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Saturday, April 9, 2011
I was happy all day yesterday.
  • I woke up early to exercise. Had jumping rope and hula hoops.
  • Had oatmeal cookies that i baked and milk for breakfast.
  • Cleaned our rooms.
  • Had lunch with mama. We also made Papaya and Melon smoothies.
  • My father bought us vanilla ice cream.
  • I ate kimchi fried rice for dinner.
  • Had chocolatesssssss. Yea. Lots of sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeets.
  • Nonstop spazzing about kpop idols.
See, everything seemed to be perfect. But i really got pissed off after reading an email.
Gusto ko umiyak. ;'//

My so called perfect day became just an illusion. /sigh

Will leave the reason unknown because it's too personal.
I just wanna burst out the emotion.

Anyway, I wanna share this photo.
That's the new look of Philippines' Money. Ü
Hell'aaaa cuteeee! Do you have one already?
Those are my mom's money. Ü I forgot the 20 peso bill T_T sorry!

I saw an "easy draw tutorial" from Linda
She is really good in drawing. :D

I know, i suck in drawing but after seeing the tutorial can't resist from trying it. Hohoo.
Thanks for this tutorial, Linda! Ü

Posted by kryk