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Saturday, June 12, 2010
HIMNO NG NAIC ( Contest? )
( The Untold Story )

Isang mapagpalang araw sa mga kapwa ko anak ng Naic,

For almost three months, I have tried to keep mum about this sentiment. But my inner voice is yawning and yelling “FOUL!” --- so, I have no option but to speak it out. Just a single request from whoever will read it: PLEASE, READ THIS PIECE OBJECTIVELY.

First and foremost, I have nothing against the brains behind the “official” Himno ng Naic. Though I don’t know them personally, I am certain they are also endowed with God-given talent; hence, their masterpiece. And candidly speaking, I respect our hymn though i haven’t heard it yet. And why not? Kung ang ating mga mata ang bintana ng ating kaluluwa, I believe ang Himno ng Naic ang kaluluwa ng ating bayan. I reiterate, I have nothing against the composers nor the hymn itself. PERO ANG KINOKONDENA KO AY ANG PROSESO NA NAGANAP HOW OUR TOWN GOT ITS HYMN.

I don’t want to be rude... I don’t want to be sarcastic, and I don’t want to harm anybody for I am basically a peace-loving citizen, but very true…even passivity has its own limitation. And since month na po ang Araw ng Kalayaan, I think it’s the perfect time para palayain ko rin kung ano man ang nakakulong sa aking dibdib. Express what should be expressed. Unleash what should be unleashed. And now, I’ll break the ice .......

It was summer of 2008 when Dr. Alice A. Pardo, one of our directors, informed me that there’s a Naic Hymn Contest. The winning piece be launched on Independence Day. She encouraged me to join so our school would have entry. I do not have any formal training in music but can compose songs. Levity aside, I was the one who penned the “CvSU- Naic March.” I was able to compose one and submitted it ( both in soft and hard copy ) to Mrs. Eva Pangilinan . It’s already 6th of June, barely a week before Independence Day. But to my astonishment, mine’s still a sole entry. I was skeptical. Would there contest or would it be canceled? Mrs. Eva told me, “Kapag walang nag-submit, baka ito na ang gamitin natin.” Nobody submitted after me, at wala ring Himno ng Naic na tinugtog nang dumating ang Independence Day, at wala na rin akong narinig tungkol sa status ng contest. Did I feel bad about it? Honestly no. For I understand that such contest is incomparable to other competition where you can have winner by default. It’s sensitive because the chosen hymn will represent our town and our people. I just hoped then, that the contest be pushed through the following year but it didn’t happen.

Another Independence day passed. Nothing’s heard about the contest. Until one day, I saw Jason Dimaisip, our former student, who by that time’s working with Mrs. Eva Pangilinan at Naic Municipal Hall. . He told me ipinasasabi raw ni Mrs. Eva , yung composition ko na raw ang gagamiting Naic Hymn according to Mayor Efren. After few days, it was Mrs. Eva herself who personally visited me at the Arts and Sciences Department, confirming Jayson’s statement. And she asked, “Anu-ano ho ang mga kondisyon ninyo sa paggamit ng inyong himno?” And she even requested na i-record ko ulit because they lost daw the original. Kung puwede raw, maibigay ko agad because the launching will be on Naic Town Fiesta ( 2009 ) at kailangang mapag-aralan pa ng mga KALARTESA members na siyang kakanta. Our student and best singer, Celine Pelina, recorded the song since according to Mrs. Eva ay si Celine ang magtuturo sa mga kamembers niya. It was August 28, 2009, I submitted the requested copy (both in soft and in hard). I even have Jason’s signature nang i-submit ko iyon because his boss had a meeting the time I went to their office.

Naic Town Fiesta ended. As usual, nothing’s heard from them.Though if they had no time to inform me personally, they could give me a ring. May contact number ako sa kanila. Then February came, a municipal employee excitedly told me -- “First Monday of March na ilo-launch ‘yung ginawa mong kanta para sa Naic. Nagpa-practice na sila.” Of course, I’m equally excited. At long last! But I was wondering. Why didn’t they inform me? The reason pala, na hindi lang masabi-sabi ng mga students kong Kalartesa, which later ay sinabi rin nila – “ Ma’am, pinagpapractice nga po kami ng Naic Hymn pero hindi naman po ‘yung ginawa ninyo ang pinapapractice sa amin.” HOW? AND WHY?
Paano nga ba nangyari iyon samantalang meron na kaming pormal na usapan. Pati ba naman sa pagpili ng himno, uso ang sulutan? Uso ang palakasan? Sorry for the word pero wala talaga akong maisip na ibang dahilan.. If they’re really fair, since there’s already two entries, itinuloy na lang sana ‘yung contest with criteria and made transparent to the public like what was planned before. Anyway, kung more deserving talaga ‘yung bagong entry, fine. I can understand naman at hindi na ako magkukuwestyon gaya nito KUNG IPINAALAM LANG NILA BEFOREHAND. Kaso, hindi. Sinorpresa na lang ako... kami. HOW? AND WHY?

Some may think, I AM JUST BITTER--- which I boldly, candidly, and undauntedly answer YES. BUT the bitterness in me is not because of the recognition or of the lost monetary reward , but because of the “unjust process.” For sure, kumuha rin sila ng Good Manners and Right Conduct kung hindi man Values Education. Pero bakit ganoon? Simple lang naman ang bottomline --- it’s just a matter of courtesy.

In posting this article, I don’t want to hurt nor harm anybody since everything here is written without embellishment. Welcome kung may gustong mag-react. As I have said, I just want to express what should be expressed. And now that I have already unleashed the “noxious toxins. “ I feel relieved. Maluwag na po ang aking dibdib. Thanks po for your time. I’ll end my litany with a shimmering, glittering, conscience- awakening adage --- DON’T DO UNTO OTHERS WHAT YOU DON’T WANT OTHERS TO DO UNTO YOU.”


Cora Torrente – Nepomuceno
Cavite State University - Naic Campus
Posted by kryk