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Tuesday, March 30, 2010
hey hey :D
damn! i feel bad. really bad!
brrr. SHE's driving me nuts! im freaking mad!!! Errr.
okay, im talking about MADAM [wicked grandma] again.
she's the only one who can make me feel this way.
ang hirap talaga magtimpi grrrr! yung tipong gustong gusto mo ng sagutin pero bawal kasi kahit anong katwiran ko na tama, ako pa rin ang mali kasi MATANDA na siya. [kung bata lang talaga 'to magpapaka-war freak na akoooooo! arghh!]

aga-aga nga bida ako sa mga tao dito. HAHA kainis!
pinagkakalat niya tapos hindi naman buo ang version niya. hayyyy nakoooo.
sa dami ng matandang kilala ko NAG-IISA SIYA, nag-iisang masama haha. xD

sabi ni mama 'ko umalis nalang ako ng bahay kesa masagot ko siya.

enough for that! T_T
i don't want this entry to be full of hatred!

anyway, some of my friends and i decided to go to potipot island this coming Saturday.
yea. so i'll be spending black Saturday and easter Sunday in an island. wew'!
sounds exciting huh? ;) i feel really excited and nervous at the same time.
it will be my first time to go to an island. ;)

btw, i already quit my home based work. T_T i feel a bit sad.
working at home gives me lots of advantages -- no need to wake up too early, no extra expenses like food or fare, i don't need much clothes, no attendance at all, boss is just like a friend, etc.

but you know what's keeping me hating it?

because staying at home means spending the whole day with MADAM.
MADAM, my father, and i are the only ones left everyday since my brother and mother have work.
could you imagine how i feel? it is really hard for me.
spending a day with her means punishing me like hell with no mistake at all. seriously!
so, i decided to apply for a company setting work and luckily i passed both the initial interview and exam.
i assume training will be on Monday.
i feel excited but freaking afraid! T_T
hindi na ata ako marunong makisalamuha sa ibang tao. hehe!
natatakot akoooooooooooo. T_T
Posted by kryk