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Tuesday, July 26, 2011
Rainy Afternoon.
4 more episodes and I'll finish watching 49 days/Pure Love.
Yea. This is why I never bother to go online yesterday.
I'm busy watching this Kdrama.

Take note, Dad is watching with me too. HAHAHA.
We are even discussing how the plot goes and who are the characters.
Kekeke. ;)

Ang kulet lang. Ohhh. :PP Nakiki-Kdrama!

Anyway, I got pissed off yesterday that led me to send this message to all of my so called friends :
"I will no longer be nice to those people who do not deserve my kindness."

Most of the time, I am very tolerant towards people's attitude.
But I got fed up with this certain gal. :/

Though we're not that close but at least we share the same interest, FANGiRLiNG, that's why we became friends.

She asked me several favors.
That's okay with me kase those are just little favors such as pa'load or share ng load saying she'll pay back nalang.
Kase most of the time I just use gcash to load myself so I really have an extra load and I share it naman with my brother, cousins, anyone na friends ko.

The reason why I got pissed off was after I gave her the load she never text me again, not even saying "Thank You."


Grabe. I do not know if I am just over reacting pero kase I, myself use to say thank you to anyone who give me favors or done anything for me kaya I was expecting she's like that too.

Ay ewan ko lang. :/ Pero I promise to myself that will be the last favor for her.
I wouldn't do anything in the future.

Feel like she's taking advantage on me. I feel bad though.

Btw, I told you before that I really wanted to dye my hair, right?
So here it is.

I love you, PhotoShop. HAHAHA :))

Posted by kryk