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Hello People Of The Blog World! ^^.
Welcome to my blog where of all of thoughts are being expressed, where most of my shits and randomness are being shared, where even i talk nonsensically you still spare time and care. Ü

I like blogging because it connects me to YOU and i definitely love YOU because in YOU i found new friend. ^.^

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Sunday, February 21, 2010
hellowi' :)
hi there! :D
geeze'! im back just now. haha :D
sorry. ang pampam kasi ng net connection 'ko. grrr! T_T

anyway, im going to share three things.

first, i had my hair cut few days ago. LOL. Ü
shoulder length na yung hair ko. first time ever na pina-cut 'ko ng ganitong ka-ikli. :D

second, yay'! guess what's my newest favorite food? haha :D
the KFC's newest flavor of pasta bowl!
yummy! haha xD ayan, im craving for it na naman. katakawan. LOL. Ü
oops, gusto ko na rin yung lasa ng sisig. :D
actually, nito lang ako natutong kumain nun. masarap pala :))
okay, thanks for my brother for introducing that food. Ü

third and the last, my cousins had their JS prom last night.
after couple of years kahapon ko lang ulit narinig ang CvSU hymn and CvSU march (composed by my mama) i feel very nostalgic. na-miss ko tuloy yung mga high school classmates ko especially yung mga super close sa akin. ^.^

woops, since JS prom nga gumawa ako ng sariling eksena. LOL. Ü
sinuot ko rin yung gown ng pinsan ko. haha :D
pampam lang po. Ü

Posted by kryk
Sunday, February 14, 2010
valentines. ^^

heart's day hooray! ^-^

how did you spend this day? Ü
did you have quality time with your loved ones?

as of me, i had date with mama yesterday.
after her saturday class we went straight to SM Bacoor.
yea. the EB was canceled. T_T and mama don't want me to go alone too.

since its valentines and i worked hard for the last three days (LOL. what is work hard daw ohh'! Ü) i bought some treats for myself. ^.^

we spent the day just the usual ones except that we ate outside for lunch. ^.-

ohh its Chinese New Year too.

i had tikoy and halo-halo after dinner. i ate much. yea. the foods love me. Ü
Posted by kryk
Friday, February 12, 2010
happy heart's day
sweet evening everyone!

woooot! just finished transcribing. Ü
im a bit tired but i feel very productive. ^.^

woops! im greeting everyone a HAPPY HEART's DAY.
i know, im 2 days advance.
this is better than to be late, right? ;P

valentines isn't just for lovers.
so for those single out there don't feel unloved.Ü
don't feel left alone. don't feel bad. smile. have fun!
celebrate with friends and family. ^-^

anyway, this is what i only have for you this valentines.
i hope you'll like it. i made this last night but i wasn't able to post it because of my work.
i only have free time now so there it goes. Ü

ahmm. napansin ninyo ba dumami ang bolero ngayon? haha xD

BOY: i like you.
GiRL: o_O
BOY: i don't even know if you like me too.. .

----this will always reminds me of you. Ü
nice move! :D
Posted by kryk
Saturday, February 6, 2010
K movies! Ü
"let's make tonight special
something beautiful that we'll always treasure."

yay' isn't that sweeeeeet haha ! Ü

sorry for no updates. :D
sadyang hindi lang matino ang utak ko! really. Ü
i went to my aunt's crib this afternoon and i had fun chillin' out with my cousins.
ang kulet !! :) napasaya ako ni jamffong ng bongga! ^^.
*jamffong, you NEED to send me the videos!!!*

anyway, now i know why "millionaire's first love" is one of the best K movies.
gawddd. it gave me a post movie syndrome LOL! :D
totally a tearjerker. Ü

jusme, haha! :)) sabi nga ng kapatid ko "paiyak-iyak pa 'to movie lang yan!"
i told him, "ohh sige ikaw na dito. ako nanunod ikaw nag-rereact dyan."


for the past few days im being addicted AGAiN with korean movies.
it has been three months since the last one.
until this Tuesday when i started to watch again then on i make sure to watch at least one every night. yay'! Ü
so far every movie's really worth watching. Ü
kahit palagi nalang namamatay yung bida na babae! ampf. XD

so far, here's MY top 10 K movies of all time. :D

1. sassy girl.
2. millionaire's first love.
3. crazy first love.
4. now and forever.
5. 100 days with mr. arrogant.
6. my girl and i.
7. love so divine.
8. baby and me.
9. my tutor friend.
10. 200 pounds of beauty.

*though most of the movies have tragic ending T_T*

and the LAMEST i've ever watched was "attack on the pin-up boys" Errr!

P.S. after my blog hoppin' im going to watch "LOVE ME NOT" Ü
ohh what's your fave K movies? :))
Posted by kryk
Monday, February 1, 2010
love month ;]

it's love month! ^^,
heart. chocolates. cupid. red. pink. roses. lovers. she. he. us. whatever! Ü

i really have nothing to blog about. :D
seriously, i almost forgot that today is Feb. 1 i thought its just Jan. 31.
it just happened that i looked up in my phone's calendar. Ü

im trying to find a love quotation to share but im too lazy to scan my phone. T_T
im going to do this some other time. ^^.
gusto ko kasi yung mga message natagos sa nagbabasa. LOL. Ü

i don't know what to do. haha. :D
a friend of mine will be arriving from SG on the second week of this month.
we are planning to have an eyeball but we haven't talk about the exact date when it will be.
im quite excited! i met her at PH. so, in short chadik rin siya. hihii! Ü

ohh no group date for this year!
because SF team is having hard time for their reviews. *wish you good luck guys!*

no date or maybe [MAYBE] be with my mom and together we will have a post valentine celebration. tokkk! 'coz awhile ago she was asking if i want to come and join the school field trip. Ü i feel like it's a nice idea. ;]]

im talking nonsense here! haha :D
sorry. Ü no special thing to share right now.
so, my post is kinda boring. pffft. T_T
i should get myself back before posting another entry. :D

[i want myself back.]

P.S. Anyone who found myself please return it now. c(;
Posted by kryk