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Saturday, October 30, 2010
Heyaaa! Ü

hello fellow bloggers! ;)

i would like to extend my deepest gratitude to the following persons:

dyane * anthony * rhea * umi * sasarai * ishna

ate claire * buzz * landel * stevevhan * jeanu

kee. comments are highly appreciated. thank you sooooo! muahugssss Ü

another long weekend, right. ^.^
i know by tomorrow most of us are busy cleaning tombs of our deceased loved ones, a preparation in commemorating all saint's day.
all saint's day serves also as a chance to meet our dear relatives who live far away.
some sort of mini reunion. ;]

where are you going to spend your all saint's day?

as of me, we will go to Tanza to visit my father's father at the morning then be back here in Naic to visit my mom's father at the evening. that's all. ^.^

anyway, about my previous post.. . yea. some people are touchy in nature and im also one of them but im just touchy with my cousins and with the people im comfortable with.
that's why i feel awkward being touch by the people who are not close to me that much. eeh. T.T

i dunno. maybe after what i did they are already aware of it. i just hope so.
i don't want any commotion to anyone. aisssh! ;/

btw, got an awards from these three lovely ladies ATE CLAIRE, POPPIMESHI && OLEN.
thank you very much. ^.^

[please feel free to tag yourself, okay? xoxo ;)]

here's my current FB profile picture

YES! no other than Heechul oppa. :D a friend of mine made this for me. sweeeeeeeeeeet. Ü ILY~

okay, bye for now. hihii. :D i don't think i make any sense with this post. LoL. forgive me.
another lame one. Ü hope to be back with a better entry.

alright, take care everyone. have a nice weekend and stay safe. ^.^

P.S. yes, please feel free to add me in your YM list -- ktnep_15
i'll be glad to know more about my fellow bloggers. Ü

Posted by kryk
Saturday, October 23, 2010
Touch Me Not.
i feel sleepy [ yawn ] but i wanna make an entry first before going to bed.
so blog hoppin' is the only task to do by tomorrow, alright? ;]]

okay, if you think that this entry is about Noli Me Tangere's English version.
NO, it's not! ;p
thought that tittle is best for this entry. ^.^

my Monday wasn't a good start for me this week.
i had this misunderstanding with my workmate. eeh. T.T
i asked him about a missing file but instead of answering me seriously he just gave me a damn glance and cracked joke.
i was sooooooooooooooooo pissed off. my mood turned upside down. Grrrr. ;/
i was like "dude, im in a hurry! whether you know or not where that file is just tell so."
without any definite answer i left their department.
the next thing i knew he was standing in front of my table and asking if i already found what im looking for.
i did not say any word.

the next day [Tuesday], he approached me, asked the same question, and hold
onto my waist. creeeepy! i was freaking out like a volcano wanted to explodes!
i don't think what he did was proper.
i gave him a strange look to show that i dislike it and told him to put his hands off.

Errr. when boys tend to be too touchy it's very irritating. ;/

hanggang ngayon hindi ko pa rin siya pinapansin at wala akong balak.
i mean, hell' what he did FOR ME was freaking annoying!

one of my rules:
if you do me wrong, never expect me to treat you the same way i used to because i won't.

one thing more, another workmate is just like the first one, very touchy too.
[bushettt. ano bang problema ninyo?! ang daming tao sa office. muka ba akong walking stuffed toy! Grrrrr. ;'/ ]

mag-aalok lang ng fries nangungurot pa ng braso.
magtatanong lang kung malamig, hahawak pa sa balikat.
magsasabi lang ng hi, hahaplos pa sa likod.

POOOTAAAA! kahit ayoko mag-mura sobrang nabubushet na ako. ;/

"bakit hindi mo kurutin yang sarili mo" that's the last thing i said.

now you know why i title this post with such.
am i being too sensitive?
i just don't like being touch with people who's not close to me.
freaking annoying! it feel sucks 10 times!

if they don't mind it, I DO!

anyway, i have a 3 days off work. weee! Ü thank you, Lord!
let's enjoy the long weekends. Ü good night. xoxo. c[:

P.S. Blog walk will be tomorrow. Promise! ;]

Posted by kryk
Saturday, October 16, 2010
thanks to :



kee. ;] how's my fellow bloggers? how did your week end?
i hope everything is doing great. Ü any plan for tomorrow?

yesterday, before i go to work napag-usapan na namin ni mama na pupunta ng SMR.
so after working hours i went there straight.. ;]
yea. walang pagod basta gagala lol. Ü

i was the first to arrive so i decided to have an eyebrow threading since ate jin, my cousin has been suggesting this to me long time ago. hohoo. it was my first time.
kee. yes, it was quite painful. T.T but im pretty satisfied with the result. ;]
my phone's cam isn't working anymore :[[ Grr. cam whoring career is affected. T.T
i just use the webcam for this shot. sorry for the low image quality.

then after that i received a text, andun na si mama. yippeee! :D
i was surprised ng makita ko na kasama si papa. haha :D hindi naman kasi mahilig mag-mall yun.
ohh nawawala ay si jazzbeloy na nalang kumpleto na sana kaming apat. ^.^
but then mama told me na nasa MOA si jazzbeloy. hohoo. :D
nakiki'OCTOBERFEST daw haha. ^.^ whatever! Ü

uhmm . ..
got a new nail art kit from ate jin. ;]] sponsor! loool ^.^
she sent it through her father-in-law who arrived 3 days ago.
so here's my pink drizzle design. Ü

oh well, i had OT today [ what's new about that uuh? ]
lotsa work T.T

yesterday morning on my way to office a stranger approached and asked me "contact?"
i was puzzled. haha! nakakahiya. ='/
i did not get the question easily not until she said "contact lens?" and yes! she's referring to my eyes. eeh. o.O
sabi ko "hindi po" sabay super smile. ^___^ the last thing she said was "cute"
of course, im very please. ;p hee! Ü hohoo. ;]
mama and papa both have brown eyes. there's no way para mag-iba ang kulay ng mata namin ng kapatid ko because it's in the genes. Ü yea. we're "the brown eyes family." lol Ü
funny part is --- denggoy, our forever baby boy, is a brown-eyed dog. kekeke ^.^

Posted by kryk
Sunday, October 10, 2010
ten-ten-ten ;]
hello! :D thanks for all the comments in my previous post.
ate claire
chongmal kamsahamnida. Ü

i thought i couldn't make any entry tonight because mom is busy typing her exam.
but at least while she is resting right now im grabbing the opportunity to make one. haha! Ü

wooo. it's ten-ten-ten today! Ü
have you notice that October has 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays, and 5 Sundays?
cute month huh. ^.^

i went to civil service office last Tuesday and they personally confirmed the R.A 1080 law.
the law has been implemented since 1990.
they told me that my license is already equivalent to sub-prof so i don't need to take the civil service exam. ;]]
i am under that law. period. ;]

anyway, im soooooo into Twitter.
actually, it's because of Hee Chul oppa. hohoo. ^.^
[he is still the TT till now. geeze! ;]
i always get this kilig factor every time i see his tweet/photos on screen. kekeke.
crazy, isn't it? ;]
i hella love this beautiful guy! ^.^
Err. i didn't expect to fall for SUJU this much.
day by day i fall inch by inch. ^.^

darn love them. kekeke. Ü
~SUJU is love~

will do blog hoppin. ^.^
Posted by kryk
Saturday, October 2, 2010
i try not to blog this yet i fail. ;x
maybe because im quite confident that blogging will make me feel better in a way. ;]

my work's contract ended last sept. 30, 2010.
they did not allow me to renew my contract for the same position for the reason that the RD has been questioning my eligibility.

so they hired again me as a CPH clerk instead of CRS processor. .. okay. whatever. T.T

i am already comfortable with the CRS peeps and this is what had happened. T.T
it's quite unfair though. kasi yung pakiramdam na hindi naman ako na'promote bakit demote agad. T.T

and really i don't get why they are questioning my eligibility where in fact according to Civil Service Commission civil service will automatically granted to the passers of any board exam administered by the PRC. it's a SPECIAL LAW.

i have my midwife license therefore i am under this special law, right?

i feel so stressed out. T.T kasi kahit ako sa sarili ko nahiya sa nangyari. aah. :X
a lot of people have been questioning me why it happened.
i did not explain anything. i let them believe whatever they want to.
inalis ako dahil walang civil service. WHATEVER!
i don't even think they have an idea about this special law. brrr.

just to lighten the heavy burden
i watched different Kmovies para may reason akong umiyak. HOHOO.
it was a lame excuse, i know! but ayoko naman umiyak lang ng dahil dun.
i also gained weight. T.T bukod kasi sa Kmovies eeh pag'kain ang binalingan ko.

i hate it! diet, diet na naman 'to. ampff.

today [oct. 1, 2010] is my first day of being a CPH clerk.
im still thankful working in this agency.
but i bet i won't be happy anymore.
i will just finish the contract and might look for another work.
what you think?

anyway, blame it to my curiosity i would like to ask :

when was the last time you refuse? why?

Posted by kryk