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Wednesday, May 11, 2011
"When trust is broken even how much you beg fate, things will never be the same again."

What an intro. I didn't mean anything about it. Really.
~~~Oh No. I'm lying. :(
Argh! Recently, an old friend sent me a message through FB.
Okay, I'm lying again. Grrr. It was my ex, Mr. A.
Yea. Yea. I know, I didn't tell anything about this before. Never.
The story is quite old. I met him sa mall through a common friend.
I was at SM with my classmates and he was with our common friend.
So, just a casual introduction. That's the first time we've seen each other.
Then he got my number through our common friend.
So, ayun, text, tawag. communication. :P
We talk a lot, whatever topic whether just how our day went or anything we wanna share.
In short, we became really close.
I remember he used to go to my school then we'll go to Mcdo together.
Haha. Yea. Mcdo became our trinity. LoL.
We both love fries && mcflurry
He's from Laguna but that time he was studying somewhere in Manila pero kahit na imagine how much he sacrifice just to be with me when in fact the longest time I can be with him was only 45 minutes since I also have classes.
So yea. because of those pa-tweetums we became unofficial lovers.
It was more of an M.U. with a bit of committment.
He got rules and I have mine. ;)
Everything went well not until I met Ms. S.
I met this girl through the common friend I met him.
I found out that Ms. S was his GF. kekekk.
Imagine how it breaks me. Amfufu. He tried to explain but I never listen.
I felt really bad and felt like was cheated.
But after a week, I'm back to my old self again. ;P
I told him that I already forgave him and I mean it.
I decided not to befriend with him anymore and he respect it.
I erased anything about him in my memory.
So, years passed. The first time he sent me a message was through friendster asking how i am. I never reply. Then he message me again asking if we can be close again like we used to and I refuse.
Not because I'm bitter to what had happened but I can't befriend someone who I don't trust anymore.
Now, he's back again. Funny thing is after all these years he didn't forget me not even our endearment. :P
But who cares, he don't have my trust anymore. :))

This happened when I was studying at St. Joseph ~~~
Kekekekk. I didn't spill this story before just now. HAHAHA.
weird, isn't it?


Posted by kryk