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Wednesday, December 30, 2009
randomness! :D
i made this entry last night but i haven't had the chance to post it because i lost my connection T_T

forgive me, this is a random post! haha :D

Christmas is over and New Year is next come!
weeeee'! Ü

Last monday my cousins and i went to SM Bacoor. :)
im with jeil, alwie, and jam.
it was a fun day for us.
we ate at kfc. played at quantum (ehem! take note we met new friends there -- ivan and andre. we used to tease jam. Ü mostly likely they have the same age.)
the last thing we did was watching shake, rattle, and roll.
Errr. one word to describe the movie --- BORiNG. Ü

Last night, alwie and i slept at my aunt's crib. Ü
we had bonfire near the sea shore we also had our dinner there.
we grilled hotdogs and brought some junkies. :)
Errrr. fun fun fun! :) i enjoyed it much! Ü

tonight, im freaking tired!
OMG. i don't know how to describe this day.
lots of things happened.
we almost met mishap and i feel like i broke my right great toenail.
swear. i think it is swollen. T_T
it's quite painful. huhuu.

my mama's auntie died so we went to Navotas to sympathize with our bereaved relatives.
pero habang papunta kasi doon habang nasa kalagitnaan ng byahe may isang bata nalang na biglang tumawid. T_T
may pagka-daredevil ata yung bata na yun.
of course the first instinct was mag-preno. sa sobrang lakas ng preno, kaming mga nakasakay halos mapapunta lahat sa unahan.

my right great toenail was tucked in wrong position and it's freaking painful.
until now, i still feel the pain. ERRrrr.
but to cut the long story short we still enjoy this day. :)

jam, jeil, alwie, and i are wearing the same kind of shirt.
okay, agaw eksena talaga haha Ü

people kept looking us.

Posted by kryk
Sunday, December 27, 2009
my gawddd T_T
OMG!!! OMG!!
im shaking.. im pissed off... grrrrrr!
ERRRrrr my heart is beating triple times than its normal. T_T
Errr, i thought i end up this day just the usual ones but im wrong.
fucking WRONG. wheee.

okay, this afternoon wacky and i went to his vet for his second vaccination.
from the time we went home everything's okay.

until, until.... around 11 p.m. came and i heard a noise coming from denggoy ( our other dog )
i immediately ran outside and checked him.
pakshettttt may isang mas malaking aso.
i asked japs, my brother, where denggoy is and he said tumakbo daw palayo.

i don't care if they will label denggoy as duwag or whatever.
pakshet ang laki kaya talaga nung isang aso.
im glad tumakbo talaga siya at hindi nakipag-away.

minutes passed accidentally nagising si papa and i don't know why but the first thing he asked was "si denggoy?" hindi ko pa nasasagot yung tanong bigla nalang siyang lumabas and then on from my brother he knew what had happened.

kwento ng kapatid ko nakatambay lang sila tapos pumunta doon yung may ari ng aso at syempre yung aso at kahit walang nakausap ehh basta nalang daw nag-dadadakdak wala pang "TALO" yung aso niya.

we love denggoy.
he's a part of my family.
from that moment sinugod ni ama yung may ari ng aso.
ayun, sa sobrang pampam kasi nasapak tuloy.

ERrrr. that's why im shaking. grrrrrr. away! away!
and bad words came out from my father's mouth.

i got my father's point.
ang tahimik kaya ni denggoy at hindi naman talaga nakikipag-away yun.
sinadya talagang dalhin yung malaking aso nakita na nilang andun si denggoy


aso na nila magaling.
aso na nila matapang.
aso na nila maganda.

sa mga panahong ganito lumalabas pagka-TAKLESA KO.

i shouted

in times like this i don't care what's their point.
the other party was so defensive.
tatlo silang nagtuturuan kung sino ang nag-dala ng aso..

sino ngayon ang duwag?
aso lang kasi kaya nila. tskkkkk.

baby pa naman ng papa ko si denggoy tapos aawayin lang nila.
hayyyyy whatta night!
Posted by kryk
Thursday, December 24, 2009
Christmas Eve!
it is Christmas Eve already! Ü
im wishing everyone a MERRY CHRiSTMAS.
hoping that we are all enjoying this night. Ü

anyway, wiwit! we had our family Christmas party last night and i can say it was the most enjoyable one we have ever had! :))
mind you, alwie and i experienced so much stress preparing for that event.
it was like we are all in-charge for everything from buying stuffs, preparing the venue, songs, games, prizes, props, presentation, etc. but we know everything was all worth. :D

we made an improvised disco ball (which i learned from YT Ü) it gave the party an extraordinary glow. ;P partyyyyyy babyyyyyyyy partyyyyyyyyyy! :DD

we had so much fun playing the games.
my cousin, bugle, showed his dancing skills haha.
he's wearing a halter top with a maong miniskirt.
he popped out from a box (like what's happening in a shower party) and started sexy dancing in the melody of careless whisper. he began to gyrate as everybody burst laughter then he take off his clothes. haha my gawddd! ROFL!!!! :P

sabi niya, nahihiya daw siyang sumayaw ng ganun ang damit pero hindi siya nahiyang sumayaw na brief lang ang suot. haha ! :D sakit ng ulo 'ko kakatawa. Ü

and of course, my brother also showed some of his new tricks.
as expected everyone liked it. we were so amused by the new tricks.
haha xD

we had drinking session after the party. i only had few shots and i feel a bit tipsy. LOL! Ü
feeling ko nalutang na yung utak ko but matino naman ako nuh. :D

then, sayaw.. sayawan session.. hehe! ano silbi ng disco ball at disco light, right?

we all had fun. yay'! FUN! Ü

family is LOVE. :))

Posted by kryk
Saturday, December 19, 2009
baby wacky :)
hi there! wee. im lost. haha!
it has been 4 days since my last post and its freaking making me sad.
napabayaan ko na naman 'to. :((

anyway, im really tired right now.
mama and i went to SM Rosario and it was almost nine when we arrived home. T_T wheew!
season of giving and yes, im done wrapping my gifts. harr :)
i just realize Christmas is really for kids. cuteeee! Ü

btw, i already got my Christmas present for myself yesterday.
yea. it's too early and i LOVE it!!! Ü
yesterday, mama and i went to SM Bacoor and bought mini pinscher! weeee. :))
yes, you read it right.
i got a 2-month-old mini pin and i call him wacky. Ü
i did not replace bella's position.
the two of them are definitely different but both are loved by me. Ü

wacky is so hyper. he's the center of attention here in our house. haha!
i bought him a shirt today but since he is small even the smallest size looks big for him.
i better have someone sew for his clothes.

here is my baby's photos. :))

im sorry... im really dead tired right now.. Ü
Posted by kryk
Tuesday, December 15, 2009
guess it! Ü
yay! :D
another late post.
uhh sorry! got two days of work and now im free again! hee. :))

anyway, do you feel the spirit of Christmas?
wooo! as for me, yes. every second i feel it around. Ü
im quite excited too. we're going to have an early Christmas party and that will be on December 23. like last year, alwie and i are the organizers of this party.

luckily, i got my partial salary in advance.
but i haven't bought anything for Christmas yet though i already have my shop list. :)
gifts for my god children, family, and some close friends.
uhmm :)

btw, i also have a Christmas present for myself too. :)
and im really, really, really excited to have it anytime soon.

im going to share what it is next time.

Posted by kryk
Sunday, December 13, 2009
look xD
Last December 9 we commemorated our grandfather's second death anniversary.
we went to everlasting park to visit him.
it was like a small picnic thing. :)
we brought foods, rode bike within the vicinity, talked a lot (kwentuhan session will always be present. ERrrr. :D)
my cousins also brought their DS, PSP, etc. Ü

si kapatid ko as usual may fever talaga haha xD
guess what he was playing?


avatar fever!!! :D haha Ü

im sure next year unang una yan sa sm cinema pag pinalabas na yung avatar movie :))
well, im excited to watch that movie too.. i love Aang and his bending powers.

ohh sa kakapanuod ni kapatid ng avatar na memorize 'ko na yung line sa first part. :p

"Water. Earth. Fire. Air.
Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony.
Then everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked.
Only the Avatar, master of all four elements could stop them.
But when the world needed him most, he vanished.
A hundred years passed and my brother and I discovered the new Avatar, An Airbender named Aang, and even though his Airbending skills are great.
He still has a lot to learn before saving anyone.
But I believe Aang can save the world! "

haha i swear. every time he watch it as long as im still awake sinasabayan 'ko yan. :)
every episode kasi sinasabi yan. haha Ü
Posted by kryk
Saturday, December 12, 2009
kryk in pink

i took these photos last december 8. yay' haha.
don't laugh at me, okay? ;)

i know... it's a crazy act but it's fun! :DD
like a new KRYK was born. LoL. Ü

i did not wear this outside our home. i don't have the guts too. haha xD
i told you i have a lot of stuffs that is for picture purpose only.. Ü

would you believe the one wearing the green socks was my lola. :D
yung mabait 'kong lola ha. hahaa Ü
Posted by kryk
Friday, December 11, 2009
bye bella ;'(
bella died. :'(
it was really a sad event.
we all thought she can make it but then she began losing appetite.
kahit anong pilit ayaw na niya ng gatas. :((
weakness altered her body.

we thought she was just sleeping that's why im pretty shock to found her lifeless.
i feel sad.. :( huhuuuuu.

we lost her and that's forever.
we surely miss our little bella.

mama kryk will always love you baby. Ü

this was her last picture

Posted by kryk
Wednesday, December 9, 2009
im back :)
hi there! :D

sorry im back just now.
finally, after this post i can visit you back guys! Ü

anyway, fiesta is over! :))
i feel like it was the fiesta i have ever enjoyed most so far. ;p


Errr. everything seemed so perfect! Ü

December 7 pa lang i feel the spirit of fiesta na.
i already got three visitors that night.
it was my boss with his wife and then gloryvi was the last one to arrived. Ü
we all had fun. :)

December 7.

ang malupit pa dun, nagpapakitang gilas mabuti si kapatid sa mga magic tricks niya! :D
sobrang ERRrrrr kakaiba na yung husay niya at maraming bago. Ü
if only you can see him live. my gawddd. swear. he's really good to it.

i'll post some pictures nalang instead of story telling haha :D

more pictures in my FB account. Ü
Posted by kryk
Monday, December 7, 2009
hey! xD
yay! :DD

how's everyone?
thanks for those who dropped by and left some comments.
so much appreciated! :) thankshueee so.

sorry if i wasn't returning all the tags lately.
i have been very busy..
i had work last Saturday. like, i only got 3 hours of sleep that time just to finish all the files.
and another reason why im quite busy is because town fiesta will be on Tuesday! :D
yes, Ü fiesta sa amin. hihii. want to come? ;D

i feel the spirit of fiesta talaga! haha :D
tonight i hangout with my cousins--alwie, jam, and jeil. we went to lovers park, bought something at seven11 and then watched miss gay at the plaza haha :D

would you believe that this was my first time ever to watched that kind of program here in our place kasi nga di ba i stay at home most of the time.
so, yea. no social life at all
. lol. Ü

i enjoyed watching the said contest. :)
but got bored while watching the talent portion because they are all similar doing the "belly dancing thing" so monotonous! errr! kaya 'ko rin yun. LOL! haha xD

what i enjoyed most was i had another bonding session with my cousins.
di ba it is a nice feeling kapag close ka sa mga pinsan mo.
good thing i really have a good relationship with them. Ü
and yea. would you believe tumambay pa ako sa labas kanina haha! :))
as in TAMBAY! ahaha Ü

ohhh jeil said i look boyish with my attire. well, i second the motion. Ü

i promise to visit your site and leave comments after the fiesta. Ü
stay safe! :D i miss you..Ü
Posted by kryk
Thursday, December 3, 2009
japs the avatar!
are you familiar with Avatar?
the one being air in channel five every weekdays after spongebob.

my gawddd. my brother really got hooked in this cartoon.

as in sobra. haha :D
hindi ko na mabilang kung ilang beses niya natapos yung compete episode neto.

it was like he watched the tagalized version in the afternoon but after his computer session in the evening he will surely watch it again in dvd.

paulit-ulit. promise. haha :D nauuta na ako pero siya hindi nag-sasawa.

at eto pa, wuahaha!

one afternoon, dumating kami ni mama from somewhere then sa bahay andun siya tapos may kasamang babae.

the scenario goes like this:

japs: kaibigan ko.
kryk: ano, ka-i-bigan mo?
japs: muka mo!

anyway, minutes passed.

i heard him asking the girl about something. after nun super laugh trip na ako.
WUAHAHA :D guess why?

'naman! kasi ang kapatid ko sa dami ng pwedeng itanong ang itinanong ba naman

girl: ha?

kryk: my gawddddddddd! (laughing out loud!!!)

haha :D

grabeeee.. whatta move!!! haha! Ü
hanggang ngayon kapag sinabi ko sa kanyang
"nanunuod ka ba ng avatar?"
natatawa nalang siya. haha :D kasi alam niyang nang-aasar ako.

yaaaay. :D love na love ko asarin si kapatid. Ü pikon kasi. cute kapag naiinis. Ü

kung hindi naman talaga adiQ ang kapatid ko, naisipan pa i-drawing si Aang.
haha :D okay, aamin ko ako nagsulat ng words pang-asar sa kanya. Ü
i found this beside our computer table. haha Ü adiQ nuh?
super love si Aang and yes, i call that girl Katara. :))

Posted by kryk
Tuesday, December 1, 2009
bella xD
guys, BELLA is not a kitten po. she's a puppy. Ü
super liit pa nga lang kasi she's just two-week old.
kaya siguro napagkakamalan ninyo na kuting. hehe :D
pero tuta po siya. :D

Posted by kryk