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I like blogging because it connects me to YOU and i definitely love YOU because in YOU i found new friend. ^.^

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Saturday, November 26, 2011
Kpop blah blah ;)

I'm sleepy already but I promise to myself to make an entry before I doze off. kekek.

[I'm talking about Kpop here. Lols. Sorry for those who cannot relate eeh. T_T]

Yaaaa!. :)) Hello! Ü So it has been ages again since my last post. Eeh! kekekek ~~~
I'm reaally sorry. I have been busy with work. Really! ^.^
During my two days off, I'm spending the first day going somewhere and spend the second one reading a lot of "FANFiC" on my phone. Yeaaaaa! :)))

Okay, I only read EUNHAE fanfic. That couple is really my OneTruePair.
Though it's Yaio but hey! I don't really care. HAHA.
As long as it's EUNHAE or whoever from my fandom. Everything will be loved!
I don't mind them hugging, kissing, or even making out. Hell'yaaaa! It's only fiction though. ^^
I really enjoy reading. Mind has great power and we fangirls are too powerful. ;)

Anyway, SS4 Seoul went well. Right now PH is still not on the list like WTF!
How long I/we have to wait 'till we see our country in that freaking list? T_______T
SS2 and SS3 both have high sales here!
Everyone is screaming their hearts out during the concert.
C'mon! WE NEED SS4. I even save up for this. I'm freaking ready! Just give me the date!

And have you seen my baby RYEOWOOK? OH MY GAWD!
He has ABS now. Ohh baby no more. Really! I'm calling him Siwonie's Apprentice haha!
To all the SUJU members he's the least person to me who would like to have such body but I guess it wrong.
My baby is such a big boy now! Even flirting with the female dancers. Eeh! /stabheart

Baby, can you flirt with me instead? /puppy eyes. :))))

I love showing affection. I don't know whether it's okay or not, but I'm kinda enjoying it with my long time friends, fangirls, newly meet friends, and to whoever I feel comfortable with. lols. Ü

Here's my baby during he's Move Like Jagger solo performance.
Look the way he moves, haha! flirty wookie. neh! :))
[I even downloaded that video and play it to our TV for better view. HAHAHA]

I'm off for blog walk. See you. Ü
Posted by kryk