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Friday, May 18, 2012
Bitch please. :)


My hormones are acting up. Fuck you Lee Hyukjae!  You are the freaking responsible for this. kkk~ :PP

I told you in my previous post I can’t stop drooling about Lee Hyukjae’s porn video. HAHAHA. NOOOO! Crazy me. It is not really porn. I just feel like calling it that way. How could it be? It just a singing Lee Hyukjae seductively thrusting his hips fucking back and forth in front of a microphone stand while showing his abs proudly. Definitely HOT! *panting heavily* kkk~~ How many fangirls wish they were the mic stand! Aishh~ :)

I’m a proud fangirl and I always will. I think fangirls are one of the most amazing people on the earth. Yeaaaa. ~~ We are amazing! We give too much love to whoever we idolized. We get bankrupt, carpal tunnel syndrome and eye strained BUT DO WE FUCKING CARE? HAHAHAHA HELLA NOOOOO! ;)

Their videos, pictures, MVs, tweets, albums are enough to make us HAPPY.

Oops, I just wanna clear that I’m already 22 and definitely an adult. kkk~
So don’t give me a weird look talking about this thing. HAHAHA.
Be ready for some of my confessions. Yeaaa. Let’s make this post more interesting with my own experiences! ;PPP

I will not claim myself as the most innocent person nor someone who knows everything.

Anyway, back to my porn star, Lee Hyukjae hihi ;) I love calling him a porn star nowadays. Hihi. I must be this stupid. Lol :) I think he will be a good yadong star. HAHAHA. ;))

I know what porn is but definitely it is something different when you are a fangirl. kk~
They do not need to do anything just be topless and I already call it porn. HAHAHA.

I'm not kind of a person who's admiring someone's body I mean I care more about if the person is cute or not rather than checking out if their bodies are hot. Whether they have well-built body or not I really don't care not until SUPER JUNIOR gave me this weird feeling seeing them half naked! HAHAHA! Ü
I feel like having a high grade fever and having the feeling of my stomach freaking full of butterflies. :))
That was when I started being more aware of a man's body but don't worry too much I am only checking on Super Junior and no one else unless someone who is a KPOP idol too! :)

I'm not really into fangirling normal people which I mean someone who is not a celebrity.
Uhmm~ ;)


But there's this one incident kk! :)
I actually admired Jin's body. :) He's my friend. I just think his chest is freaking hot just by seeing it in the photo. HAHA. :) but after him no one else but SUPER JUNIOR.
Where did I see the photo? It was his Katalk DP. HAHAHAHA. Ü Flirtttty~~ ^___~

Okaaaay~ I know what bulge is but seriously I don't associate it with something pervy. I usually hear "bulge" during my working days before "disk bulge" that's something to do with cervical disk.

Until a friend of mine who is actually a PETAL (HEECHUL BiAS) sent me Heechul photo with his bulge pretty obvious in his pants. I was actually laughing my heart out that time because it was the very first time I have ever see Heechul with an obvious bulge kkk~ :>
I saw EUNHAE's a lot but never with Heechul.


From then on, whenever I'm checking Super Junior's pictures I started looking in the face, abs and down to their crotch trying my luck to see if there's an obvious tent. HAHAHA. :)
What a perv I can be. Loooool. :)

I have already told you I know what porn is, right? But I think porn is for men. I don't think women can enjoy it. In my own opinion, OKAAAAAAAY?  Don't give me a weird look again. Lol. :)

I just think porn is for men and definitely SMUT is for women.
Another friend who is a PETAL introduced what smut is to me.

Mun'tanga pa ako nun. HAHA.
She texted me and said I should check out smut story in AFF and guess what I replied?

"WHICH SMOOTH?" hahahaha :))) She then phoned me and explained what smut is.
Actually, at first I thought she just misspelled smooth to smut but after her explanation and my little research I found out there is really a word like such.


Now, I'm into reading SMUT FANFiCS. I love how my imagination flows whenever I'm reading one. I love how EUNHAE making out and my other One True Pair like KYUMiN AND HANCHUL.
YEAAA. YAOi. I cannot say NO to YAOi. :)
I learned different pervy words with reading fanfics too and a lot of pervy stuffs. HAHA. ;P
I ACTUALLY LEARNED A LOT FROM FANFICS. I learned how guys have sex do love making because I actually have no idea on how they do this before. I even learned their terms like top and bottom, prepared and raw, panting, cum, and more. Fanfic is like an eye-opener to me. :)

Don't get me wrong and please don't judge us that though we like fanfics we love to flirt to anyone.

I'm sure of that because that's how I feel. I never get turned on to someone who's not a kpop idol.

We maybe blunt with our words sometimes saying crazy pervert words but we only mean it with our bias and no one else. DEFINITELY NOT WITH SOME RANDOM PERSONS!

We can be a bitch but only with our bias. Period.

As my friend writer said you don't need to experience it yourself to write a smut scene with some research and by reading other stories you can definitely make a good one.
I made few fanfics too though I still don't find myself good in writing smut scene but I guess I only need to read more stuffs though I like reading more than making my own. It just sometimes there's an urge to do one. :)

But I'm into fluffy stories. I love to imagine how fragile Donghae can be in the arms of Eunhyuk.
Another thing to clear, I don't read only smut fictions. I read different kind of fictions from angst to fluffy to smut to drabble whether it is chaptered or just one or two shots.  As long as I like the story I fucking read it whether my eyes got puffed. Lol. When I'm hooked in the story you will surely see me in just one corner having different emotions. :) Just like movies, fictions can make me cry too! Seriously! I'm this too emotional. HAHA. ;P

Now, if you are having THIS QUESTION in your mind whether I am or I am not after all of my confessions, uhmmm~ I AM NOT!!! I ACTUALLY DONE IT WITH EUNHYUK IN MY IMAGINATION THOUSAND TIMES HAHAHAHA. ;PPPP but seriously I AM. :)

Though I can be a bitch to Lee Hyukjae but never in my fucking real life. Ü

Posted by kryk