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Sunday, March 25, 2012
Pico De Loro + Girly
Kyaaa! :)) Tell me how's everyone doing? ^__^

About me? Omoooo~ HAHA I'm actually feeling a bit cheeky today! Ü
I have two things to share. kkk~ But I don't know which one to tell first. HAHA.
Crazy. :>>>

Okay, since our Pico De Loro adventure happened first so basically I will start with it!

Japs (brother), Alwie (cousin), Andrew (my bro's friend), Michelle (Andrew's workmate), and I went on a day hike last March 22, 2012! Yeaaap~ you read it right. Day hike. Going up in the mountain for a day. Hihii. Ü
I was really excited about it. I woke up really early! Im done with myself and guess what? HAHAHAHA my brother was still sleeping. Aigooo~ I really hate him being a lazy ass!

We were supposed to go at 6am but hella it was about 8am when we left home.
2 hours late. :| So, so~.

We rode bus and tricycle to reached the bottom of the mountain.
I swear, it seemed like eternity.
My trip to Pico De Loro commenced with my first step going up. I'm having mixed emotions. I'm happy being able to try this kind of thing but OMG like we only walked for about 10 mins and my legs are freaking shaking already! It was really hard.
I seriously asked myself how my brother got hooked with this kind of interest.
Huge rocks, towering trees, verdant grass seemed the only kind of things visible to me on that very moment and the only sound I heard aside from our voices was the chirping of crickets.

I lost count how many times I asked to take a rest. Their energy were too high. I felt like my legs are giving out on me. HAHA. I'm that old? Tch~ :))

It took us few hours to reached the camp 1. Yaaaa!

We rested for few minutes, refilled our water bottles and registered our names. :)
Then we started walking again and finally after few hours again we reached camp 2.

We had our lunch there and take time to enjoy the place.
I so loveeeee the weather! It was really windy that time. :)
I almost freeze. jk kkk~ :> But it was really really cold!

Few minutes more and we finally reached peak 1 !!! :>>> Yeaaaap~ Finally!
I'm freaking proud. HAHAHA. :>> I'm fangirling at the peak though. Never forget my SJ towel. kkk~ :> (Hyukkie love me moreeee~)

Andrew and Japs went to peak 2.

So to sum it up, our adventure went really went! :)
I don't know yet if I'm going to do this again but I'm proud that I have already experienced it. Going up in a mountain wasn't only for fun. You need to be serious about it.
You need to have discipline, courage to take every step and take a lot of care because it is risky indeed!


S e r i o u s l y!

I think if you won't be serious about it the least injury you can get is a sprain!
So anyone who's planning for a hike kkk~ please be serious and enjoy the moment. :)

Okaaaay~ I'm living in Naic, Cavite and Ternate is just another town from ours but I never been there? Uhmm. I have been to Puerto Azul a looooooooooong time ago and I can't really remember myself roaming around Ternate. So, I consider it was really the first time. HAHAHA. My brother was freaking mad about it. Lols. :) He was saying I keep myself too much from the outside home. Aigoooo~ :)))

Anyway, I feel too girly today. I decided to curl my hair. ^____^ 
 also wore a mini summer dress though it was raining when we went out. Crazy. :))) 

What you think? kkk~ Does it suit me? I rarely go girly! HAHA Ü

Posted by kryk