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Monday, June 28, 2010
an insect bit me last night. oh my gawddd! i was in pain for an hour. really. T_T
i don't know what kind of insect was that but i freaking hate it! arghh'!
it felt like i had three times IM in my right clavicle. [that's the best way to describe it. really!]
it was really, really, really painful. :'(
i wiped it with alcohol and put on hot compress to lessen the pain.

good thing was even though it was painful at least it wasn't poisonous.
that's something im really thankful.

i don't want to experience it again. ever! T_T

so, let's talk about LOVE. [weird huh, from insect bite to love. no relevance at all. LoL. ;p]

okay, i was chatting with kang when she asked me what will i choose between
"to love or to be loved"

tough question. woooaa'!
there is more happiness in loving the person who loves you back, right?
but she needs a definite answer so i cannot really say both.

im being selfish, i chose "to be loved"

i have many reasons but here's one : i knew myself enough. i can love the person who loves me.
love for me is not merely an emotion but also a choice. ;) dig it? ^^.

after that chatting session with kang a friend phoned me.
he told me he broke up with his gf and finding it hard to move on.
he was asking for some help.
[i don't know much about love but im wondering why they always seek for my advice. LoL. :)]

i just told him that it's a process and moving on is also a choice.
why would you treasure someone who doesn't value you at all?
LIFE is already UNFAIR.
only you have the power to make everything ALMOST FAIR. ;]
wag pahirapan ang sarili.
there's a lot blessings to count. ^^.

ohh ayan i won't mention your name at baka awayin mo pa ako.
LoL. :) i know you can make it. ;] CRY.. . it won't make you less of a man.
'yaan mo na yun, bruha ex mo ehh. smile na kasi. ^^.
shout.. shout... shout it out! mwaah. ;']
Posted by kryk