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Welcome to my blog where of all of thoughts are being expressed, where most of my shits and randomness are being shared, where even i talk nonsensically you still spare time and care. Ü

I like blogging because it connects me to YOU and i definitely love YOU because in YOU i found new friend. ^.^

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Saturday, September 25, 2010
family day / PRiTOS RiNG.
what to blog? what to blog? arrrgh ! ;]]

i had family day with my officemates today at kinagot resort.
it was okay though my cousin and i feel bored most of the time. T_T
the place was okay but i think there was something missing.
though we laughed because of some funny moments after that,
i can't feel any inner happiness at all.

just like i spent the whole day waiting for the "time to go home" thing.

anyway, i notice for the past few days i've been very nostalgic about my childhood days.
i miss Power Rangers, Pritos Ring, Serg's, Mikmik, Banana in Pajamas, Teletubbies, Viva, Bazooka, Flintstone Vitamins, etcetera!

so i'd rather blog about Pritos Ring than the family day. :]]
Pritos Ring was part of my childhood days. Eeh.. ;)
if you were born from late 80s to early 90s i bet naranasan mo rin mag-lagay ng Pritos Ring sa bawat daliri mo. hihii. :)

akala ko wala ng pritos ring. :D kasi bukod sa hindi ko nanakikita sa tindahan, ang mga bulilit ngayon walang ideya kung ano ba ito. :)
until may nakapagsabi sa akin na sa Dasmarinas, Cavite available pa ang Pritos Ring.
Hohooo. :]
i asked my officemate to buy some. :D
alam mo yun, para pag-bigyan yung kapritso ng pagiging nostalgic ko.
he never failed me. ^^
the next day, binigyan niya ako ng isang balot ng maliliit na pritos ring.
though nagbago ang packaging nito and i even don't know if same manufacturer ba siya or gaya-gaya nalang i was really overwhelmed. sobraaaaaaaaaaa. :p

see, that's how im easy to please.
sa sobrang babaw ng kaligayahan ko eeh niloloko tuloy ako :D
curls lang daw yun. HOHOOO. :D
yea. it was just a curls but for me it was more than just a curls.
it's a part of ME.. ;]

The Ultimate Pritos Ring. ;]]

Hohoo. Pritos Ring in my fingers. [ uhm.. hindi na kasya. HAHA. ]

btw, i got a gift from jihyun of http://ladyjihyun.blogspot.com/

Posted by kryk
Friday, September 17, 2010
TGiF. Thank You. ;]
yipeee it's TGiF. wooooot! ;]]
i always thank God for everything but this time i thank Him more because i have no work tomorrow and that means two days of no paper cuts. HAHA!
even though how careful i am i still get paper cuts. T_T
i have a lot of paper cuts in my both hands.. . about SEVEN.
four in my right and three in my left hand.

mahapdi ha'! ;/ mahapdi talaga kahit maliliit sila. T_T

anyway, i know im quite OA. i have been talking about SUJU for quite some time.
i can't help it. for now, they are the APPLE OF MY EYES. oooooh. ;]
HeeChul, Siwon, Sungmin, Leeteuk and everyone. aaaaah!
i Love them for real. hihii. ;] heart.. heart ... more hearts. ^^

have you seen the video where Siwon kissed Heechul? HAHA. ;]]
i can't stop laughing with Heechul's reaction. Siwon got him caught offguard. LoooooL ^^.
Heechul looks soooooo gobsmacked. ;]]

Click the link to watch the video:

the clip is very short yet HOT! ^.^

seriously, after watching the said video the words i uttered was "I wish I am a man too."
i wanna be a man and do skinship with them. HOHOOOO. c(;

SUJU have a subgroup named Super Junior - K.R.Y [Kyuhyun. Ryeowook. Yesung.]
if i were a man then got the chance to be in their band the subgroup SUJU K.R.Y
will be SUPER JUNiOR K.R.Y.K [Kyuhyun. Ryeowook. Yesung. Kryk.] weeeeeeeee. i love it! HAHAHA. ;]]

ambisyosaaaaaaaaaaa! ^^.

okay, enough for this craziness. Ü
see you around. ;]]
Posted by kryk
Sunday, September 12, 2010
it's already 4am and i haven't sleep yet.
my blog's name really fits me huh. ;] i stay awake ... i stay awake. ^^.)

anyway, i made a new template. woooot! ^^,)
the layout is oh sooooooo krykie!
there's a lot of my pictures haha. sorry :D
and pink is my main color.

ohhh i just love pink even more.
i feel too girly. i love it! Ü

i also changed my music. ;]]
recently, i have been addicted with SUJU. arghhh!
i watch their vids every night. :]]
that's my latest addiction.

i also have their vids saved on my phone.Ü

anyway, im quite sleepy. zzZZz (-_-)
i'll visit your blog next time, okay? Ü

i just need to sleep now.


Posted by kryk
Sunday, September 5, 2010
my pinkiiee boy.
waaaa. i was absent for four days. :(
i got sick --- fever, cough, colds, and tonsillitis.
yea. fever was due to tonsil inflammation.
good thing i have no fever now.

i had check-up this afternoon because i still have tonsillitis and i was quite surprise
kasi ibang doctor nadatnan namin.
ahaha ;]] ang gwapoooooooooooo ^^.)
lumakas ako ehh! :D pakiramdam ko nga wala na talaga akong sakit. wooo!! HAHA :D

anyway, im not a SUJU fan but i feel like becoming one. haha :DD
nothing's wrong, right? :DD
given the fact that i don't understand their language but i find the music my gawddd
totally awesome. :DD

BONAMANA and A SHORT JOURNEY are my LSS for the last two days.
i played it almost two hundred times. NO JOKE! ;]
and i have been watching various videos at YT.
ohhh "SUJU mini drama." :D super LOVEEEEEE. Ü
lovin' the fact that they love each other darn much.

FYI, my fave SUJU mem is SUNGMiN oppa.
Yea. i HEART MiNNiE. ;]]

i wanna be with the PiNK PRiNCE
wear a PiNK DRESS with PiNK SHOES
ride in a PiNK HORSE
live in a PiNK CASTLE
and have PiNK BABiES.
too much huh? ;]]

i like pink ever since but i am more fascinated now because of Sungmin. :DD

he's my piiiinkieeee boy. Ü

Posted by kryk