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Friday, December 31, 2010
Thank You Year 2010
Thank You Lord for all the blessings.

2011 is approaching!

not so in the mood for tonight's event. T.T
i don't even know why. Errr. but i keep making up my mood.
it might change before the clock turns 12. i wish! :)

i don't wanna be in a fucked up mood welcoming 2011. that's not good.

anyway, i already deleted some of the links so please don't get mad.
just approach me if you want your links to be there, Mmm Kk? :)

bye for now. ^.^ will do the blog hopp.

Posted by kryk
Friday, December 24, 2010
Yey! Christmas!
Few hours and it's Christmas eve already!

KK. :) time flies so fast. Ü
so, what you guys have for noche buena? :)
as of my family, we didn't have anything special for tonight..
mama decided not to cook.
whatever food we have is already our handa for this night.
ham, pizza, chocolates, chicken, pasta, leche plan, and my ever loving tanduay ice. YEA! haha :P
aside from mudshake, tanduay ice is the only alcoholic drink i enjoy. ;)

i don't think we can wait till midnight.
we will go somewhere tomorrow i just don't know where exactly but it's either a mall or tagaytay.

so much blessing for this year. :)


P.S. guys, i will update my links before new year. i will erase those inactive. sorry. Ü
Posted by kryk
Friday, December 10, 2010
that 4 points uuh!
tadaaaa ^.^ im homeeeeee! ;]
yea. you read it right. IM HOME! Ü

got no work na. sad but it's okay hihii. :D
i wasn't able to get their 95% passing grade.
i only got 91%. i hate that 4 points uuh! :D see, it was so close yet so far!

i went home yesterday. pilit humabol sa fiesta. loool! ^.^
ayan, puro tira sa fiesta ang pagkain ko. :)

friends asked how do i feel about this.
i said "it was really okay" and i feel like they don't believe me.
i know, it was a termination but maybe i have a good coping mechanism.
i can handle myself well. it wasn't the saddest thing that happened to me. Ü

the only thing that made me cry was when i received a text from my mom.
HAHAHA. super iyak. Ü

of course i texted mom to inform that i wasn't able to make it to the production floor.
and guess what she replied. ..

"okay lang yun. matutuwa mga pinsan mo kasi matutuloy na ang christmas party nyo. uwi ka na dito."

see? amfufu. i feel so overwhelmed!
maybe i don't have the best parents on earth.
but for us two, jazz and i, they will always be the best.

we always receive so much support and they never expect something in return.
even when we failed, we never heard any blame from them.

haaaay. Ü everything that's happening makes us to be closer with each other.

we are lucky indeed. jazz and i. ;) luckiest pair on earth loool ~~~~ Ü

love from my family, friends, and heyaaa. Ü

i am also grateful to meet kuya jim :DD from the start he was the one who guided me throughout the whole training. Ü
he believes in me more than i believe in myself.

i am so lucky with the people around me. Ü


Posted by kryk
Sunday, December 5, 2010
Hello December! Ü
goodbye November! aaah :D
month of November passed without me making a last entry. kee! T.T
so this will be my very first entry for the month of December. hooray ! ;]

Christmas, Christmas, Christmas is fast approaching! ;]]
and of course town fiesta is just three days away. Ü

gonna miss this year town fiesta because i have work. T.T
bawal absent huhuu. :/ and my brother has his training too.
so wala, walang matitira sa bahay kung hindi si mama. freaaak.
[kasi si papa may susunduin naman sa airport.]
im thinking if she can make it. aray! pagluluto palang mahirap na.
though i know my aunts will come to help her.

anyway, product training exam went really well. AMEN. Ü
passing score was 80 and i got 91 over 110. i wasn't the highest nor the lowest.
not bad at all. :] palagi akong nasa gitna ahaha! since we're just 5. davaaah loool ^.^
training will end on Wednesday. yea. after that we're going to be on the floor.
transcribing LIVE FILES. woaaa. (o.O)

excited but much nervous!

we're gonna hit the floor.HOHOO. ^.^


i phoned jamffong, my cousin, because mom told me that she was looking for me since last night.

short cut of the conversation:

JAM: ate kryk sa fiesta ba may pasok ka?

KRYK: oo meron. kaya pumunta ka dito sa Tuesday tulungan mo si mama.

JAM: ah bakit ganon. wag ka nalang pumasok.

KRYK: nyaak! hindi pwede yun.

JAM: bakit eh isang araw lang naman. wag ka na pumasok! kami nga isang araw lang ang pasok tapos wala na.

KRYK: kooo. psp at fb lang gagawin mo. bawal kasi mag-absent sa amin eeh. ;/

JAM: juskopoooo, wag ka na nga lang mag-trabaho.

AHAHAHA. Ü "wag ka na nga lang mag-trabaho."

i didn't expect her to say that. :D sobrang tawa ko talaga. ^.^ she's a kid, i know! Ü
at some point she seems to be like an old person trapped in a kid's body but this time nakita ko na bata pa talaga siya. :D
she's just a 6th grader. Ü

everything seems so easy. ;P i know she will learn more as time goes by. she's a smart one.

dahil sa isang araw na fiesta gusto niyang wag nalang ako mag-trabaho hihii. :D
sweet eeh! Ü
i need to work. kawawa ang mga monthly bills ko. loool. ^.^
working somewhere alone is a new start for me. Ü
aside from exploring things one by one this gives my family and i a stronger bond.

kung nasa bahay ba ako, do my mom need to text and check me most of the time?
of course she won't because im just at home.
but this time.. . haha! mom is my forever textmate! Ü

everything has the positive and negative side.
we just need to focus on the positive more ! ^.^

fighting! Ü


Posted by kryk