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Monday, November 7, 2011
ASDFGHJKL Day! Oh love !
[I made this post last night around 11 in the evening but keep updating it that's why the date changed.]

I don't want this day to pass without me making an entry. Really! ;)
If you can only see me right now my eyes are really shining bright because of happiness.

Today is soooooo ASDFGHJKL! I don't know how to describe this day. hihii. :))
I feel happy, overwhelmed and so thankful for everything!

Okay, today ( November 06, 2011) is Super Junior's 6th Years Anniversary!
Yes, it has been 6 years since their debut. That's freaking love!
You know I am a self-confessed ELF, right? So, this day isn't just an ordinary day for me.
This day is filled with so much love at sobrang kilig!
Though I consider myself being an ELF for just almost a year.
I don't know exactly what date I became an ELF. I'm bad with dates.
So embarrassing huh? T_T

So, Mama and I went to mall. After the grocery,  I bought cake and 2 pieces of balloon. kekek :) I'm crazy, right? Such a loner fangirl. I'm doing everything alone!

HAHA wala man lang ka-spazz. aisssh ~~
But I don't feel bad at all because my parents join my craziness! Yes, they really did! 


The "HELLO HALLYU" aired at GMA NEWS TV earlier.
I bet all the fangirls gone wild because I did.
I even came to a point where my head started to ache because of too much happiness.
Crazzzzzy! :) Plus the fact I kept tapping the narra set and biting my fingers!

Grrr. Ang intense po! Shet haha :)) Wagas na kakiligan! Ü

So, my day today is really DAEBAK! :)
I'm having like an idon'twantthisdaytoend syndrome lols! Ü

Here are some scenes that added spice to this crazy day and gave me endless laughter:

Scene 1 :

Morning. About 11 AM.

Papa: Asan ang PSP. (Where's the PSP?)
Kryk: *Widened my eyes* Bakit? (Why?)
Papa: Maglalaro ako ng Metal Slug. (I will play Metal Slug)
Kryk: *burst out laughter*

Seriously, I thought my father was joking but FTW he really knows how to play it!
HAHAHA hindi ko alam kung anong trip neto at kung paano natututo. :)

Scene 2 :

Evening. After we had pictures taking.
Right when Hello Hallyu started and I'm crazy tapping my cheeks! Kase nga kinikilig ako! haha :))))

Mama was upstairs.

Papa: Cora, cora dalian mo! Eto na idols natin. (Cora, cora, faster! Here's our idols!)
Kryk: *laughing so hard* PUAHAHAHAHA :)

I'm crazy but my father is even crazier~ Ü

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Posted by kryk