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Hello People Of The Blog World! ^^.
Welcome to my blog where of all of thoughts are being expressed, where most of my shits and randomness are being shared, where even i talk nonsensically you still spare time and care. Ü

I like blogging because it connects me to YOU and i definitely love YOU because in YOU i found new friend. ^.^

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Monday, April 25, 2011
To my future .. .
To my future boyfriend,

Hi. How are you?
Tell me, when do you plan to arrive?
I get bully being without you by my side.
Somehow the feeling sucks.
Why others are more curious than i?
Why others wait for you badly than i?
I'm happy now. Lucky indeed i got 13+2 gorgeous men beside me.
I'm happy with my SuperrHEEro. Right now, for me HEE is everything. Ü
But I'm getting sick with the people around me.
Why they always ask where and who you are. I'm tired. T_______T
I'm tired telling you're still lost in your way to me.
They don't even believe it and will just end up being accused of hiding or denying you.
Tell me, hiding who when i don't even know you [yet.]
Even before you come, I'm starting to hate you.
Why it has to be all eyes in me? Wae!!

I hate you. And i love My Superr HEEro. (◕‿‿◕)
Posted by kryk
Wednesday, April 20, 2011
Hey hey beloy. Ü
I was about to make an entry last night but end up watching Super Junior related video.
Yea. Blame the person who posted the link. winkkk! *_^
The video tittle is "A Walk To Remember Super Junior" and has 9 parts.
All through out i was crying really hard. Eeeh. Shame! Ü
Video have shown all their ups and downs.
Even every accidents they got involved were included.

I was once a fan of Westlife and after 13 years i gave up and started liking Super Junior.
I don't know how long this admiration for Super Junior will last.
I admit, i wasn't there at the beginning but will try to be with them till the end.
Hwaiting! (◕‿‿◕)

Anyway, i was with mom and japs today at SM Bacoor. Kekekk!
Yea. Without my dad. He never likes malling. He gets bored easily. Eey.
I know, it's holy week yet i still making fun of my brother. HAHAHA.
Can't help it. It's one of my hobbies. Ü
Or maybe it's my way for him to feel my presence. awwoooo!
Para akong timang sa mall. HAHAHA.
My brother was asking mom to buy him a new phone, pang-asar lang kinokontra ko talaga. haha :D
I said, he already have two phones, tapos phone na naman.
If only you could see how angry he was. HAHAHA.
I laugh really loud. Rawrrr! Ü

But in the end mom bought him new phone.
So, ayun masaya ang bata! loooool :))

Btw, Villa kukay is already set up! Yeeea. :) Remember my very colorful swimming pool? Lol. Ü
Since it's really hot now, masayang mag-babad sa tubig for many hours! Ü
Will post photos some other time. Ü
Let's all be healthy, okay! Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! (◕‿‿◕)
Posted by kryk
Friday, April 15, 2011
Ohh Mommy! :))
Helloooooo bloggers!

How's everyone? Ü
Today is my aunt's birthday.
We use to call her Mommy, so don't be confuse.
When i say Mommy it is my Aunt and when i say Mama im referring to my real Mom. :)
So since it's her birthday we went to their house and had celebration!
It was really fun but kinda tiring.

Ang dami ko kasing alaga na bata! haha :D
Im with my cousins and since im the eldest i took care of them when we went to the seashore.
Pero syempre dahil lahing pasaway. Errr. :))
Sumakit lalamunan ko kakasigaw! Ü
I even got bruise in my right foot dahil sa pagtakbo hindi ko napansing may bato. huhu. T_T

We met a kiddo. I asked his name but he keeps on telling he is Super Man.
LoL. :) So i just said "Okay, nice to meet you, Super Man. I am Superr Krykie."
But in the end he told me that his name is Jude and he is 5 years old. Kekek. :PP
He was eating ice cream and goofing around I was imitating his actions haha :D
He said "Wag mo akong gayahin, nahihiya ako eh." HAHAHAHA ;))
He shared something personal to me.
I didn't expect that at his early age he's experiencing something not right.
He is victim of a broken home. I feel bad about it. :((
He even said he didn't love his father anymore. T_T

Anyway, im wearing a dress. This is the first time i did it without any major occasion.
I feel too girly. HAHAHA.
The last time i wore one was a long time ago that i can't even remember when. lol Ü

Posted by kryk
Saturday, April 9, 2011
I was happy all day yesterday.
  • I woke up early to exercise. Had jumping rope and hula hoops.
  • Had oatmeal cookies that i baked and milk for breakfast.
  • Cleaned our rooms.
  • Had lunch with mama. We also made Papaya and Melon smoothies.
  • My father bought us vanilla ice cream.
  • I ate kimchi fried rice for dinner.
  • Had chocolatesssssss. Yea. Lots of sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeets.
  • Nonstop spazzing about kpop idols.
See, everything seemed to be perfect. But i really got pissed off after reading an email.
Gusto ko umiyak. ;'//

My so called perfect day became just an illusion. /sigh

Will leave the reason unknown because it's too personal.
I just wanna burst out the emotion.

Anyway, I wanna share this photo.
That's the new look of Philippines' Money. Ü
Hell'aaaa cuteeee! Do you have one already?
Those are my mom's money. Ü I forgot the 20 peso bill T_T sorry!

I saw an "easy draw tutorial" from Linda
She is really good in drawing. :D

I know, i suck in drawing but after seeing the tutorial can't resist from trying it. Hohoo.
Thanks for this tutorial, Linda! Ü

Posted by kryk
Monday, April 4, 2011
It's Eunhyuk's birthday today! winkkkk!
Saeng il chukha hamnida oppa! Ü

I made this cake for him. ;PP yes, that's my way of celebrating his birthday.
Im not a pro and this is my first time to make a fondant cake.
But I guess, everything turned out really well.
I shared this cake with my relatives and they like it.Ü
Especially my brother lol!
He requested me to make a new one but i told him to wait until his birthday! haha :DD
That's 5 months from now. Ü

I'm an ultimate Heechul bias but i don't know who will be my second to the last bias.
They are all awesome. I know, everyone will agree! keee! :PP
I also like Hyukkie. That monkey amazes me with his dancing skill and funny actions. Ü

Happy birthday Hyukkie. ^________^

Aside from Super Junior, im into CNBLUE too.
So yea. Im an ELF and BOiCE. ;) Hooray! Ü

Oops, 2AM is coming. Do you have any plans to come to their mall tours?
Well, I have plan. kekek! I already told it to mom.
I didn't hear any rejection so i guess it's okay for her. Ü
She don't mind me getting crazy over those Korean idols. Ü
Because I think she knows how it feels. LoL.

Mom, grandma, and auntie were crazy over Victor Wood and Jestoni Alarcon during their time.
In fact, one of my cousins' name is Jesty, ayon iyon sa kahilingan ng amin lola. HAHA. Rawr!
Take note they used to be presidents of some fans club.

So every time I told her "hindi pa ako malala kase kayo nga naging presidente pa ng mga fans club samantalang ako kabilang sa mababang antas ng miyembro lamang."

Emote. That's my way saying, you guys are crazier than me. ^__^

How do you think we freaking know the lyrics of Eternally by Victor Wood?
OMG! sa araw-araw na ginawa ni God yun ang non-stop LSS ng Lola namin. ;]
na'immune na kami. even without seeing the lyrics itself na'memorize namin. HAHA.

Tell me, who is crazier? ?Ako o sila? Ü

Sila eeeeh! haha :))

Posted by kryk
Saturday, April 2, 2011
Bulgogi ala Krykie Ü
Tok Tok Tok!
I'm back! Ü Miss me? Miss me? IMY too.

Okay, for how many times kinukulit ko si mama na magluto ng bulgogi.
Actually, there's nothing special with this dish... i just i like it.

We went to SM yesterday.
I bought everything i need and decided to make it for today's lunch.
So, yea. I had bulgogi for lunch. kekek! FINALLY!! haha ;PP
Yes... I made it by myself. Ü
Aside from baking im enjoying to cook simple foods whether it's a viand, chao fan, or anything for merienda. Ü
Kitchen is my playground.
Those knife, stove, pans, chopping board are all my playmates. ;)

So here's my bulgogi.

*this is the uncooked bulgogi.*

tadaaaa! this is the cooked one.

that's for my brother.

and this is MiNE! :)

My father is my number one fan. lol :)
Sa lahat ng naluto ko (whatever food) siya yung mahilig kumain at pumuri.
Rawr. Thanks Father goose! Ü
Posted by kryk