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Saturday, November 20, 2010
be my number two?
psst. pssssst. :)
foundation training will be over on Monday. yay'! ^_^
we're going to have a short presentation then kainan na! haha :)

product training is up next.
i feel more nervous now.
product training is the real thing. T.T

kung pa-easy easy kami nung foundation training i think product training is the other way around.
i need to be serious, more serious this time. arrrgh!

anyway, do you now the song "be my number two?"
nung nag-active listening kami last Friday i think that was the first time i heard this song.
i find it nice when all of my batch mates don't. the melody is catchy.

maybe they base the song to its tittle. i don't know.
if someone will ask me to be his number two, the only answer i can say is "fvck you!" HAHA.
freaking BAD! Ü

i think this song has deeper meaning. i like it. really. :)

here's the video :

Posted by kryk
Saturday, November 13, 2010
Sarturdey :]
heyaaa people ~ it's Saturday.
for me, Saturday is the new family day. kekeke! ~~
because i will be in manila by tomorrow.

so yea. first week of training went really well! yadaaa! ~ Ü
aside from my new friends who are basically my batch mates [ ayeee. we're batch 58]
im having fun with the lecture. it refreshes all of the things i learned back in high school.
it's a great help. really. ;]

im the youngest and the tallest shortest in this batch and we're like just 10 people.

since it's just training we're calling each other "classmate" haha! Ü
the assigned trainer is our maestro.

we had our first exam last friday.
i got one mistake. T.T sayang!

some got perfect scores and the lowest got four mistakes.

on monday we're going to have another exam about the 50 states.
yea. 50 states with capitals and abbreviation plus the map. weeew ;]
we need to identify all the states in the map.

im confident with the abbreviation, states, and map too.
i just need to memorize the capitals. kinda confusing somehow. :D
ang dami kasi looool ^.^

people in Makati are all gwapo but ... .. . who's who? who's gay? who aren't?
one mentor said "metrosexual people look so linis that's why they look really gwapo"
OHHH right!
i was in Makati for a week but believe me every guys that caught my attention are all gays.
it's kinda frustrating.
guys love guys. how about girls? HAHAHA.

i have nothing against gays, okay? i love gay community. i have gay friends. ;]
i love them though they usually end up being with my crush. joke! :D

anyway, i was riding in a bus last thursday when i saw this music video. aah.
i was surprised to found out that it was aljur.
uhhmmm.. i guess my lola is right. aljur is kinda hot! HAHAHA.
crush kasi si aljur abrenica ng lola ko. imagine how cool is that! ;]]

P.S. They told us that the theme for Christmas party are Disney's Princesses.
Im thinking of who am i going to portray.. . any suggestion? Ü il be glad! :D

Mom told me to portray Jasmine since she has the simplest costume ever! HAHA. :]
Posted by kryk
Wednesday, November 3, 2010
La la la Happy!
Heyaaa guys :D

Ooh. it's just Wednesday and im here already! hihii :)
i have something to share and it can't wait until weekends. Noooo. ;]

i got a new job hooooray! it's in Makati a company for an MT.
so basically, i will live somewhere near the vicinity.

it was so quick and unexpected.
im still working at NSO but i will file my resignation by tomorrow.
now, i know the reason why i wasn't renew with the same contract.
it was a blessing in disguise. Ü

God works in amazing ways.

i can say im very lucky to passed all of their exams.
keee. i haven't transcribe for almost four months that's why im not that confident while taking the exams but everything turned out really well.

after i was informed that i passed their exams, an initial interview was made.
then, i went back today for the final interview and hoooola~~ they hired me!
i already had my medical and the training will start on Monday.
November 8 is the first day of my new work.

Gee. im excited yet nervous. Omo!~
i need to meet all of their expectations or else i might get kicked out. T.T

scarrrrry! but of course im hoping for the best. keee! Ü

btw, i had this photo shoot with my cousin. it was for the Halloween but i guess it's too late. hee!

I will do blog hoppin' on weekends. Sorry.
i can't do it now. i need to make a resignation letter.
stay safe. Ü

Posted by kryk