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Tuesday, August 16, 2011
I think I am a BiT OKAY? ;)
Okay! My birthday yesterday went well.
Actually, my real plan was to go to MOA alone. Oo, ganoon talaga.
I wanna celebrate alone. Emo pa ako eeh. kekekk. Ü

I woke up quite late. After fixing myself, my father told me that my cousins are coming.
Eeh. Ehh de natahimik ako. Alangan umalis pa ako nun di ba?
Then, my auntie also texted me telling she'll buy me a cake.

It was an intimate celebration. My only friend who came was Gloryvi. :)
It was not happy as last year though it was not sad at all.

[ I had hair cut a few days ago kaso ang fail ng bangs ko, right?
full bangs pero hindi pantay pantay! asar si ateng mang-gugupit ehh ;| ]

Ohhh! one thing that made me happy was sa dami ng text / messages na na'recieved ko. ;))
Umaapaw yung phone at facebook wall ko. lols. Ü
Especially to those people na i just met recently because of Super Junior.
People who are my dongsaengs.
they are so sweet to me, nakakaiyak mga text nila HAHA. :)
ako na touchy! Ü

For that, I will always be grateful. Ü
See, hindi lang naman puro ka-artehan meron sa pag fangirling hihii. :)
You can meet people who can be your friends for real.

Oops! I wanna share this. Ü
My korean friend gave a korean name and it's Ga-yeong. :)
Joneun gayeong-imnida. :]]]]

I think I talk too much na. hehe :)) will do blog hop~ Ü see you. ^^

Posted by kryk