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Friday, March 16, 2012
Hey, I Like You!

I'm feeling a bit blue today. It's my come back post, right? Almost two months and I'm back, I should be happy in the first place because even I don't have any new post  I still have few visitors.

T-H-A-N-K-Y-O-U-S-O-M-U-C-H !

I'm doing well. :) Actually, I'm claiming I'm one of God's favorite children. I started January with a happy heart by seeing Siwon and Kyuhyun up close. While in February, I met more new friends. March? Uhmm I received the news that Siwon and Donghae are the new endorsers of Bench (popular clothing line in PH) and by reaching 100,000 followers in twitter they will bring SiHae here! ^_^ So, please follow @benchtm. Thank you. Ü Follow me too @krykets.

See, I have reasons to be happy and I'm happy but... . .

But, I'm feeling a bit uneasy now. I'm liking someone. Yeaaap~ you read it right. T_______T I somehow hate the feeling. Liking someone does not mean owning them. I hate myself when I got too attached to a person I tend wanting their attention. I know, it's kinda selfish somehow.
We used to talk all day/night long. Like you get to used with that routine and suddenly for no reason there's like a wall between both of you. Now, I don't even feel  comfortable talking with him though deep inside me, I miss the way we used to be.

I just posted this on my FB account few nights ago.

Oh yessss. I'm feeling that way kkk~

I can't talk so much about love. I have realized I really never gotten into a serious one. Kkk~ (Aaron, don't hate me. :]])

I love my fangirl life. I feel like it's the real relationship.
I get that "butterfly in the stomach" feeling just by seeing/hearing them :> and few more quite weird things indicating a person is in love. HAHA. I never experience it in real life though that's why I think I never gotten into serious one. Ü

One-sided love.
Should I consider myself in that kind of situation now? HAHA. 
Uhmm Since I'm liking someone who I don't even know if he likes me back.
It's hard.  I don't know where to place myself. Okaaaaaay, he said he likes me. -_-
But I fucking don't know what kind of like is that. It's kinda frustrating.
The moment we stopped talking, I'm fine. I'm not longing for him. When I'm used to it, he 's like a fucking stupid messaging me again deliberately .  I can't like anyone since my attention is in him. Y_Y

Kuya J just confessed he likes me few weeks ago. What did I do? I just said thank you.
Nothing moreeee. I even stopped talking to him. The reason is reason I'm liking someone else. T________________T

 I never imagined life can be this too complicated. :((

Ohhh I'm sharing this picture. PUAHAHAHA.
I'm missing Heechul too. :( that guy. Aishhhh. Love him. Ü

My emotion is like a roller coaster ride nowadays. kkk~ :))) 
Posted by kryk