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Hello People Of The Blog World! ^^.
Welcome to my blog where of all of thoughts are being expressed, where most of my shits and randomness are being shared, where even i talk nonsensically you still spare time and care. Ü

I like blogging because it connects me to YOU and i definitely love YOU because in YOU i found new friend. ^.^

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Saturday, June 19, 2010
35 random facts
hello. ^^.

my insomnia sucks a lot. T_T
i am having hard time falling asleep at night. ;'(
it was almost 2 am but still i am wide awake last night.
i see nothing but darkness.
i hear nothing but emptiness.
ohhh. T_T

so, i decided to get my phone and i came out listing some random facts about ME.
some may know these but im sure others really don't. LoL. Ü

1. i don't eat anything with mayonaise and catsup.
2. i had separation anxiety when i was in grade one. [maybe a late separation anxiety i don't have it when i was in kinder. haha :D]
3. i just recently learned eating sisig and drinking coffee.
4. FOREVER means Andrew Garcia. ;]
5. i had a childhood buddy named Macmac but i don't know where he is now.
6. my kinder crush was my classmate John Paul and during my birthday celebration at school he kissed me on my cheeks. [aliw! haha :))]
7. my grade school crush was Yvez. we used to lived in the same subdivision back then.
8. i am a WESTLIFE fan. i have a collection of their mags, cds, concert tours, posters, etc.
9. Mulan was our first dog and Jack was the second. They are both dead. RIP.
10. i love Wendy's frosty. ;]
11. A&W has the best root beer float. :) but i love Mcfloat too. Ü
12. baby sitter is my one of my dream jobs ever. Ü
13. i like ambon. ;) getting wet under the rain is fun! ^^.
14. putting on nail polish makes me feel girly.
15. mango is my fave fruit. the ripe ones.
16. my height is just 60-1/2 inches T_T while my younger brother stands 68.4 inches.
17. i weigh 46 kg.
18. telephone by lady gaga reminds me of RYAN BANG!
19. i can't sing. i mean, i can but it's so outta tune though.
20. i can dance a little bit. just a little bit. ;)
21. i don't know how to play soduko. should i feel ashamed? lol. Ü
22. the last movie i watched was "here comes the bride"
23. others thought im wearing a contact lens.
24. im afraid of rats.
25. i treasure pictures. i have three scrapbooks at home. ;)
26. i heart my nickname more than my real name.
27. i have problem in pronouncing "S". it always goes like "SHHH"
28. i collect animal stuffie like having my own version of a mini zoo at home.
29. i did not ask any single peso from anyone i bought my phone on my own. Ü
30. i had ear peircing way back in high school. it was in my right upper ear.
31. i hate TORPEdo guys. >.<
32. Emerie Kris was derived from my two grandma's name Emerenciana and Cresencia.
33. i love beary strawberry. :))
34. i can't wear sandals/shoes with high heels. [but i keep trying as far as my heel is concern. lol. im getting heel pain from using flats. T_T]
35. im longing for Wacky. :(
Posted by kryk