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Hello People Of The Blog World! ^^.
Welcome to my blog where of all of thoughts are being expressed, where most of my shits and randomness are being shared, where even i talk nonsensically you still spare time and care. Ü

I like blogging because it connects me to YOU and i definitely love YOU because in YOU i found new friend. ^.^

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Monday, November 30, 2009
videoooooo! Ü
hello there!
uhm i took this video last night.
i was lying in my bed when i heard bella's crying so i went downstairs to check her.

anyway, we don't use the food cover anymore 'coz we're using the small one.
pretty obvious im sleepy. my voice also sounded sleepy. haha :D

i found out this morning that bella's mother died due to hit and run. :( so sad!!
kaya pala binigay siya agad sa amin kahit hindi pa niya kayang kumain ng solid foods.

to tell you frankly, pakiramdam ko talaga nag-kaanak ako ng wala sa oras.
bella can't eat by herself so i really need to feed her.
isa pang bagay na napansin ko, ang hilig niya umiyak pero pag hinahaplos mo siya tumitigil.
patunay na namimiss niya talaga ang kanyang ina. T_T haissst!

gusto 'kong mabuhay si bella T_T some of her siblings passed away daw.
kasi nga kailangan ng tutok na alaga.
she's a part of me now and i won't let any part of me die.
Posted by kryk
Sunday, November 29, 2009
love this day! Ü
i loveeeee this day! haha :D

there are two good things happened today.

first, we have a new family member and she's a dalmatian! *don't ask what breed i am! LOL!*
yes, yes! my father's friend gave me a dalmatian puppy early this morning.
i wanted to call her chiQie. Ü 'coz im a chiQie girl now. LOOOOL! ;)
but mama suggested that i should have named her Bella. haha. i think, she's right! LOL. Ü

here's my little Bella.
she's just two-week old puppy. i feed her using a tuberline syringe without the needle of course!
i bought feeding bottle but she can't suck the nipple that's why i use the syringe.
good thing i still have some at home. Ü

the second one was glo and i went to SM ROSARIO. :D
yay'! yes, there is now SM ROSARIO here in Cavite. it's nearer in my place than SM Bacoor.
SM NAIC nalang ang kulang. haha ! Ü *asa pa. haha :D*

we watched NEW MOON. my gawdddd. .. i love Twilight more. T_T
mas kinilig kasi ako sa Twilight though there are some moments na kinilig rin ako sa New Moon especially at the last part. haha :D errrr. Ü

"i love you
don't make me choose.
it always been him."

isn't that sweet? haha :D kahit nakipag-flirt ng mabuti si Bella kay Jacob.
she knows where her heart really belongs to. yayyyyyyyy! *blushing!*

sorry for the Jacob fans. haha but i don't like him.
okay, his body is hot but Edward is still hotter. LOL. Ü

peace tayo. ;p

anyway, new moon reminds me of someone. haha :D
'coz their story is quite similar. uhmm i know i guy who's in love with a committed girl.
the girl loves her boyfriend but i know she can't deny the fact that she likes, REALLY LiKES the other guy.

harrr! :D

here's my favorite photo with glo

Posted by kryk
Friday, November 27, 2009
a bit weird. x_x

i feel a bit weird.
im thinking of applying variety of colors in my nails and the next thing i knew im doing it already.

yea. i bought 5 nail polishes at a time just for this.

grrrrrr. T_T i hate myself for being like this..
like doing whatever idea cross my mind at any cost.

witch hat and broomstick are not important.
top hats are not important.
make-ups are not important.
cellphone is not quite important. ;)

this month, im spending much more than i need to.
what with those stuffs?
they aren't my needs. T_T

i want to save and stop myself from buying unnecessary things or at least spend more wisely.

what should i do?

haisttt. T_T

wala na, nakapag-emote na yung mga kuko ko. TAPOS. hahaa ampfness. Ü
Posted by kryk
Thursday, November 26, 2009
breathing ;)
i really love my phone's breathing effect.
would you believe, in some nights when all the light's out i found myself staring to the navi wheel and watching it breathing.
(am i going to add this to my weird list? LOL Ü)

i know, nothing's really impressive with this phone.
it's like the usual ones but the breathing effect make it special for me. REALLY. ;)
not any application but the breathing effect itself. yay'! ;P

i feel like its breathing for me. haha. :D
sweeeeeeeeeet. Ü

anyway, my aunt from Seattle already arrived and now she's staying with madam in Pasig.
never mind what she bought for me. most of the clothes were too big. T_T

natawa ako sa sinabi niya "lumiit ka ba o hindi ka lang lumaki?"
my gawddddddddd. super ouch! LOL. Ü

sabi ko sa kanya "tita hindi, fun sized! fun sized!"

i ain't short im just fun sized! LOL. :))

tanggap ko namang hindi ako matangkad and sooooooooooooooo? haha. Ü
chillax! :)
Posted by kryk
Friday, November 20, 2009
2012 Ü

finally, i was able to watch 2012. Ü winkk!
i thought i would never had the chance to.
you know how my social life sucks, right? :)

anyway, it was totally unplanned. we were just texting and tadaaaaa we end up watching the movie together. toinkk!

can't remember how many times i cried. grabeee. T_T this movie almost gave me heart attack!

i feel like my heart was crumpled numerous times by seeing people losing their hopes, their loved ones, even their own lives.
i was so devastated and worry too.
2012 is almost two years from now.

this may sounds so absurd but that havoc can happen in reality.
landslides are real. tsunami are also real.

the only hanging question is "IS THE END REALLY NEAR?"

this movie's like an eye-opener to everyone.
all mankind are guilty of abusing mother nature.

i doubt if there's anyone who can really survive with that chaotic situation.

though the movie ended up with a happy ending in reality no one can predict what's really in store for us.
everything can vanish in just blink of an eye.

let us not be materialistic.
let's appreciate everything we have.
let us value more the person we love.

live in harmony. have faith. ENJOY. Ü
Posted by kryk
Wednesday, November 18, 2009
hellowii ;)
hellowii :D

sorry for my previous post.
im just so pissed off that time. rawrr'!

YEA. reality sucks but she's still my granny.
given a chance, siya lang papalitan ko sa buong angkan namin :D haha

anyway, contrary to my wicked granny im also blessed to have my other granny who happen to be her TOTAL OPPOSITE. Ü


nanay ising my mother's mother.
she's so kind, easy to get along with, so loving, very optimistic, etc. :D

we talk for long hours.
we make fun of her in a nice way.
we kiss and hug her.

here's her picture

ang cool niya di ba? haha :D
we told her to put her fingers like that. Ü

magpakilala ka ng kahit sinong lalaki sa kanya, she won't say anything against you.
she's so open-minded.

ehem! magpakilala ka ng kahit sinong lalaki DUN SA ISA 'KONG LOLA.
my gawdddd! she'll branded you"KiRi" i think it's an old term for malandi. grrr!
pretending like to be a saint. geeze'!

galit nga yun kay nene, the role of erich in katorse.
masyado daw kiri. haha :D but im wondering why she keeps on watching it.

i don't care if madam is still around as long as we have nanay ising who have all the best qualities of being a good granny. ;)

we love her and we know she love us even more. Ü
i heart nanay! ;p
Posted by kryk
Sunday, November 15, 2009
OMG! super pikon!

this is my current FB's status. Ü haha xD syett. yea. uhm im super pikon talaga.

napipikon talaga ako every time may bisita 'tong si madam. errrk!
OMG! its like wala na siyang nasabing matino!
eto nga sabi 'ko ehh XD

"para kang artista, ang hilig mo mag-BiDA!"

harrr! Ü

alam mo yung although hindi naman totoo mag-sasalita siya just for her sake?
ang pinaka-ayoko lang errk. pinalalabas niya na without her we can't survive.
mga anak mo nga hindi ka kinailangan, kami pa na APO mo lang?
sino ba ang close sa kanya? :)
kung hindi pa siya mag self-declare na close sa kanya
wala naman ibang mag-sasabi kase walang close talaga. wuahaha! Ü

im about to make an entry regarding my uncle's birthday pero nawala na ako mood. errk. ang bida kaseeee :D

P.S. pasalamat ka mabait na ako ;)
kung hindi iiyak ka na naman! WUAHAHAHA! Ü

Posted by kryk
Wednesday, November 11, 2009
i feel super sleepy *yawn!*

i woke up soooo early because i have 7 files left to transcribe.
good thing im done with it. Ü

anyway, i really don't have any thing in my mind to blog about. haha :D
eto na naman ako, :P wala na namang maisip. LOL. Ü
here's a picture of mine. Ü

i look like daisy duck, right? haha XD
top was from my ate jin. Ü *thankie ate.*
hot pinkkkk! HOT ! Ü

BTW, we were texting last night and he keep telling how weird i am.

i list some of my weird habits and here it goes:
  • i kiss my cellphone's screen whenever the message is about GOD and when the message or the sender is special to me.
  • i don't like soy sauce and vinegar but i eat adobo.
  • i don't eat macaroni salad but i love baked mac.
  • i don't drink coffee but im obsess with cappuccino wafer.
  • i don't eat green mango and apple but i love the mango shake and apple juice.
ano ang weird dun, di ba? LOL. Ü

uhmm what's weird about you?
Posted by kryk
Saturday, November 7, 2009
top hats Ü
hi there ! ^-^ weee' sorry for not updating much. :D
i have been busy for the past few days. haha xD
masyado akong nawili sa ibang bagay :D

as i have told you before i made my very own mini top hat.
actually, i have 5 mini top hats now. Ü
never mind me wearing those stuffs. haha hindi ko rin naman alam kung saan sila gagamitin.
it just i feel like making some kaya ginawa 'ko. YEA. just to satisfy myself. does it sounds weird? LOL.

ewan ko ba, when im craving for some thing i make sure to make it at all cost.
iba rin trip ko nuh? haha Ü but the best part is walang naangal sa pamilya ko. :D

mama was with me when i bought all the needed materials.
i also bought new glue gun 'coz i can't find the old one.
and ohh i lost counting how many times i burn my nails and fingers T_T

each of us have their own interest, right? :)

here's my top hats .. .

i know they are not good as the real ones but i love it. :)
masaya na ako. Ü

OFF TOPIC: anyone who can inform me where to avail stainless chopsticks?
i can't find any in sm bacoor. :(( sigh!

here's what i have for dinner. ( see, stainless chopsticks nalang kulang T_T)

Posted by kryk
Monday, November 2, 2009
my brother have a new trick and im sharing it to you. ahe!
yea. HE's such a monster!

anyway, uhmm i made my very own mini top hat today! hooray!!! Ü
i'll show it next time. i plan to made another one tomorrow.
i'll just need to buy some lace and ribbon. :) im such a freak!
im enjoying kid stuff now! LoL.
hindi naman pang-bata lang ang mini top hat, di ba? haha xD

got to go. :D im done with my daily rounds.
so, see ya guys around! Ü
Posted by kryk