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Tuesday, June 8, 2010
im back! ^.^
helloooooooooooooo ^.^

i was supposed to make an entry last Saturday night but since unexpected occurrences kept me away from blogging. so, really this entry is super late! Ü

last saturday, i went to Enchanted Kingdom with my friends and as expected it was really a fun day for us! :) the ultimate event was when we rode space shuttle.
OMG! like i feel a bit dizzy afterwards. haha :D but i super love the experience!

can you see me? i was the one wearing yellow! loool ^.^

ohh here's a funny story while we're in the line waiting for our turn to the space shuttle.
there's a group of boys before us. take note : they are UP judo players.
so, can you imagine how they look like? they are quite chubby guys wearing black shirts with a cute smile :DD haha

at first, natatawa talaga ako kasi sabi ko kapag sila na ang sumakay baka mabagal na ang takbo ng space shuttle [because they we're all chubby talaga. konti lang ang hindi. 3 lang ata?]

i also heard one of them saying "bawal sumigaw mamaya."

when it was their turn kahit hindi pa nagalaw yung space shuttle they are already screaming! :)
some shouts "mommmmmmmyyyyyy!" "waaaaaaaaaaaa!" "bababa na akoooooooo!"
obviously they were joking. :D
they really caught my attention. for the whole time sa kanila ako nakatitig. ^.^
they smile back and do sign language. :D

then, the space shuttle started to move and i was really amaze hanggang matapos yung dalawang ikot i did not heard any scream from them!
gawdddd! ang tatag :DD

i do not know why but i love interacting with strangers now. is that weird? :D

pictures ^.^

will do blog hoppin' now :D

Posted by kryk