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Hello People Of The Blog World! ^^.
Welcome to my blog where of all of thoughts are being expressed, where most of my shits and randomness are being shared, where even i talk nonsensically you still spare time and care. Ü

I like blogging because it connects me to YOU and i definitely love YOU because in YOU i found new friend. ^.^

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Thursday, January 28, 2010
vote ;)
few days had passed and i cannot think of anything to blog.
rawrrr! ^^,
as always, everyday boredom is killing me to death.
it's like a disease i cannot get rid of.
it's like something that i live for.
i feel like having the most boring life ever. T_T

anyway, election is just few months from now.
is there anyone here from Cavite?
c'mon let's be united and together let us support my brother! woooooooot!! ^^,

ang emote ng kapatid ko nuh? haha and his friends too! Ü kung makaporma kala mo totoo. LOL.
Posted by kryk
Saturday, January 23, 2010
spongie is loved.
ohh haha :D
i feel like everyone was shocked about the spongebob stuffs. haha :)
we're crazy over spongebob! Ü

the yellow sponge is loved! :DD

anyway, some of my cousins went here today.
we celebrated grandma's birthday. she's 28 82 now. Ü

im with chesca and joshua. ^^.

i am wondering why they've asked me the same question in different ways and time. LoL. :))
so, hell'yea.
The Question of the Day: "How's my work?" "Do I have a boyfriend?" hahaha :D

nakakatawa kasi sa 4 na nag-tanong hindi naman ako ang sumagot. LoL. Ü
my cousin answered that question for me. haha ;)

wth! :) i told them why they keep bugging me about it?
instead of having bf i'll marry someone right away just to give them assurance i won't be an old maid. ohh c'mon! haha :D

im being nuts again! :))
enough for this craziness. Ü

iba pakiramdam ko ngayon weh! c(; hihiii.
something really good is going on..

BTW, i cleaned my drawer two days ago. ^^, (ang sipag ko nuh?)
i've noticed the watches i have been keeping.
i am surprised to find more ten. :)

but would you believe from all those more than ten watches and i ain't using any one of them.
haha :D i go out without watch because i use my cellphone's clock to check the time.

Errr. my mama told me to use them. Ü
sayang daw kasi. i realized she's right.

from now on, i decided to use the white one. ^^,

this is why im wishing to have a baby sister whom i can share my stuff with.
i can't let jazz borrow my stuff, HE iS A BOY. haha. :D
i will tell him to be bakla so we can share the same stuff. :)) haha.

P.S. Sorry for not returning all the comments and tags. i will do it tomorrow
good night everyone. hugs and kisses! Loveshuuee! :D
Posted by kryk
Wednesday, January 20, 2010
mr. squarepants
want to know how obsesses we are with SPONGEBOB?

ohh well... Look! Ü

so much spongebob! haha :D

my brother also made a "mini" bikini bottom out of clay.

crazy idea! Ü

Posted by kryk
Friday, January 15, 2010
untitled. <3
ohh let me clear this. ^-^
i ain't in love with my best friend nor with anyone else. :D

i just love LUCKY.
it's my LSS for almost a week now. haha. Ü

i don't have any best friend.
i mean, i have one during high school days. winkkk!

but now, obviously, kang and glo are the closest friends i have..

so i ain't in love with anyone.


anyway, photosharing! :))
photos were taken yesterday. Ü

she's BEA. she's not related to us but we treat her like a real family member.

she's so adorable. :D but i hate her eating pattern. tokk!
the food she only eats is pancit canton and junkies.
nothing more. im dead serious! tsssk!

do we look like real sisters? haha :D

i love taking care of kids. :D

the best thing that bea told me was "si tita mel mama ko, IKAW ANG ATE KO."
bea is living with her mother and sister but i can't call them family.
they have house but for me it isn't a home. Errr. T_T
get it? ohh well i can't tell much of it 'coz im not in any position to do so.

and yes, we use the mini top hats i made! haha :D kyoooooooot! Ü
Posted by kryk
Thursday, January 14, 2010
new layout :D
yay! as you can see i have changed my layout.
yes, ^-^ new layout for the new year! cheers Ü

i use light colors for my new layout :)
colors that are pleasing to my eyes. wooot!

it took me two nights for this.
because i forgot to save the first layout i did so i have to start all over again. pffft!

good thing was i like my header more than the first one i made. Ü

"Lucky ...."

i feel lucky. Errrr. Ü
Posted by kryk
Tuesday, January 12, 2010
hey anonymous! :)
an anonymous person left a comment on my previous post.

i don't know who she/he is.
i don't even know how long she/he has been reading my blog but the way she/he commented i feel like she/he's a follower.

if you have notice in my old entries this isn't the first time that i received comment from an anonymous person.
i just do not know if she/he is the same person who made the other comments.

im just making an appeal to this anonymous person.
whoever you are thank you for appreciating my blog. :)

why don't you let me know your name or your blog
so i can show my gratitude. ^-^

Ü winkkk :)
Posted by kryk
Saturday, January 9, 2010
Light Art.
Another Set Of Light Art.

this is our newest addiction. rawrrr!

COOL. CUTE. FUN. i heart it. Ü

Posted by kryk
Friday, January 8, 2010
Light Art!
weeee. :D
Look what we did last night. haha :D

Light Art is Fun :))

Errr. it's so cute and fun to do. Ü

we only use the usual flashlight we have at home, changed the camera settings and tadaaaaa!
Light Art yow'! Ü

Posted by kryk
Thursday, January 7, 2010
hey there! Ü
im super tired yesterday!
my body's aching. T_T

as expected we had so much fun with our Tagaytay trip. :)
i really love its cool wind.
it made me feel so much relaxed.

photos. Ü

Errr. Lem is taller. haha.
im hatin' that fact. LOL. Ü

Talk to my NAiLS. haha Ü

in the sky. :D

Sexy Back. :))

after our Tagaytay, i just leave my bag at home and went straight to SM Rosario.
freaaaak! haha :D so much gala.

BTW, i made this for BUZZ.
im not good in making fansign but because i love him i ought myself to make one. ^-^
hope you like this friend! Ü

Posted by kryk
Tuesday, January 5, 2010
cam whore Ü
when boredom strikes, cam whore will rise! :))
ahaha xD
have you notice i had my hair cut and cellophane.. ^-^ pacuteeeeeeee! haha xD

yea. cam whoring! i never get tired of it. what the heck! :D
why im so much obsess with the camera? Errr. Ü

anyway, we'll be going to Tagaytay tomorrow. weeeee! Ü
i thought holiday's over. haha :D

pero may pahabol na gala. LOL. ;)

my aunt's cousin arrived and we're going to tour her tomorrow. harr. :D
like going to different places here in Cavite.
first stop will be in Tagaytay! :D

hoping to have a blast and yes, for sure we will! Ü

good night everyone. :D

btw, i made a video this afternoon but decided not to post it. :D
ang chaka ko kasi. hahaha :D

i was just saying :

"thanks to everyone who visits my blog.
everything is so much appreciated like the tags and comments.Ü

i promise to visit yours every time i have the chance." :)

i o u! :D
Posted by kryk
Monday, January 4, 2010
New Year's Eve
yay'! i haven't share yet what had happened last new year's eve.

my mind was being occupied by wacky. T_T
i know he's okay with his new family, i still feel guilty though. :'(

enough for this drama.. Errrr.

we had a simple but enjoyable way of celebrating NYE..Ü
im with my family and cousins.
when the clock turned 12 we made loud noises (to put away bad luck. lol)
we have some fountains and fire crackers too.
we keep shouting "happy new year" to everyone (the next day, my throat's aching. haha)

i know, everyone here in Philippines knows what pop pop is. haha ;P

a friend asked me if i have any new year resolution and i told him i got nothing. :)
im not fond of making new year resolution.

i might get frustrated if i couldn't make it.
so, just to play safe i have nothing not even one. LoL. :)

BUT i realize i need to be thrifty this year.
no to unnecessary thing.
no to unplanned gigs.
no to expensive stuff.

i need to save and discipline is the key. :)

is there anyone who's willing to punish me if i spend too much?
LoL. :D

ENJOY 2010. :)

thanks to God 'coz 2009 has been a great journey for me.
met new friends.
deepen relationship with my family.
have him, lost him.
able to smile after every trials.
for being safe, healthy, and happy.

i thank everyone who has been a part of my '09. :D
hope you'll stay with me. muaaaahuuugs! Ü

Posted by kryk
Sunday, January 3, 2010
i miss him.
i hate myself for what i have done to wacky. ;(
i miss him so. T_T
i feel so much pain longing for him.
Err. im being too emotional again.
crying, crying, crying! :'(

i sold wacky last Saturday.
the reason was because of my work.
wacky is an active pup.
when he's awake he wants to play all the time.
he'll bite your hands, bark at you, follow wherever you'd go.

i can no longer focus with my work because we used to play a lot.
too sad i need to prioritize work that's why i gave up him . ;(

i feel like it was one of the stupid thing i have ever did. yea. IM STUPID. Errr.

i miss wacky's voice.
i miss him sleeping beside me.
i miss him eating in my palm.
i miss him sleeping in my lap or arms.
i miss him licking my hands.
i miss him biting my fingers.
i miss him calling baby.

wacky is a spoiled pup.
i spoil him a lot. rawrrr! ;)
he loves ice cream and chocolates.
he eats cereal. he likes milk.

Err. if he's not active as he is i won't gave up him ever.
but since he is, i need to, and yes i just did! T_T

seriously, i find this hard than having a break up misunderstanding with someone. Errr.

im planning to buy a shihtzu by the end of this month.
not to replace wacky, of course!
shih tzu puppies are timid and behave.
not as active as a mini pins. ;)

denggoy is my first love.
wacky is my second love.
yea. he'll be my third love.

i feel better after making this entry. :)

but i still hell'a miss WACKY!
Posted by kryk