

im excited from unknown reason. errr xD
uhmm maybe its because Christmas is coming and after that another year is to begin.
wow'! time flies really fast huh' xD

anyway, i feel beautiful yesterday though i look like monster for not having my hair combed not even a single stroke from my fingers. ;)
i think mirrors are the biggest liar on earth. LoL'! :P
i wore halter top and skirts. errr.
its like the inner girlishness sleeping inside me finally woke up. haha xD
my everyday clothes are shorts and shirts so this was something unusual for me.
geeeze'! xP

i often commit fashion crimes. i do not know how to mix things up and yes, my fashion sucks a lot. haha Ü

upon seeing myself with that halter and skirts i cannot hide that smile on my face.
soooooo CHiQiE xD

i can't predict myself. harrr'!
i keep doing unusual thing and keep having bizarre feelings. Ü

P.S. NOBODY FORCE ME i just feel like wearing them. LoL. xD
Posted by kryk
Sunday, October 4, 2009
and i love you
let me thank PHiL for being my angel last night. we texted a lot and i really enjoyed our conversation. thanks buddy! xD


i feel something unusual with myself for the past two days.
i smile a lot. laugh a lot. giggle a lot.

i do not know where this inner happiness is coming from. i usually gets happy with a specific reason but right now is something far from the usual thing. i cannot figure out why and its driving me crazy. really. xD

the feeling is so damn right'! ÜÜÜ

some of my friends said that maybe i am in love but if i will ask myself with whom
there is no specific person on my mind.

if im really in love there should be one person that keeps running on my mind.
so i guess, they were pretty wrong. Ü

i do not want to over react this feeling.

maybe there is other reason or maybe God just wants me to be happy. Ü

GOD, thanks for this happiness though i do not know why i am feeling this, i even do not know if i deserve this. you fill my heart with your unconditional love and yes, there is no room for emptiness now. i love you.
Posted by kryk
Friday, October 2, 2009
cards and letters xD
hey, hey, hey! :) im back with a good mood! Ü HAPPiNESS! haha.

anyway, i cleaned up some cabinets and guess what i have found? Ü
yeeeee. i found this little box consisting with lots of letters.

ang dami 'ko na palang cards and letters na naitago. :D

each card/letter brings back good memories.
memories that i will never get tired reminiscing.

five years ago ate jin gave this birthday card to me. im her favorite EXPERiMENTED DOLL. Ü

this one was from Westlife Fans Club Philippines (WFCP) yea. haha xD im a certified member of this club. Ü

errk! i haven't seen the person who gave me this card. Ü basta ang alam 'ko pag uwi andun na yung card sa bahay. its quite odd for me but i really appreciate it.

longest card i have ever had. Ü

high school days pa 'to weh'! simpleng bagay para sa iba pero sa akin malaki mahalaga neto hihii. i asked my classmates why they like me. most of the answers were just "kalokohan" but errk ang cute kaya. haha Ü

i Love my past. everything is worth remembering.
i miss my friends, high school classmates, cousins and everyone. Ü
Posted by kryk