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Saturday, October 23, 2010
Touch Me Not.
i feel sleepy [ yawn ] but i wanna make an entry first before going to bed.
so blog hoppin' is the only task to do by tomorrow, alright? ;]]

okay, if you think that this entry is about Noli Me Tangere's English version.
NO, it's not! ;p
thought that tittle is best for this entry. ^.^

my Monday wasn't a good start for me this week.
i had this misunderstanding with my workmate. eeh. T.T
i asked him about a missing file but instead of answering me seriously he just gave me a damn glance and cracked joke.
i was sooooooooooooooooo pissed off. my mood turned upside down. Grrrr. ;/
i was like "dude, im in a hurry! whether you know or not where that file is just tell so."
without any definite answer i left their department.
the next thing i knew he was standing in front of my table and asking if i already found what im looking for.
i did not say any word.

the next day [Tuesday], he approached me, asked the same question, and hold
onto my waist. creeeepy! i was freaking out like a volcano wanted to explodes!
i don't think what he did was proper.
i gave him a strange look to show that i dislike it and told him to put his hands off.

Errr. when boys tend to be too touchy it's very irritating. ;/

hanggang ngayon hindi ko pa rin siya pinapansin at wala akong balak.
i mean, hell' what he did FOR ME was freaking annoying!

one of my rules:
if you do me wrong, never expect me to treat you the same way i used to because i won't.

one thing more, another workmate is just like the first one, very touchy too.
[bushettt. ano bang problema ninyo?! ang daming tao sa office. muka ba akong walking stuffed toy! Grrrrr. ;'/ ]

mag-aalok lang ng fries nangungurot pa ng braso.
magtatanong lang kung malamig, hahawak pa sa balikat.
magsasabi lang ng hi, hahaplos pa sa likod.

POOOTAAAA! kahit ayoko mag-mura sobrang nabubushet na ako. ;/

"bakit hindi mo kurutin yang sarili mo" that's the last thing i said.

now you know why i title this post with such.
am i being too sensitive?
i just don't like being touch with people who's not close to me.
freaking annoying! it feel sucks 10 times!

if they don't mind it, I DO!

anyway, i have a 3 days off work. weee! Ü thank you, Lord!
let's enjoy the long weekends. Ü good night. xoxo. c[:

P.S. Blog walk will be tomorrow. Promise! ;]

Posted by kryk