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I like blogging because it connects me to YOU and i definitely love YOU because in YOU i found new friend. ^.^

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Thursday, May 26, 2011
I am Kim Nicole.

I am Kim Nicole. Yea. I told you in my previous entry that i'll be Nicole just for a week but decided to keep it for few more weeks. ;]

Iam Nicole to KiM NiCOLE.

Of course, Kim isn't just another name. It's my last name for I am married to Kim Heechul. Tralalala. ;']]

Another Selca of Nicole. Lols. :) Taken the same date as the first one. Ü

Anyway, just last night I officially reopen my fb store. Kekek.

I need money to donate more for Heechul's Birthday Project.
I really wanted this project to be successful.
Petals will surely make a HiSTORY. ;] Daebak!

And yes, I'm currently working out for a polymer clay business too.
Watch out. :D
I wanted to name it "Klay With Me" hihii. So what you think?

To earn money these are the things that I came up with. I'm excited though! :)

Wish me luck. Kyaaaaaaaaa ~~~
My business has to be successful for I am already saving up for SS4MNL. HAHAHA.

Sweeet Loveeeee. :)

I'm planning to have my hair either trimmed or to have a new haircut.
But I don't know what hair cut would fit me. :(( I wanted a new look. Geeze ~ :)

Should a full bangs will do? Yaaaaaaa!
I also wanted to dye my hair but father won't allow me.
Aaaaaaaah. T____________T

Posted by kryk