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Saturday, August 27, 2011
Dear You ~~~
Dear You,

I know I don't have the right to hate you, but you're giving me reasons to.
I love you and I will always do.
But for the past few days, you are the reason of my sadness.
You're the reason why I feel this hatred and insecurity.
This inner pain is killing me.
I don't even know how long I can stand this.

I don't ask much, but for you it seems like everything for me is too much.
I have tried anything to help you yet you still see me useless as trash.

I can't count how many times I feel sorry for myself.

Why you're always against me? Yet HE always has your support.
WE are just the same yet there is a big difference with your treatment.
Don't you realize you are being unfair?

I won't ask anymore. I'm just giving myself a false hope and disappointment.
I may not be that good, but I know to myself I shouldn't be feeling this way.

Have you ever thought how I wanted to remove this hatred and insecurity?

Have you ever think how much I tried to refuse the thought of you being too unfair?

Have you ever imagine how many times I cried at night just to ease the pain?

Have you ever think how long I talk with my friends in the wee hours just to divert my feelings?

Have you ever realize how hard to fake not to care?

Have you ever felt how painful to stay away and act like we're not close?

Have you ever thought how I strongly pray to have a peaceful heart?

You knew nothing... .. . nothing but my lazy acts.

I may be quiet, but being in silence hurts more than anything.

I never wanted to build a wall between us, but my heart is in too much pain now.
I hate to be unhappy, but there's no reason for me to be merry.
I don't want to be misunderstood, but you always giving me the perception of it.

We are ****** yet we are like this. irony? me being narrow-minded? too sensitive?
Whatever you may think, but this is how I feel.

I am freaking insecure and unhappy!

From Me.

Posted by kryk
Monday, August 22, 2011
Randomness Eeh.
Thanks for the birthday greeting! /hugs Ü


Okaaaaaay. Heechul sudden army enlistment.


That's the freaking news I encountered as soon as I woke up this morning.
I feel sad. Why so sudden? Like WTH? Ahh!

I'm expecting him to go but not this early. Ehh. SS4!!!!

We even didn't talk about it? Ano daw? WE? HAHAHA. *Ü*

Hindi. Pero seriously it made me sad for some minutes kase talagang ma'mimiss ko siya.
Ano ba? :PP

Pero I want him to do whatever he wants.
Actually, I want him to get married too. HAHA
Alam ko maraming fangirls ang ayaw nun pero he's getting older na.
He has his own life too kahit celebrity pa siya.

HEECHUL OPPA, I will wait for you quietly like the way you wanted to leave me.
Good luck and be healthy! You're my SuperrHEEro! Fighting oppa! Ü Make petals proud!

MASAYA AKOOOOOOOOOOOO. I should be. kekek ~~


Im wearing a splint today in my right hand. I made clays for three days straight!
Masyado ata akong na'obsess naman sa pag gawa ng clays haha ^^
Those were just for my own use. Hihii. Hindi ako mahilig sa accesories dati pero ngayon if only I can wear them all at the same time gagawin ko eeh. Ü

here's my panda ring & my chibi. [[ oo, yun ang chibi version ko. lols!]

Posted by kryk
Tuesday, August 16, 2011
I think I am a BiT OKAY? ;)
Okay! My birthday yesterday went well.
Actually, my real plan was to go to MOA alone. Oo, ganoon talaga.
I wanna celebrate alone. Emo pa ako eeh. kekekk. Ü

I woke up quite late. After fixing myself, my father told me that my cousins are coming.
Eeh. Ehh de natahimik ako. Alangan umalis pa ako nun di ba?
Then, my auntie also texted me telling she'll buy me a cake.

It was an intimate celebration. My only friend who came was Gloryvi. :)
It was not happy as last year though it was not sad at all.

[ I had hair cut a few days ago kaso ang fail ng bangs ko, right?
full bangs pero hindi pantay pantay! asar si ateng mang-gugupit ehh ;| ]

Ohhh! one thing that made me happy was sa dami ng text / messages na na'recieved ko. ;))
Umaapaw yung phone at facebook wall ko. lols. Ü
Especially to those people na i just met recently because of Super Junior.
People who are my dongsaengs.
they are so sweet to me, nakakaiyak mga text nila HAHA. :)
ako na touchy! Ü

For that, I will always be grateful. Ü
See, hindi lang naman puro ka-artehan meron sa pag fangirling hihii. :)
You can meet people who can be your friends for real.

Oops! I wanna share this. Ü
My korean friend gave a korean name and it's Ga-yeong. :)
Joneun gayeong-imnida. :]]]]

I think I talk too much na. hehe :)) will do blog hop~ Ü see you. ^^

Posted by kryk
Sunday, August 14, 2011
Tell me what to do.
Okaaaaaay, since August 1 up to now i rarely talk inside our house.
Yes, this is still connected to what had happened,
although I realized there are few more reasons.

Hindi ako sanay. :[ feel like I built a wall between my family and I.
Where in fact I believe I have a great relationship with them.

Hindi ko na naririnig tumawa yung sarili ko. ;/

Of course I still talk but it is as simple as "oO, Hindi, Ewan ko, Siguro."

I don't know where this pain is coming from. :((
Sabi nung friend ko maybe it's because I will be having my birthday
so kaya ma'emote ako kasi ganun daw siya.

But I disagree. T_T

Actually, I can't find any reason to celebrate my birthday.
Not even a single reason.

Gusto kong mag-laho. ;|

I want retreat!!!

I want to clean my soul.
I want to throw this hatred.
I want to feel loved.

Posted by kryk
Saturday, August 6, 2011
Can't Move On Mr. Simple
My last post was a quick one.
I just need to express my emotions because I feel like my heart will explode anytime.

I'm starting to hate people around me. :|
Or should I hate myself for feeling this way?
I feel they don't understand me or most likely misunderstood me? Eeh?

Am I being just too sensitive or narrow-minded?

Nagwawala kasi talaga yung kalooban ko masabihan ng "gala ng gala."
Hindi ko matanggap! FML. :||||

Tipong nakakaiyak sa sobrang ngitngit. HAHAHA.

Gala ng gala? Ehh I also do jogging at home, sa harap ng TV at tabi ng salamin!
Asan ang gala ng gala doon? HAHAHAHA.

Okaaaaaaaay, I go out pero sino ba kasama ko? Family. Cousins.
At saka tuwing kelan ba yun? Once or twice a week!

I feel like having the most boring life ever and yet got scold from something untrue.

And guess what, while I was freaking feeling sorry for myself that time I was cheering up a friend of mine on the other hand.

Yea. That's how flexible I can be but really dying inside. :|

Pakiramdam ko wala akong karapatang malungkot.
No one is there to take my loneliness away.


Pero buti nalang ComeBack na ng Syupeo Junieo!! :)))
Ehh de ako na masaya HAHAHAHAHA.
Really. At this point, they are the only reason why I am freaking happy.
Gusto ko na nga maglaslas sa sobrang kilig. HAHAHA. :)))

EVERYTHING related to them makes me HAPPY. Ü

HARDCORE FANGiRL. Aishh. Hihii. (^__^)

Posted by kryk
Monday, August 1, 2011
Dear August..
Days ago I was really excited about August.
Aside for being my birthday month, it will also be Super Junior's come back.

And today is already August 1.

But you know what, I'm freaking feel unhappy today.
Yesterday, I was supposed to be in Megamall for the Kfest convention but due to the bad weather I decided not to go but prior to that my mom and I argued.


I don't wanna curse but uh FML!

I hate the way she's telling me na napakagala ko when in fact I know Im not.

Lesheee T___T

I worked at home. Do anything at home.
90% of my life I have been staying at home and this thing [KPOP] what's make me happy.
Kelangan kumontra, ganon?
I don't even ask for any money!

Basta I feel freaking bad. As in. FML!!!


Dear August,

I hope you didn't come! :|
Posted by kryk