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Welcome to my blog where of all of thoughts are being expressed, where most of my shits and randomness are being shared, where even i talk nonsensically you still spare time and care. Ü

I like blogging because it connects me to YOU and i definitely love YOU because in YOU i found new friend. ^.^

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011
Cake pops.
Waaaaaaa! Why i feel like our internet connection is freaking slow.
I don't know if it's the connection or our computer who has the problem.

Anyway, i don't go online much often the past few days.
Bukod sa nakakatamad. Whenever i go online, i always end up with anything related to
Super Junior.
I get fuxxxx affected with the news or whatsoever.
So, just to minimize this craziness i should stay awaaaaaaaaaaay from net. kyaaaaaaaaaa! :))

Have you seen the news about Heechul and Jessica got married?
Of course, that's not true!
How can Heechul marry her if we're already married?
That's polygamous, babe! haha ** see? im freaking crazy! **

Yesterday, i made myself busy by baking (as usual! kekekk.)
I wanted to be Mrs. Kim Tak Goo eeh. HAHAHA. freaking uhmmm! Ü

here's what i baked. Cake Pops, baby! Ü

Posted by kryk
Friday, March 18, 2011
Dear Japan,

Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
Our deepest condolences for the lives that vanished and for the dream that ended. What had happened was not just painful for you but also for everyone.
We mourn with you. We sympathize you.
Let our prayers be your shield. Let our love fill the emptiness.
Let our hopes be your courage to stand up again. Be healthy!
The world see how your people are so discipline and unselfish.
It serves as an inspiration.

We will wait to see your smile again.

Can't help not to be sad with what's happening with Japan. :(
Every time I hear news about it, it breaks my heart.
Especially for those persons who decided to stay and just send their wife and kids to centers.
How dreadful. :( Being separated with your loved ones is a big sacrifice. T_______T

Let's all pray for the betterment of everyone. Ü
Posted by kryk
Monday, March 14, 2011
Baker Princess/Queen.
Ang epal ng tittle nuh? haha :D Feeling-era! Kekekk~~
Okay, :] my friends used to call me that way and obviously i super like it. HAHA. :)
I don't mind being called as Queen, kung si Tak Goo naman ang Baker King ko. Yown!
HAHAHA. ^______^

The most precious thing for me right now is not cellphone nor computer but OVEN.
Brownies, butterscotch, cupcakes, and simple cakes.
Even panna cotta. Ü

I bake almost everyday.
Every night I'm thinking what to bake the next day. HAHA. :D
That's how much I'm into baking right now.

I'm not a pro but for a beginner like me I can say naman na okay lahat nung ni'bake ko.
My family loves it and also our dog! HAHA. :)) seryoso!
Ayaw kumain ng isda nung aso namin pero yung butterscoth kinain nya. Arte much? LoL. :]
In fairness, wala pa akong ni'bake na hindi nila kinain. kekekk~~
And besides my mom's co-teachers also like it.
At oo, hindi ko maiwasang hindi isama ang Super Junior sa ginagawa ko.
They inspire me a lot. Ahhhhh. iLY SJ!

Even my bake don't look that good but for me, hell' yaaa :) they are pretty!

Posted by kryk
Sunday, March 6, 2011
Okay :|
I keep playin' SAPPHIRE BLUE for like 2 hours straight.
Eehhh! ;) reminiscing the pre-concert time last week. Ohh.

It has been 8 days since the #SS3MNL.
Yea. Still can't get over it.
How can i forget something that i have ever wanted, right?

Anyway, have you read the news about a fan throwing fanboard which landed directly to Heechul's face at #SS3Shanghai ?

C'mon Heechul is a man.
Having a papercut is just nothing. ;)
I got lot of papercuts during my working days before.
Though it hurts but not that bad.

*that's what on my mind earlier.*

But after seeing the video && photos. aigooo ~~~ i feel like this is a serious case. ;//
Look at Heechula's face, ;(
I can feel that he is really sad from what had happened.
Though he said he's okay but still.. . ahh. just look at his emotion, it tells everything. ;/

Video && photos break my heart. :(

I think this is the first picture i have ever seen without him smiling. :(

C'mon guys, Heechul is human too and so all the Super Junior members.
He get hurt. They get hurt. He get wounded. They get wounded.
Please be careful. We all adore them but let us set limitations.

Don't throw hard things directly to them.
Throw it on the floor, but throwing nothing would be best!

I hate to see Heechul and everyone Super Junior members unhappy. Pleaseeeeeeeee. :(

Posted by kryk
Tuesday, March 1, 2011
Think Sapphire Blue.
Okay, i know you knew why my tittle is like that. Lols!
Of course, ill be making kwento about #SS3MNL which happened last Saturday, Feb.26.11, which is so far my favorite date of the year. ;]]

The concert was freakin' great!
Super Junior && ELFs both went crazy!!

There's a lot of funny moments and touching ones too.
I loss my voice from screaming but i don't give a damn! HAHA.

Im willing to loss it again for another Super Show!

I met new friends before and during the concert. ;]

Let me share my TOP 6 performances of the night :

Top 6 -- Topless Siwonie. o.O Aaaah! ;]]] the ABS! Amazing Body, Siwon! woooo! ^_________^

Top 5 --Henry Lau singing Baby by JB. Im not a fan of JB but when Henry sings his song,

i still don't like him. HAHAHA. I just love Henry more.

Yes, Philippines is the LAU-dessssssssssst! <3

Top 4 -- I Wanna Love You by EUNHAE. Im a fan of this couple.

Bakit kahit pareho silang lalaki the chemistry and sweetness is there? T_________T

Gusto ko na rin maging lalaki ! HAHAHA.

When Hyukkie took off his shirt ... . Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! Ang linaw ng mata ko! haha :DD

Top 3 -- Bonamana. Errr. Elfs are hyper since the concert started pero mas naging mas hyper pa during this song.

Wala na halos fanchant. HAHAHA. Kase buong kanta sinasabayan. SA! ;]]

Bounce to you, bounce to youuuuuuuuu!

Im sure tulad ko, napapasayaw rin kayo! kekekek ^______^ FTW!

Top 2 -- Rinaldo. This performance was so ajdhsynvpogn. Err!. Can't find words.


When i saw Kangin on screen, keeee! I cried. *goosebump!*

:(( Miss that Raccoon! See you soon, oppa!

Top 1 -- Yesung's Solo. It Has To Be You.

It has to be Yesung. :)))

Yeye let us sing the second chorus. woooo. ^_______^


I felt that everyone inside the dome was united.

I think Yeye didn't expect that we can sing along with him.

While the PHELFs singing, he said "Good && Thank You Very Much"

that's the sweetest thank you I have ever heard. ;]]

SS3 made me happy && every PHELFs too.

I know, loving Super Junior may not be forever.

They will get old so as me BUT as long as i can, I WILL LOVE THEM. o.O)//

I don't expect everyone to understands me especially those who's not into KPOP.

I, myself, didn't expect the impact that Super Junior has brought me.

I didn't even expect to get hooked up to this far that i'll push through to their concert.

It's crazy. I know.

But im happy. ;]]

I hate to see ELFs being bullied by someone. :((

Keso korean at hindi naman naiintindihan.

Keso gwapo lang daw.. .

Keso... Keso... :)

Keso ano pa man SJ is for ELFs && ELFs is only for SJ.



Posted by kryk