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Hello People Of The Blog World! ^^.
Welcome to my blog where of all of thoughts are being expressed, where most of my shits and randomness are being shared, where even i talk nonsensically you still spare time and care. Ü

I like blogging because it connects me to YOU and i definitely love YOU because in YOU i found new friend. ^.^

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Friday, January 28, 2011
oh so random!
tadaaaa!!! ;)
im gonna share random stuffs! what's new, uh? Ü

i know it's quite late but yesterday i bought mom an electric oven as my birthday gift.
winkk! ^-^ yea. instead of spending my money for SS3 i came up with this decision. Ü

no more SS3, it's sad though. i just plan to buy heechul's pillow (jjinbbang) and SUJU shirt.
though i know concert will be totally fun but im quite hesitant now maybe because of what's happening in our surroundings -- killings. ;(
how come others don't value life? WTH their problems?! Grrr.
crimes are increasing.
why many people choose to be bad when there's a lot of reasons to be good?

anyway, have you watch "Crazy Little Thing Called LOVE?"
it's a romantic comedy Thai film. i suggest you to watch it. ;)
it was the second Thai movie i have watched and i didn't regret it.
movie is ohhhh soooooooo GREAT! Ü
thanks to 2PNGFX (Ping Sulla) because he was the one who recommended the movie.Ü

btw, i already knew the basic things in cooking. ^_^
yea. finally after so long time my first achievement was a perfect sunny side up egg. ;))
wahahaha. the very first time na hindi nabasag yung yolk. i am so damn proud! ;)

second achievement, i have made our viand last Tuesday.
it was a bean sprout in oyster sauce and sesame oil.

now, i feel like kitchen and i have chemistry.
what you think?Ü haha ^.^
im excited to explore the world of cooking!

i made this last night.

and this is what i have for today. HAHA. Ü

Posted by kryk
Tuesday, January 18, 2011
Tak Goo. ^^
Tak Goo Yaaaaaaaaaa! Ü
sleepless for two days straight! blame it to Tak Goo. HAHAHA. :)
yea. im referring to the baker king's lead actor. Ü
Tak Goo. Tak Goo.
from now on, i love this guy too. ^^.)

i finished the whole episode today.
im quite surprised with the ending.
i thought Tak Goo and his childhood friend, Yoo Kyung, will end up together.
but they did not. it's a twist huh. :) i didn't expect it. really.

Mmm i already got my SS2 DVD. HAHAHA. :)
i like heechul, siwon, ryeowook, and leeteuk's way of introducing themselves.
it was my first time seeing the whole concert.
sumobra ang tuwa ko!
and ohh i already watched the whole concert for like three times!

funny thing was when i saw leeteuk crying.. . i also cry. =/
and mom was like "bakit naiyak ka?" o.O

nakakahiya ka superrkrykie! :|

im just too attached right now that's why i am like this. ;P
i don't have any idea when it will last but I'M HAPPY.

anyway, i realized one thing :
nakakalungkot mag-antay sa bagay na hindi naman pala sayo. :((
seriously, i have been waiting for this certain thing to happen but now i almost lose hope.
now, im raising my white flag. T_T i won't expect anything regarding this matter. not anymore.
i hate them for that. ;/ i hate them for making such a fake promise. Brrrr.
i know you have no idea about it but i just wanna feel better that's why im blabbing out! hmpf!

my mood is like roller coaster.
happy then after a while im burning with anger! haha :D

sorry for that, okay? :)

i'll do blog hoppin! Ü

and ohhh i made an account in tumblr.
follow me and i'll follow you back, okay? kK! ;]]

Posted by kryk
Tuesday, January 11, 2011
I am back!
guess who's back, back again!

yey' it's me krykie. Errr. ;)
sorry. i have been busy the past few days. busy with nothingness. LoooL. ^^
seriously, i have been busy doing the laundry and household chores.
that's the only thing i can contribute right now. :D

so yea. :D hindi na naman ako naaarawan! haha. ;)
i rarely go outside. back to the same old routine. haha!

anyway, my mom celebrated her 54th birthday last monday. ^^
happy birthday ma! Ü

so, how's everyone? seems like im missing a lot online huh!

okay, will surely do blog hoppin' after this.

ooh. this is my LSS for two days. kekokoo ^^.)

Puff the magic dragon

hyukiee is so cute here uhh! :)
but of course my heechul too.
cutest dragon ever! rawrrr! Ü

Light stick and DVD will arrive on the third week of January.
yea. you read it right. tokkk! aside from the light stick i also bought their SS2 DVD.
crazy, i know! HAHAHA. :)

Posted by kryk
Wednesday, January 5, 2011
I bleed blue.
Chinese people said that blue will be the color of the year.
Omo ~~ now i know why my blog is a bit cyanotic, huh? :P

But i made this blue because of Super Junior.
Yea. Blue will always be related to them.
For the Nth times, im in love with Super Junior! ;)

I haven't bought any of their albums. HAHA. ;p
Does it means im not an ELF?
Of course not. Pero basta i love everything about them.
The only thing i bought related to them was the "light stick."
Yea. I ordered one for the SS3.
Ohh no! i ain't sure coming to that event.
But i keep on praying. ;)

Im excited for the sanuk/bpi promo! HAHA. ;)

Kase when you ask ticketnet the only thing they will say is SOLD OUT na daw.
Omo ~~ I don't know if it's a good or bad news.
Maybe a little of both. HAHA. Ü

Oh well ~~ i just hope for the better.
I want Heechul. Yea. Heechul and the rest of the SUJU members.

I wanna experience the SUJU madness. Errr. ;P

Okay, bye for now. :)
Will do blog hoppin' next time. Ü


Posted by kryk
Saturday, January 1, 2011
Hello 2011 ;)

Hello 2011!

yes, :) it's officially year 2011 now. omo! ~~
sikat na naman si bugs bunny. hehe :)
another year had passed. ang bilis nuh! hehe!
may we all have another great year ahead. Ü
more blessings to come and may God guide us as He always will. :)

anyway, i'll do pic spam nalang hehe :) can't make kwento much kasi bigla biglang nawawalan ng power. T.T tssskk. new year na new year nang-iinis ang Meralco. rawrrr!

this was our family picture last Christmas . ;)


Posted by kryk