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Sunday, March 6, 2011
Okay :|
I keep playin' SAPPHIRE BLUE for like 2 hours straight.
Eehhh! ;) reminiscing the pre-concert time last week. Ohh.

It has been 8 days since the #SS3MNL.
Yea. Still can't get over it.
How can i forget something that i have ever wanted, right?

Anyway, have you read the news about a fan throwing fanboard which landed directly to Heechul's face at #SS3Shanghai ?

C'mon Heechul is a man.
Having a papercut is just nothing. ;)
I got lot of papercuts during my working days before.
Though it hurts but not that bad.

*that's what on my mind earlier.*

But after seeing the video && photos. aigooo ~~~ i feel like this is a serious case. ;//
Look at Heechula's face, ;(
I can feel that he is really sad from what had happened.
Though he said he's okay but still.. . ahh. just look at his emotion, it tells everything. ;/

Video && photos break my heart. :(

I think this is the first picture i have ever seen without him smiling. :(

C'mon guys, Heechul is human too and so all the Super Junior members.
He get hurt. They get hurt. He get wounded. They get wounded.
Please be careful. We all adore them but let us set limitations.

Don't throw hard things directly to them.
Throw it on the floor, but throwing nothing would be best!

I hate to see Heechul and everyone Super Junior members unhappy. Pleaseeeeeeeee. :(

Posted by kryk