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Hello People Of The Blog World! ^^.
Welcome to my blog where of all of thoughts are being expressed, where most of my shits and randomness are being shared, where even i talk nonsensically you still spare time and care. Ü

I like blogging because it connects me to YOU and i definitely love YOU because in YOU i found new friend. ^.^

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Thursday, April 29, 2010
sorry. ;]
i feel guilty for not making any updates.
i don't even do blog hoppin' for quite some time. [15 days to be exact!]
T_T im not neglecting my blog its just there are many things that occupied my time.
  • i had reunion with my high school friends. [baliktad na ang mundo hehe :D lahat ng payat sila na yung mataba ngayon] seryoso! ^.^
  • my cousins and i made a birthday presentation for our dearest lola. :D she will be turning 81 on May 5. [we made a short play on how her love story with our lolo began] it was fun. :D ang dami kasing bloopers haha. Ü jam played the role of our lola and alwie was the lolo. im still going to edit the whole stuff so maybe i will be able to finish it this Sunday. ohh syempre im talking about my other lola [yung mabait! definitely not MADAM! she's the wicked one! lol]
  • my aunt from cali arrived and she will visit us here tomorrow.
  • we are going to have a family reunion on Wednesday. it will also be the celebration of our lola's birthday. we're going to ECO PARK :D wheee'
  • and of course, i started working at home again. AMEN. Ü
see, im pretty busy that's why i can't visit your blog more often.
BUT i really i appreciate all the tags and comments. Ü

thank you so much. :D
i so love you. Ü

have a nice weekends Ü enjoy!

ohh i should thank dyuuchan for being so nice to me. haha :D
hindi lang ka'blog 'to... ka'facebook, ka'text, at kakulitan ko na :D

baklaaaaaaaaaa, super thanks! i found new friend in you. stay happy! Ü

Posted by kryk
Thursday, April 15, 2010
crazy i know!

naiiyak ako :( bakit si andrew ang natanggal sa AI! ampf. nasakit puso ko. totoo! [OA] haha :D
mom and i went to tagaytay yesterday. nagsimba kami sa tierra de maria and would you believe one of the things i asked God was to let ANDREW win that contest. seryoso. pero mukang hindi ako ganoon kalakas kay BRO hehe. Ü but i know his plan is best kaya kahit medyo sumakit ang puso ko sa pagkakatanggal niya i still have to smile. :)

i get this kilig factor whenever i listen to his music. [freak?]
ahaha. Ü FOREVER's my LSS for almost three days! Ü
both the acoustic and studio version. Ü
andrew made me love this song even more. Ü if you could only see how wide my smile is. :D

andrew reminds me of someone. i don't know why but i see this certain person in him.
ohh i have no special relationship to that guy natutuwa lang ako ha. [DEFENSIVE] ;p

anyway, the training went well. i met new friends and got the chance to experience new things.
at first i thought im going to do transcription work so i was pretty amaze when the trainor told us what exactly our work would be like.

SCORER-- we need to categorize every post we have read. pretty easy right?

sort of, read and decide. Ü

medyo windang pa ako kasi mga englishero sila lahat! so no choice kung hindi mag spanish ako. echos! Ü american company and yea. the owner is definitely an american.

pero kasi ayoko na. huhu. yea. once lang ako pumunta ng training after monday hindi na ako bumalik. crazy! i know. :( kaso naman po 10pm na yung uwian nila and to think na sa Naic pa ako uuwi. Grrrr. no choice kung hindi sunduin na naman ako. delikadoooooooooo.

but i really had fun. i personally called sir charles to express my gratitude.

i even had the chance to mingle with the company owner.
sabi 'ko gwapo. kaso biglang may bumulong sa akin sabi "FYI gwapo rin ang gusto!" [peace!]

so i am back to home base work! AMEN.
Posted by kryk
Saturday, April 10, 2010
time for another post!
tadaaaa'! i feel like making another post so here i am typing a new one. hiii. :)

anyway, i received a call from ms. ehmy (one of the TaskUs HR)
and told me to report on Monday for the company training. whew'!
to tell you frankly, im still having a second thought about it.

i feel quite afraid. duh'!
you see, most of the time i just stay at home and home is my comfort zone.
so, far from my comfort zone i feel unsafe T_T.
eto na naman kasi yung pagiging paranoid ko. Grrrr.
[duwag na naman ako umuwi mag-isa sa gabi. i conquered this before but since i stay at home again bumalik na naman huhu]

i feel like having panic attack when im the one left alone in the bus.
from bacoor to tanza madami pang pasahero but from tanza to naic usually halos wala na.
pag may nakasabay akong tatlo na NAIC talaga ang baba. ang swerte ko na.. seryoso.

freak na naman si kryk. Ü

but i really want to work in a company setting.
home base is okay but i think being in a company is better.
i will have new friends and learn new things from others.

i will give this a try. wish me luck. Ü LUCCCCCCCCCK! Ü

sabi 'ko nga kay mama "utang na loob ilayo mo naman ako kay MADAM!" haha :D
really. i feel intimidated when she's around. her presence is something i really hate. tssk.
sorry. i might sounds bad but im just being true to myself. YEAAAA. \m/

btw, im getting addicted to ANDREW GARCIA.
i don't know what special about him but i like him.
i find him kinda cute too. haha :)
medyo nagtaka nga ako kasi he's not usually my type but yea he's hella a good singer. Ü

i like their cover of replay. 5 starts for the boys!

Posted by kryk
Monday, April 5, 2010
island escapade!
heloowiiii :)
yes, im home! Ü
the island escapade's over. [ i want more! LoL]

i had so much fun there. :)
aside from meeting new friends i also love all the new experiences. Ü

potipot is such a beautiful place.
one of the best beaches that God created.
God really love us. He doesn't mind sharing everything to us.
Thank you po. ^.^

it took us 8 hours of long drive.
woo. :) im 24 hours awake that time. Ü
hindi kasi ako makatulog sa byahe. gusto ko palaging nakikita yung mga dinadaanan :D kahit antok hindi ako nakatulog.. Ü

island is on the right side. Ü
gawddd. ang ganda talaga nan. ^.^ parang nakinang yung isla gawa ng white sands.

after few minutes of boat riding we finally arrived to the island. :)
gawdd. kung pwede lang yakapin 'to ginawa ko na haha! Ü

linaw ng tubig :)
white sands.
wala nga lang kuryente at maalat ang tubig. [carry na rin!]

all of us fall in love with potipot! Ü

potipot babes :D lahat kami babae. BABAE! :))

yikes sa dami ng gusto 'kong i'kwento hindi ko na alam kung paano sasabihin kasi. haha :D
sorry ha? ang gulo ko Ü

Mr. Sun's rising. :)

oops, i got this from the resort owner :))
since it was Easter Sunday nag pa-egg hunting sila haha :D

P.S. sorry i cannot do blog hoppin now. i need to wake up early tomorrow for the exam T_T
but i promise to make it up to you next time. hugness! will visit your blog soon. love you! Ü
Posted by kryk