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Hello People Of The Blog World! ^^.
Welcome to my blog where of all of thoughts are being expressed, where most of my shits and randomness are being shared, where even i talk nonsensically you still spare time and care. Ü

I like blogging because it connects me to YOU and i definitely love YOU because in YOU i found new friend. ^.^

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011
4 days to go for #SS3MNL.

freak! :)
im dying from excitement!

okay, inhale... exhale! Ü

kalmado ako! hahaha :DD

anyway, i had a wonderful weekends.
i had great time with my cousins.
yes, i stayed at my aunt's crib last Saturday.
we went night swimming. :D
it was unplanned yet everything went really well. haha :D

i guess mas masaya talaga ang biglaang lakad looooool ^_________^
okay, okay. i'll do pic spam nalang hehe :D
since i will be having a meeting with karl in few minutes. haha :D
we're planning to have a photoshoot somewhere. sana matuloy! Ü

that's all for now. :)
see you around! Ü
Posted by kryk
Friday, February 18, 2011
hey there! :)
helloooooooooooooo ^___^
how's everyone? how was your valentines day?
i wasn't able to update last valentines because i made chocolates the whole day.
see, im busy making others date special while i don't have one. *sighhhh* HAHA. :)

my father told me that i should have date next valentines day. abaaaa! (o.O)
i told him if he wants me to have boyfriend sasagutin ko nalang si kuya! *noooooooo!*
who's kuya? that's another story. for me, he's okay as friend nothing more.

napaka-kulit lang talaga ng tatay ko. HAHAHA. para matahimik nalang. :))

seriously, getting into relationship is my least priority.
i agree, being in love is great but sometimes it's tiring too.

Mark, you know what i mean, right? haha. ^_____^

okay, so much for that.

Cavite State University - Naic Campus celebrated it's 50th years. :)
mom made the Go For Gold Hymn ^__^
have i shared before that my mom was the one who also made the CvSU March?
and of course the Naic Hymn *kung hindi lang napulitika! haha :)*
indeed, we are so proud of her. <(",)

they painted the whole wall with different murals.
i think it's one of the contests for the celebration. ^___^

we are watching here the Mr. & Ms. CvSU pageant. ^__^
*yes, for those who notice. i got hair cut the next day. look at my bangs! Ü*

oops, i wanna share this picture too. :)
she's nezza, our niece.
why babies are so cute? aah. :)
lol for her expression. aigoo ~~

Posted by kryk
Sunday, February 13, 2011
Balentyms :))
Tittle sucks.. loooooooool ^__^

i used to say "balentyms" instead of valentines when i was a kid.
i believe some of you are like that too! aminin! haha :>

sorry for my rare updates. *ishnaaaa!* ;))

anyway, here's my valentine gift for you guys.

i made them! :)
yes, that's what keeping me busy these days.
im making chocolates! Ü
mom got orders so since im at home im helping her by making those.
we bought raw materials at chocolate lovers.
i super love that castle. every time we go there, im the princess!;P

i'll give you real chocolates when we meet each other, okay? :)
but for now accept the picture. loooool ^^

so, last Saturday mom and i went to Baclaran, Alimall, Chocolate Lovers, and Puregold Tanza.
imagine how i look like when we reached Tanza, syempre super madungis na. hehe!

here's the story:

i went to western union inside the Puregold to get money.
when i got the money we went straight to the japan store because mom had to to buy something.

when we got home i received a text ---- "Master..."
There are two persons who used to call me that way.
I replied and asked who's texting.
Ehh ayun nga si Biggs! bwahaha
(he is my highschool classmate's friend & currently my fb friend)
I'm wondering how he got my number when in fact i never gave it to him.
I asked him and he said "sa yellow page"
I was wondering what was that yellow page about. T___T
Wala naman kasi akong matandaang nag-post ako ng number eeh.

He said he thinks he saw me sa PG. haha :D
I asked what was PG, acronym pala yun sa Puregold. loooooooool ^^

Nakakayamot, haha :D siya pala yung western union agent. amfufu!
Small world, isn't it? :)
Sabi niya hesitant daw siya mag-pakilala kasi baka daw mali. haha :DD
Pero namumukaan niya daw ako. winkk!
And the yellow page he was saying was the western union form.
Oo nga naman yellow yun. HAHA. :D

KRYK pa yung pirma ko. obvious na ako talaga! Ü

Ang kulet di ba, unexpected things happen and we meet people accidentally.

Malay ko ba kung nakakasama ko pala kayo sa LRT/MRT/bus/malls, etc
We just don't know. LoL. :)

Life is getting more exciting! :))

Have a sweet day ahead! Ü
show some Loveeee. ^_____^

Posted by kryk
Sunday, February 6, 2011
February? My month! Ü
Love month is totally oozing hot for me! :)
I am in state of blissfulness. Ne! Ü

Okay, remember i posted before that i decided not to watch SS3 anymore, right?
I even used my money for other stuff. Kee!
Pero alam mo yun, as the day passes by hindi ako mapakali. T_T
Kahit sinabi ko na hindi na ako manunuod parang mali. HAHA. emote much?
So, ayun nga. I have changed my mind. I wanna watch!
I took every opportunity just to have ticket --- wall post to Ms. Happee, ticketnet, chatting with people selling tickets, calling pulp office.

EVERYTHING just to have it and God didn't fail me.
i went to PULP warehouse yesterday, i have the tickets now!!! Ü
though i only got UB Side *cry* im freaking happy na!
(pero mas masaya if center ang nakuha ko. hayst.. .)

gonna see Heechul and the rest of the Super Junior Live. Grrrrrrr.

my lightstick is here.
shirt and banner will arrive on the 19th.

basta i hope everything will turn out okay. freaaaak!

My mind right now it occupied by Super Junior so i cannot make any other post.
Posted by kryk