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Hello People Of The Blog World! ^^.
Welcome to my blog where of all of thoughts are being expressed, where most of my shits and randomness are being shared, where even i talk nonsensically you still spare time and care. Ü

I like blogging because it connects me to YOU and i definitely love YOU because in YOU i found new friend. ^.^

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Sunday, June 19, 2011
My heart is at peace.
Heeeey! :)
Thanks to those who commented on my last post. *hugs!*
You never knew how grateful I am. Ü

Anyway, yea. My heart is at peace.
I chose MT -- medical transcriptionist.

I already started last Friday kekeke. :))
Off will be Sunday and Monday.
So, the rest of the week will be busy for me.

My auntie called again, but never had the chance to talk to her because Im not home that time.
I just sent her an email, explaining my thing.
I haven't got any reply yet.. . but I assume she'll understand me. yay!

I sold some of my online shop items. kekeke! ^^,)
Part of it will go to my superrHEEro's birthday celebration. woooot! ^_^

KiM HEECHUL is turning 29 this July.
Omo~~ already an ahjussi but still pretty. aisssh. :D
We have birthday project from him.
We'll go hit a neorebang then straight to MOA.
Will going to play a video in MOA's globe! Seriously!
Sounds exciting, right? kekeke. Ü

I'm freaking excited about this too!

Kim Heechul, why I so love you? Ü

Posted by kryk
Tuesday, June 14, 2011
Bad day. T_T
I don't know how to categorized this day. ;/
I shed a lot of tears today. I even cried in front of many kids.
Yaaa. Such a loser. T_T

I told you in my last post about working as an MT again, right?

My cousin and i planned to go to SM Bacoor to get the foot pedal i ordered online.
When im about to leave, suddenly the telephone rang.
It was my aunt from abroad.

She told me to report to ~~~~ Hospital.
It was for the midwife job that i told you before.

I don't know which to choose. ;/ My mind was set for MT but this midwife job came in too.
Gaaaa. Im helpless. :((
I want MT, kaso nahihiya ako kay auntie. :(((

I wen't to my tita's classroom to fetch my cousin, Jeil.
Kyaaa ~~ While we're talking about it, tears fell down. Yea. Crybaby!
My tita's students were all looking at me. Aissh! Shame.
Im laughing while crying. Crazy!

My heart wants MT.

When i went home and talked to mom about it, i cry again.
Such an emotional fella.
My brother was just staring at me.
He's always like that when i cry.
Posted by kryk
Monday, June 13, 2011
an MT, again. :)

First day of class started! Yaaa. I envy my brother, he's back to school continuing his AHRM to BSHRM. Yaaaaaa. :)) Fighting! Ü

Anyway, as of me.. . im back transcribing! lols. will start very soon. maybe this week already.
I just need to buy a foot pedal and im back as an MT. ^_^
Stressful work, yea. But seriously i miss it. Doctor's dictations are music to my ears. kekek! Ü

So i guess, i'll be leaving blogging and fangirling for some time. keke! Ü

I need to focus, it has been 5 months ago since my last trans.

I know i suck in transcribing now. aisssh. FOCUS, DETERMINATION, and INSPIRATION. kekek. :)

That is why my desktop is like this:


Gonna miss you. Ü
Sorry, this post is so lame. o.O

Loveeeeeeeee. Ü
Posted by kryk
Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Okay, our Baguio trip went well! But I don't wanna talk about it.
Ahhh. I will just post photos later.
I'm kinda depressed puahaha! Even how much I avoid posting K-POP related to this blog I can't help it. :(( Sorry!
I love blogspot more than tumblr.

While I was in Baguio I was having emotional breakdown because there's no wifi in our place.
I can't go online. I can't see Heechul! Arghhh! :((
I miss him badly. Really. I'm this crazy! T___T

As soon as we arrived home I turned on the computer and browse the net. There, I see Heechul.
All my loneliness gone away. :)) I was freaking happy! Heechul never failed to give me that ticklish feeling. Trololol ~~~

I was scanning his tweets and there I see his twitpic that made my world crashed down.
TENGENE PO. ;(( **Sorry for the my words**

The picture was Chocoballs with JiA.
Magkatabi pa silaaaaaaaaaaaaa. :((( Yoko na! Yoko na. T__________T

I started crying! HAHAHA. Yea. I know for some I was over reacting but I freaking felt bad that time. :((


Until now, I still feel bad whenever I see that picture. :|
But feel happy whenever I see Heechul's picture. puahaha!

Opo, may bipolar na akooooooooo! :))

I never felt this pain with WESTLIFE.
I guess, Super Junior and HEECHUL alone have more impact in me.

Anyway, photos were taken during the trip.

Posted by kryk
Friday, June 3, 2011
Heeey, I'm excited with our trip. kekekek! :))
We will be leaving around 5:30 pm today.
Hindi pa ako nag-eempake! Lols. Empake talaga? HAHAHA. Ü
Maglalayas ako eeh. (^_^)/
Yaaaaaaaa. :D

I made up my mind. I had hair cut today and painted my nail RED. HAHAHA. :D
Girly indeed. If I am not mistaken it was almost two weeks ago since I had my nail painted.
Quite long uhh? Blame it to my laziness! kekek. Ü

Anyway, I wanna show some of the clays my mom and I made.

YEA!!! You're not mistaken. It's a dirty finger! HAHA!
mom made it!! Lols. seriously, she really did. puahaha!
[LOL for my nail. Bloody RED!]

I made those chibis and kawaii stuffs.
Mom focus on fruits and personalized things.
We have different style making each clay. ;P
Pretty obvious, right? Ü

Anyway, I can't do blog hop for three days since we'll be having an out-of-town trip.
I'll get back to you as soon as I'm home, arrasso? :D

Ya! Take care. iLY. Ü

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Posted by kryk
Wednesday, June 1, 2011

HOT TiMES is playing. arrghhh! KYU bakit mo 'ko inaakit? ;))
is this a second bias crisis? Lols. Ü

Yaaa. Baby, how are you? Uhhm. Don't think who's I'm asking, of course it's you. Winkk. ^^,

I'll be soon working in a hospital. Omo~~ :) It has been a while since the last time I practice my profession as midwife. I'm freaking nervous! But I really miss hospital works. Ü
I'm just waiting for the call. Ü Wish me luck!

Anyway, my days passed so fast. kekek! Maybe because a lot of things keep me from being busy.
Last Sunday, I went to a clay workshop. Yea. It was a prepation for the clay business I'm planning.
Actually, I already made another FB account for this clay shop.
Here it is: Klay.Mates

Mom chose its name. :))
Mom paid the workshop fee and even bought new turbo for this. Nanghinayang ako sa turbo. T___T Hindi man lang namin nalutuan ng manok, clay na agad. ampf.

Making anything out of clay is a fun! :)) As in nakakalibang. HAHAHA. Ü

BTW, my mom's co-teachers, mom, and I will go to Baguio on Friday and will stay there for three days. Yea. Yea. Ü I'm excited! Huling hirit bago magpasukan. hihii. Ü

I decided to have my hair trim by tomorrow. Hohoo. :))
I'm afraid to have a new hair cut because I'm still undecided of the style.
So i guess, remain the same hair cut will be the best choice. Lols.

I am talking nonsensely? Sorry. HAHA. Ü I feel a bit insane. Lols. Ü
I slept really late last night and woke up early today.
Yea. I'm blaming my lack of sleep that's why my post is a bit random. kekekk ^^.)
Posted by kryk