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Hello People Of The Blog World! ^^.
Welcome to my blog where of all of thoughts are being expressed, where most of my shits and randomness are being shared, where even i talk nonsensically you still spare time and care. Ü

I like blogging because it connects me to YOU and i definitely love YOU because in YOU i found new friend. ^.^

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Saturday, July 2, 2011
My heart is over flowing with love.. .
I don't know why but I feel like my heart is over flowing with love and happiness right now. ;]
Okay, I know there are many reasons to be happy [simple things are enough] but I can't find any certain reason why I am like this tonight. HAHAHA. Ü

I am receiving so much love and sharing it everyday with my friends are the best thing to do. Ü

For about a week I am sending personal messages everyday to all of the person in my phone book. HAHAHA i mean it, ALL.

Whether it's a simple hello or just asking them to take care and bring umbrella I never failed to send them text messages and I guess they appreciate it more than I can imagine. Ü

I am their ATE and I love the feeling. Ü

I guess one of my frustrations is having whether an older or younger sister. God is wise. He gave me a lot of girl friends who happen to be my sisters at heart. Ü

Anyway, I am craving for raspberry froyo! ahh. will surely have this tomorrow. kyaaa~~ ;]
It is a way of treating myself after a week of transcribing kekeke. Ü
Though i need to wait, hindi kasi ako nakatira sa lungsod. Lols. ;]]
Walang froyo sa Naic. HELLO! Lols. Ü

I am having a long weekend kekeke! Ü
Since July 4 will be USA's Independence Day so it's a H O L i D A Y!

Kpoppin! :)) ~~~

Yesterday was LEETEUK's Birthday!
I wasn't able to buy or bake a cake for him. I feel guilty about it. ahhhh. :|
He's an ANGEL from above that sent here to look over Super Junior and ME. HAHA! Ü

And few more days, uhmm 8 days to be exact it will be my superrHEEro's Birthday! Ü

Grabe. HAHAHA. kinikilig ako. naisiip ko pa lang. ;)

Birthday Project is going to happen!
Yes, video will be played on MOA's globe at exactly 7pm.

Kinakalapag po namin lahat ng taong may kakilala sa media. HAHAHA.
Gusto po namin ng exposure lols. :) not us but the video itself.

We are praying so hard, we want this event to be covered by any media.
It has a higher chance to be noticed by Heechul himself if there is any media involve.

So please help us, if you knew someone refer them to us. |begging

Heechul noticed the Chinese ELFs' Birthday Project.
We are hoping HEE will notice this too. Ü
Help us make this thing possible.

Someone from the media, pleaseeeeee! ;)

Kpoppin End Lols. :) ~~~

I made these clays. Is it okay?
A friend asked me to make this hehe. kaso hindi ko pa napapakita Ü
I am thinking if I need to change anything, what you think? Ü

Posted by kryk